On the heels of an ugly yet effective Raptors performance in Indiana and the heels of an all around crazy back-to-back against the Jazz and Pacers, Drew Fairservice, Scott Carefoot and I got together to discuss Jose Calderon’s performance, DeMar DeRozan’s surprising play, Jonas Valanciunas’ lack of minutes, Andrea Bargnani’s lack of everything and Scott even fires up the trade machine.

So let’s bask in the glow of a 2-6 record for a few days and enjoy a half-hour of colourful Raptors talk.

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Comments (12)

  1. Talk about Josh Johnson!

  2. Another solid episode.

    It’s funny how we’re having the same kind of debate with DeRozan’s early season play like we did with the infamous 13-game Bargnani stretch from last season. What’s the over/under on how many times this stretch will be referenced in hindsight throughout the season?

    Also, thanks for getting the ITunes feed up. Maybe it’s been up for a few weeks now but I just noticed it.

    BTW, that game you guys referenced is called “Manhunt”.

  3. About Bargnani, he is absolutely frustrating to watch right now, more than ever. A complete waste of minutes right now.

    I thought that his rebounding numbers would go down as well this season. But, the two of the rebounders they added in Lowry and Fields have been out and Valanciunas is only playing 20 MPG, yet he’s still gotten worse rebounding numbers.

    Also, agree with what Joseph said in that Gasol is well ahead of Bargnani skill-wise and that Kobe would NOT want a guy like Bargnani playing on his team, and he would have a say in any trade.

    But as I mentioned in your post yesterday, I don’t think that the Lakers will make any major moves until they get a long term commitment from Dwight Howard.

  4. Scott, I also did your proposed trade of Calderon/Bargnani for Gasol/Duhon in NBA 2K13 for fun. CPU trades off, team chemistry on, injuries off…

    Lakers finished 57-25, 1st in the West, but lost 4-2 in the 2nd round to the Clippers, while the Raptors finished 39-43, 8th in the East.

    So, while I realize this simulation means very little considering the big picture, it also doesn’t appear to really hurt the Lakers as much as people may think. Of course, it never hurts to have Kobe and Dwight Howard on your team either…

    • 2K13 doesn’t take “the D’Antoni Effect” into account, which is the main reason I think Bargnani is a good fit with that team. That system functions best when there’s a shooter in the frontcourt. Also, people seem to be underestimating what a huge upgrade Calderon would be over Steve Blake.

      • I think the Lakers would jump at the deal, Kobe as well. Lakers receive what they need most, 3 point shooters.
        Both Bargnani and Jose would thrive in LA.
        Gasol is a natural centre and is where the Raptors would play him. Jonas would come off the bench but still get his 20 minutes(sigh). Amir could move to his more natural PF position. A second unit of Valanciunas and Davis? Duhon at PG?

        I don’t like the deal. We give up both Calderon and his contract an an asset(yeah an asset) in Bargnani and get no youth back.

        • I understand what your trying to infer, however I disagree with you on one point. While we wouldn’t be getting any youth back we are chalk full of youth. How young do you want this team to be. At one point or another we need a proven player to come to this team whether this year or another year to help take us to the next level. We already have JV who is 20, Demar who is 23, Davis who is 22-23, Terrence Ross who is 21. Do we really need more youth. People seem to forget that although young players are good because of the potential they bring, someone needs to develop and tease out that potential sometimes over the course of a 2-5 year period.

          This isn’t always a feasible way to build a team that has such a fickle impatient fan base such as ours.

          • But adding an albeit quality big man is really not our priority. Especially when he won’t be around when this team is ready to push.
            We hold a few cards that we can play this season and your giving up two of the key ones.
            Switch Duhon for a decent young talent and I am all for it, and would route for the Lakers!!!

    • A move I had thought of, which I think makes sense given how they are also struggling is David West/Danny Granger for Pau Gasol.

      The Lakers get West’s expiring contract who would be a decent backup to pair with Hill, a great P&R guy with Nash, and the Lakers would also get a combo forward in Granger who could start at PF once he’s back.

      The Pacers get a good front court partner for Hibbert and he’s also off the books after next year.


      • Pacers GM says no. Does that make the Pacers a contender? No. Then what’s the point? It’s too much to give up, almost certainly makes them worse. I know they’re probably not contenders now, but that trade makes the Lakers much better and simply makes the Pacers mediocre.

        • If we’re going to waste time discussing trades that can improve the Lakers, we might as well talk about how awesome the Jays line-up/rotation looks.

  5. Would love it if this trade happened, but sadly this is reality and not 2k13


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