The Raptors and Mickael Pietrus have agreed to a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum and the team will subsequently waive Dominic McGuire, according to RealGM, who report that they have confirmation from both players’ agents. The signing is expected to become official on Friday.

The news was initially reported by USA Today earlier on Thursday after we learned about the Raptors’ renewed interest in Pietrus on Wednesday night. The most intriguing part of the RealGM report to me is that Pietrus turned down the Hawks, Pacers, Timberwolves, 76ers and Spurs “due to the Raptors’ relentless pursuit.”

Pietrus played 42 regular season games with the Celtics last season, averaging 6.9 points and 3.1 rebounds in about 22 minutes per game before adding another 20 games for Boston in the postseason. What’s discouraging is that for a player who had become a legitimate three-point threat for a good five years, Pietrus shot just 33.5 per cent from deep last season. He’s also never had a 15-PER season in his nine-year NBA career.

Suffice to say, Raptors fans shouldn’t expect any statistical contribution from the 30-year-old, but the hope has to be that he can rediscover his long-range shooting touch and remain a competent defender. If he can’t, I really don’t see any way he can help this team other than giving Dwane Casey a veteran option to lean on at the wing until Landry Fields and Alan Anderson return from injury.

On the bright side, there is this:

As for McGuire, I’m quite disappointed with how his brief time as a Raptor unfolded. Despite the lack of name recognition, I was actually pretty happy about the acquisition at the time because I saw Dom as a solid defensive option to bring off of the bench when an opposing player started heating up (McGuire can theoretically guard four positions on the court).

McGuire was miscast as a regular rotation player and eventual starter because of the injuries, and he had a couple of frustrating moments where he didn’t seem to understand his role – or rather his non role – on the offensive end, but if Pietrus isn’t shooting well, I just don’t see him being much of an upgrade at this point of his career.

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  1. Trade the tall Italian failure this experiment with Europeans is over!

    • Well I am not saying Bargnani, Calderon, and even Kleiza shouldn’t be traded but to judge them based on their nationalities is stupid. Would you trade Jonas Valanciunas? What if Nowitzki, Rubio, Kirileinko or Batum were Raptors? The anti-European stuff angers me. You shouldn’t be stereotyped based on where you were born, but how they play.

  2. I really don’t understand what the point of this signing is.

    Sure, he’s going to fill the temporary gap on the wing, and maybe contribute some points here and there. But I’d much rather see them continue to play Ross more minutes.

    • Amen to that…. I don’t see him being much of an upgrade at all… Ross seems to be developing slowly but surely and we don’t need a vet to come in and stunt his growth for the sake of a couple wins on the year.

      This team has bigger Italian fish to fry as a priority… But I think we will see that shoe drop before the trade deadline….

      • Ross is not a SF and will never be. Derozan is more of a 3 than Ross. And thats not saying much.

        Enough pgs playing the 2 and enough sgs trying to play sf. Lets actually have positions and roles.

  3. I agree with the Bargnani being off the squad. Something about him on the team has always made me feel like they have a losing mentality. They should be playing him as much as they can to some hype about him so they can move his ass

  4. Hopefully he plays well so a contending team might want him at the deadline

  5. We need to pick up TMac instead of Pietrus

  6. Unless he puts on tons of muscle, or Demar leaves this team, Ross will always be restricted to a 6th man role

  7. What’s the point of signing Pietrus?! What, does BC think this team can actually win a few more games to sneak into the PLAYOFFS!!??

    PLAYOFFS!?!? This team can hardly win a god damn game!!

    don’t be talkin bout PLAYOFFS!?!?

    However; when I manage the Jays next spring, that’ll be a different story altogether!

    PLAYOFFS!?!? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  8. If this causes less playing time for Kleiza, I’m ecstatic.

  9. We got pietrus!!!! O wow, BC you are a fucking genius. Pietrus was only available ALL offseason and nobody wanted him. I wonder how long till BC signs him to a 4 yr 80 M extension

  10. Our SF position was looking so bad, I bet Stern threatened to fine BC if he didn’t upgrade it at least a little.

    I hope this means the end of LoCal – Calderon as shooting guard. That was a horrible, horrible idea.

  11. Release McGuire . The only defensive player on our team ? :)) What a joke our team has become.

  12. should stop putting calderon and lowry on the floor together , they got lowry so point guards don’t penetrate and rely on barny for help defense , but no lets continue to put lowry as a shooting guard and everyone blows by calderon in the 4th quarter . barny has no heart or passion for the game , i think its time to move on with him if anyone wants a 7 foot ,3 point shooter who cant even do that anymore it seems . idk i like barny but we need someone who can provide energy on both sides of the floor ‘ consistently ‘ . 20 and 10 kinda guy with a couple blocks and assists , set hard screens and picks , not just stand at the 3 point line so j.v can battle 3 guys for the board

  13. Am I mistaken or is McGuire a better player than Pietrus?

  14. You’re mistaken.

  15. One thing that makes me scratch my head:

    We had heard all these reports that Pietrus was rejecting veteran minimum offers from other clubs….then he goes and signs one with a basement dwelling club?

    Why not join a team with a legit shot at a championship…or heck…a playoff spot if you are taking the league minimum?

    • I think because the Raptors are the only team willing to give him significant minutes. So he gets a shot to prove himself and possibly get a bigger contract next year… Who knows

  16. Maybe now the team will be good enough to take themselves out of serious contention for a top 3 pick, effectively taking another step back

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