With all due respect to Landry Fields and Alan Anderson, Raptors fans have been waiting on a Kyle Lowry update for days, and it finally came on Wednesday with the news that Lowry will miss another one-to-two weeks with a bruised cuboid bone in his right foot.

While I was hopeful at first that Lowry could return this Saturday in Boston (since the Raptors had three off nights between their last game and Saturday), my hope quickly turned to fear that the Raptors’ leader would be out for a while once news emerged that the team sent him to get a second opinion on his ankle/foot. So in that regard, I’m actually a little relieved that it’s only another week or two.

And again, given how bad the initial injury looked, a total of two-to-three weeks out of the lineup really isn’t that bad.

If we look at the worst case scenario of Lowry missing another two weeks from today, which brings us to November 29, he would miss upcoming games against the Celtics, Magic, 76ers, Bobcats, Pistons, Spurs, Rockets and Grizzlies. If the Raptors can even grab three wins in those eight games to come out of this Lowry-less stretch with a 5-11 record, I think most Raptors fans would take it and go from there.

As for Fields and Anderson, Landry underwent what the team announced as “ulnar nerve transposition surgery,” but we can just call it elbow surgery, on his right arm, which just happens to be his shooting arm. Fields is out indefinitely and will be reassessed in two weeks. All we can hope for here is that the surgery, which was meant to relieve “compression/entrapment in his right elbow,” gives Fields his shot back.

The Raptors apparently feel the same way.

Alan Anderson is out three-to-six weeks with a partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot after sustaining the injury in Saturday’s loss against Philadelphia.

With Fields and Anderson out of the wing rotation for the foreseeable future, the Raptors are going to lean on and need DeMar DeRozan to continue to play at the level he has been recently. In addition, Terrence Ross might be thrown into the fire earlier than any of us expected, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Ross has shown flashes of his offensive and defensive potential in his last few appearances, and if he earns the opportunity, I hope Dwane Casey rewards the rookie with playing time.

Speaking of help at the wing positions, ESPN’s Marc Stein floated this out there late Thursday night:

I’m glad they reportedly only pondered it, and nothing more.

Lastly, with the injuries starting to pile up, this would be a great time for Andrea Bargnani to wake up, though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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  1. I wish bargnani would be dominant like he is on 2K….posting up, grabbing boards, shooting better…. *sigh*

  2. Was hoping he’d be back for Boston as well.
    Gratefull we got Jose.

    Has Fields missed any time? Hadn’t noticed.

  3. As a former basketball player, the Lowry injury was by far the most overdramatized contusion I’ve ever witnessed in sports at any level. A (pointless)4 inch hop, the rolling of the ankle, resulting in the most excuciatingly loud screaming I’d ever heard. I don’t want to make jokes as I’m sure Lowry is a pretty tough guy, but damn did he sell that one. I’m sure the fear and shock of the incident is what caused him to bellow like that, I just hope this doesn’t affect his aggressive nature as injuries often can.

    • interesting you say that because from the press conference Landry, he said the injury occurred during training camp…

    • I agree totally. What’s all this “how horrible it looked” about? It looked like a rolled ankle.

  4. Also glad to see that BC and Co. did all the necessary medical evaluations before pulling the trigger on the Landry(or should I call it, Nash) trade

  5. … will everyone just wake up and realize that after 5 years of waiting for Bargnani to “wake up”, it ain’t gonna happen! He is still unwilling/unable/incapable of blocking out for CONTESTED rebounds, too slow (physically/mentally) to rotate in “help” defense, stands like a deer caught in the headlights with loose balls a step away, and he’s more than content to settle for jumpers rather than taking the ball to the rim. No magic light is going to come on and see him suddenly develop a motor like the one Jonas Valanciunas has – he is what he is, and that is a very good 6th man that presents extreme matchup problems for the opposition, but one who will always be deficient from a rebounding, defense, and hustle standpoint. THE RAPS WILL NEVER SUCCEED WITH AB AS A STARTER.

    • 100% agree. And raptors fans need to realize that Jonas will not be the savior the franchise has been looking for. Has potential for solid NBA player but just wont be the superstar the media has hyped him to be. Andrea and Jonas are solid players but will never be superstars although Jonas will probably be the better player with time.

  6. I don’t think the announced timeline for Lowry’s return holds any weight. He’s been out for 10 days and all we’ve heard about is the second opinion.

    All we know is that he won’t miss the rest of the season, there’s no way we see him in early December as the team is announcing right now.

  7. Jose,u might be the last fan who still give AB a shot…he is done for Raptor and I will calling him out from now on

  8. So now they say that Kleiza missed practice because of pain in his leg.

    • I dont;t mind. We may not have depth but at least terrence will get some minutes and get a chance to develop early. Definitely seen some flashes of game.

      • Definitely looking forward to seeing Ross get some burn. But for crying out loud, eat a twinky and hit the weight room! They didn’t have strength and conditioning at Washington?

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