Fresh off of the Raptors’ first win of the season, Drew Fairservice, Scott Carefoot, Oliver Macklem and I got together for another installment of RaptorBlog Radio.

We touch on the first week and first win of 2012-13, DeMar DeRozan’s contract extension and early play, Kyle Lowry’s awesomeness, Andrea Bargnani’s not so awesomeness, Jonas Valanciunas’ first three NBA games and Dwane Casey’s early rotation, as well as briefly looking ahead to the week that will be in Raptor Land.

Download the MP3 here, or just have a listen on the player below:

As for the “Victory Baby!” title, if you don’t quite understand it, then I guess you didn’t see this clip of Jonas Valanciunas that the Raptors tweeted after Sunday’s win:

For the record, #victorybaby was later trending in Canada.