Earlier today, I wrote about the piss poor officiating the Raptors have run into through the first 12 games of the season, and while I made it clear that the refs shouldn’t be blamed for the team’s disappointing 3-9 record, it’s also obvious that the officiating has at least contributed to a couple of the tough breaks the Raptors have had.

Nowhere was this more evident than on Wednesday night in Charlotte, where both Kyle Lowry and Andrea Bargnani appeared to fouled in the dying seconds with the Raptors down one. Bargnani, especially, had his shooting hand hit as he released the potential game-winning shot.

In case you thought it was just Raptors fans and “homers” finding something to complain about, the “NBA Official” twitter account tweeted this on Thursday evening:

The link takes you to nba.com, where you’ll find the following statement with a link to the play in question:

“On the final possession of Charlotte’s 98-97 win over Toronto on Nov. 21, the game officials missed a foul by Charlotte’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist against Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani on a jump shot. Bargnani should have been given two free throws and the clock stopped with approximately 2.4 seconds remaining in the game.”

In other words, Bargnani, who had 25 points on the night, was 5/5 from the free throw line and is an over 80 per cent career free throw shooter, should have had two free throw attempts to give the Raptors the lead, or at least to tie the game, with just 2.4 seconds left.

No worries, NBA, it’s not like the missed call, which by the way happened with a referee standing just a few feet away, could have decided the game or anything.

He aint lying.

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    • From the last angle, it’s obvious it was a foul, but the first two angles looked like it could have been a simple block. Yes, the Raptors got screwed on the call, but they certainly aren’t the first team to have that happen. As I said below, if the team were better, it wouldn’t matter so much because one win wouldn’t mean so much.

      • The fact that it was a foot in a half short shoulda been evidence enough. Last team I remember getting that screwed on a final possession was the American against the Russians about four decades ago.

        You know I don’t particularly like complaining about refs but I agree with Joseph that we haven’t gotten any breaks and have had some questionable fouls called against us and some frustrating non calls in our favour. And they came at key times that contributed to momentum shifts. And yes, I get it, them’s the breaks.

        I don’t think it is a conspiracy, yet admit I cringe whenever that chick refs.
        I think Demar has earned the reputation as a whiner and he is gonna have to lose that label before he gets the calls.

  1. I certainly couldn’t tell upon watching it, but now you’re complaining that the NBA admitted a mistake? You know, maybe if the team were better and a single win against the Bobcats wasn’t so “important” then people would care a lot less about this call.

    • Where do you see me complaining that the NBA admitted its mistake? It’s a general complaint against the mistake itself. In addition, I’ve stressed multiple times lately that while the officiating has been poor, it is not the reason the Raptors are 3-9. Lastly, if you think people would care less about this call if the team had a better record, you’re either delusional or you’ve fully embraced becoming a comment section troll. 3-9 or 9-3, I’d be pretty pissed if the team I rooted for was jobbed like this.

      • Your last line seemed like a complaint to me.

        And until I saw the one angle on the video, I never thought it was a cut and dried case of a missed call. When I watched the game, I thought it could have been a block and didn’t really think the other non-calls were anything to be up in arms about.

        And if you don’t think a team that wins more games is going to get over something like this a lot quicker, then you’re delusional.

        • I’m talking from a fan’s perspective. Fans would be just as upset about a blown call costing their team a game whether they were 3-9 or 9-3. They see it as an extra win they should have, whether they’re thinking about fighting for home court later, fighting for a division title, or just fighting to grab the eighth seed.

        • Not sure how you can interpret based on the blog that he is complaining. It was a blantant miss call , and if any person is competitve they would be pissed they lost based on a bad call. Players want to win and not have miss calls affect the game. Yes they should have played better but they still had a chance at the end.

  2. Ok its great the nba admits the refs messed up. Buuuuttt the raps arent getting that game back so it really means nothing unless the refs start to call fouls like crazy against teams the raptors are playing.

  3. Wouldn’t it be something if the NBA players were responsible for calling their own fouls like the professional golfers do. In the case of the PGA Tour players, their honesty typically costs them (personally) tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    If the NBA invoked this ‘new” rule the players would be given the chance to call his foul and then any time within 24 hours conclusive pictures, testimony or video of the foule would result in the player personally donating, say, $100,000 to the approved charity of their choice. Not calling a foul like Kidd Gilchrist’s on Bargnani would not affect the game results but would take a sigmificant amount of money from the player’s pocket book not to mention the humiliation of being publicly proven to be a callow liar and cheat.

    Why not? Too costly? I kind of like the idea of a $10 Million / year player being required to given back a few million annually for being a cheater and general all around dip stick.

    • Players calling their own fouls?

      Nobody ever commits a foul on the defensive end.

      Everybody wants a foul on the offensive end.

      This would not work.

  4. doesn’t that official NBA comment seem like a giant f-you to the raptors and their fans… i mean sure it is kind of reassuring that they admitted there was a mistake made…. but at the same tim it’s like “we also noticed the raptors have been getting boned by officials… doesn’ that suck for you” lol i mean come on, demar goes to the line like 6 times against utah in a game that saw him score the majority of his points in the paint? it’s no wonder the kid looks like he’s going to take a swing at somebody

  5. i dont blame derozan at all for fuming at these refs, they get paid so much and they cant do their jobs, no wonder derozans pissed anytime we play a team it’s pretty much HACK-A-DEROZAN

  6. if these calls went our way we could easily be at .500

    • The fact of the matter is that the Raptors would be 4-8 if the referees hadn’t screwed up. That’s a one game difference. The Raptors lost the other 8 games due to lack of talent, poor defense, etc.

      You can blame the refs all you want, but then you might as well be swimming in a river in Egypt.

  7. your right about good teams getting calls, if this was the heat… if any bobcat breathed on them they’d get the call

  8. can anyone ban trollin’ machine aka Tim W.?

  9. Even though right at the moment of the foul, I knew we were jobbed, What had me more furious, was Casey’s rotation of Kleiza and ED at the 4 and 5, somewhere early in the 4th quarter that put us in a 10 point whole. Have they ever played along side each other. what was the point. It made no sense.

    • I’m like that Casey is finally playing JV and Ross in the 4th quarter but I have no idea why kleiza gets any run at all, he’s terrible

  10. Through adversity we build character. not an excuse.

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