If you watched the Raptors’ poor showing in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night, read my thoughts on the game, or just follow enough Raptors fans on twitter, you’ll know that Kyle Lowry’s ankle injury looked very, very serious at first glance.

However, the idea of Lowry being seriously injured or out long term appears to be on the backburner right now, as it seems that the right ankle sprain (that’s what the team is calling it) might not be nearly as bad as we all originally feared.

Here was the latest update from the Raptors after Lowry received treatment at the team’s hotel:

We obviously still don’t know the full extent or timetable of this injury, but considering Lowry is simply “doubtful” for Wednesday instead of being officially “out” for the game or out for a specific period of time, there may be reason for hope here, and if that’s the case, then the Raptors will have dodged a massive bullet.