In this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio, Scott Carefoot takes over hosting duties from an absent Drew Fairservice and joins Oliver Macklem and I to talk about Jose Calderon’s recent play, DeMar DeRozan’s improvements in other areas of the game besides scoring, what it would take to get Andrea Bargnani out of the starting lineup, Landry Fields’ injury status and much, much more.

We finish by looking at the upcoming week on Toronto’s schedule before a heartfelt goodbye from “The BlogFather” himself. If you end up listening to Vitamin C’s “Graduation” while Carefoot’s final words come out, I don’t blame you.

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Comments (15)

  1. Good luck with whatever you’re pursuing, Scott, and I sincerely hope it works out for you.

    It’s a very sad day for someone like myself who’s been a RaptorBlog reader since 2003, forum poster (when they existed), and someone who’s had the chance to meet you a bunch of times over the years.

    RaptorBlog just won’t be the same without you and Joseph/Oliver definitely have some big shows to fill although it feels like you’ve been slowly phasing yourself out over the last year or so, so maybe the transition won’t be as abrupt as it would be if you just up and vanished one day.

    Anyways, thanks again for making following/rooting for this this piece of shit team fun and interesting over the last decade.

  2. Wow, congrats and good luck in your new career opportunity Scott!

  3. Haven’t listened to the show, but if Scott is indeed formally checking out I would like to pay my respects as well. I’ve been a longtime reader and commenter under different handles, and I gotta give props to a guy who put his name out there and wrote about his passion before it was fashion.

    It’s interesting for me to see how so many journalists who once decried bloggers have basically taken up the form, going outside their once-imaginary bubbles of objectivity and very real isolation from their readers. They still have their sources and pedestals but I think most of them are happy to unwind and write about what’s really on their minds, whether on twitter or blogs/columns that are much more opinionated than would have been acceptable a few years ago.

    Anyway, I’m grateful you created this space, and I always enjoyed reading your no-holds-barred take on this sad sack of a franchise. It was a breath of fresh air when it was sorely needed, and it seems like you’ve left it in pretty good hands. You don’t get a standing ovation on the internet but I assure you I’m tipping my imaginary cap to you. Keep on keeping on.

  4. hey i hope you stick around for some guest posts down the road scott. otherwise where will i go to learn new words?

    this being one of the few blogs that i’ve checked regularly over the last, geez, decade or so, and the only one really that i post in… cheers for setting it up. you should have gotten theScore to incorporate some bright orange though. good luck in your travels.

  5. Good luck, Scott! Yours was the first Raptors news source I followed on a regular basis, and I’ve enjoyed it all.

  6. Good luck with your future aspirations, Scott! Best wishes to you as you pursue the next chapter in life. :) Hope you and the family are doing well.

    I echo PBI’s sentiments (so cool to see old names here from the very early days!) that it’s a sad day after hearing that Scott and the RaptorBlog brand will be separated. I have such good memories from years ago of the blog, forums, fantasy teams, and friendship that developed at RB; the site got us through some of those dark days and ugly games in Raptor land. RB brought together such a great community and it was cool to see Scott’s hard work rewarded as the blog got more recognized and successful.

    Thanks for being a pioneer in the Raptors new media world and for making it fun and a little easier for fans to stick with the team over the last 10 years. It just won’t be the same without you, man! What a ride it’s been. Best of luck with all your future aspirations!

  7. Always a class act Scott! I’ve always loved all your blog entries on the Raptors. You were always my favorite viewpoint on the Raptors. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you again for starting this blog for us. Those raptorblog forum days were one of the few places where a fan can be a true fan. I hope you can still make those phone in calls for the raptor radio show! I hope the ACC retires your jersey :(

  8. good luck scott i’ve loved reading this plog for quite a number of years

  9. Long. Slow. Applause.

    Well done – good luck.

  10. All the best Scott – thanks for a good 10-odd years of service!

  11. Good luck on the road ahead Scott – used to enjoy the old RB forums and (sporadic ;)) frontpage content. I distinctly remember making a misguidedly optimistic post after the Hoffa draft about him holding the lane open for a driving VC. LOL @ my former self

    Take care!

  12. In addition to being the first actual Raptors blog, Raptorblog was the first sports blog that ever caught my attention (via a link from Doug Smith, if memory serves), and the only Raptors blog I’ve read consistently over the years. (It was probably no coincidence that once Scott came to the Score, they brought in the first and mostly only Jays blog I read – DJF)

    I think it was the first place I read about the Vince Carter trade, and the first place I read informed criticism that went beyond the (perhaps necessarily) more shallow coverage in the papers and mind numbing sports radio. Again, if memory serves, it was the place I read about Scott’s choice for the #1 pick in 2006 – Tyrus Thomas(!), his unabashed Joel Pryzbilla love and a few other player crushes.

    I never quite noticed when it happened, but for a while now, whenever I hear some Raptors news, the quesstion “I wonder what Carefoot thinks?” is soon to follow.

    Very best of luck going forward Scott. To Joe and Oliver, the coverage so far this year has been great. Keep it up fellas!

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