Terrence Ross Takes Flight

So much for that gut feeling of an upset! Maybe 4-18 after 22 games is more the gut feeling that I had.

To soothe the pain while you wait for Oliver’s thoughts on the game, here’s a clip of one massive Terrence Ross dunk from the first half and a GIF of Ross taking off just inside the free throw line for an even bigger dunk in the second half.

I seriously lost count of how many times Ross threw down tonight in the rookie’s best performance as a pro so far. Maybe it was one for every time Bargnani gave up on defence, or one for every time Amir took a bad shot, or one for every time Calderon forgot that getting a hand in a shooter’s face is probably helpful, or one for every time Lucas missed an open three, or…well, you get the picture.

Just sit back and enjoy…

It looks like the Raptors will once again be represented in the dunk competition.

GIF courtesy of SB Nation