Fresh off the heels of yet another excruciatingly close loss and in the midst of a four-game losing streak that’s seen the Raptors outscored by just 15 points combined, Drew Fairservice, Oliver Macklem and I got together to cry about a season already hanging by a thread.

We touched on Andrea Bargnani’s shooting woes against the Spurs and Dwane Casey’s puzzling decisions, while also getting to the positives of Ed Davis and Jonas Valanciunas. All that and much more in this latest edition of RaptorBlog Radio.

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  1. Kinda helps when AB goes 1-90.

  2. The thing so frustrating for me about Bargnani yesterday wasn’t just shooting 2-19, but he also didn’t change anything about his shooting all game. Usually when that happens, a player looks to make a difference in other ways, like attack and at least get to the line, and Bargnani didn’t look to do that at all.

    Agree that Lowry and Calderon are both better with the ball in their hands. Which is one reason why I don’t like the two-PG lineup. Also, defensively it doesn’t work with Calderon guarding bigger and more athletic SG’s.

    Also wish that Davis would get more minutes in the rotation. Him and Valanciunas would be a good starting front line to build on. At the very least, if they aren’t going to use him they should trade him while his value is still relatively high. It just seems like they’re going to eventually let Davis go for nothing and then he’ll turn into a solid starting PF for another team. With Jonas showing a legitimate inside game, I don’t think they need a high scoring PF like Bargnani to be effective. Davis-Valanciunas as full time starters would be nice to see.

  3. What a strange assortment of clips for the intro, what’s with the random Mo Pete buzzer beating game tying three against the Wizards from 2006-2007?

  4. I don’t know who the guy is but he’s right. It’s about talent level, plain and simple. Even a great coach couldn’t do shit with this raptors roster. Basketball is the most individual team sport. Tony Parker took over in OT and the raptors don’t have a guy who can do that. Blaming the players and coach wont make a damn difference. Players don’t draft themselves. The management of this team is shit. How many coaches and players have come through this team and it’s the same result? Now all these guys are calling for Casey’s head same way they did for previous coaches.

    • “Fire(current coach)!!!” “Fire (current GM)!!! “Trade (players x, y, z)!!!”*

      *This is an annual November tradition among Raptors fans which signifies the waning of fall and the coming of winter snows. This annual emo-outrage is as reliable as the rising of the sun and the recession of Lebron James’ hairline.

      Welcome to life among Raptors fans.

      • People like you who think there’s something wrong or unusual with venting about a frustrating situation are the biggest fools of all.

        They’re 3-11 but for goodness sake, don’t blame the players, the coaching staff or management.

        I hope your future mockery of the fan base makes more sense.

        • You’re reading an awful lot into a tongue-in-cheek comment – “They’re 3-11 but for goodness sake, don’t blame the players, the coaching staff or management” certainly doesn’t summarize my point of view.

  5. Dump Bargs, start Jonas and Davis with Amir as backup, win more games.


  6. Don’t you fella’s get tired of, “We’ll be better next year!”

  7. Playoffs??!! We can’t even win a single god damn game!!

  8. Bargnani is an offensively gifted sixth man who can undoubtedly help a bunch of teams with championship aspirations.

    The question now is — how do we get rid of him in a way where both sides can benefit and at the same time save face?

  9. Ed Davis and Jonas and no Calderon in with Lowry..Im with that. for startng and finishing 4th quarters

  10. The answer is simple. Get a new scoring, leader, go to man, for the franchise. Once this is established our go to guy is bargnani. Till that changes our coach is right Togo with te most experienced and eat shooter on our team. If Lebron had a bad night most teams still will go with him for the game winning shot. Since our Lebron is lebargs there is no other choice. Having Davis and Val on the floor at the same time doesn’t spread the offense which is one asset that bargs brings to the table.

  11. Why not move bargs to Small forward . Play davis and val…we have NO three this year,

    just get this trade done, and get bargs out of TO

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