Childish backpacks have become a dependable option for veterans looking to get some laughs out of helpless rookies, and Kyle Lowry surely took notice.

Check out this instagram image from Landry Fields

Somehow, among the presence of a Barbie backpack and a Bart Simpson puppet, Jonas Valanciunas remains glorious. Quincy Acy, on the other hand, would look ‘harder’ if he actually put on the “Hello Kitty” bag.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, Amir Johnson and a bunch of Raptors fans still can’t pronounce Valanciunas’ name. Not sure how the “Val Sexy” nickname that the one woman suggested will stick, but the most creative Valanciunas nickname I’ve seen suggested is “Control V,” because you need to copy and paste his name to get it right.

On the extreme side, Toby Fowlow, who’s created some of the artistic renditions of Valanciunas that have made their way onto RaptorBlog, refers to the rookie simply as “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Yeah, the JV hype has totally died down.

On a more serious and much more important note, a few of the Raptors sat down to do a “Be Bold: Stop Bullying Canada” PSA.

Whether you’re already on board the anti-bullying train or just came across the “Be Bold” movement with this video, everybody should find a way to help the cause, even if it’s just talking to a kid about the impact of bullying. Kudos to the Raptors for spreading the message.