What would it look like if the Raptors decided to blend the old with the new?

If and when the Mickael Pietrus acquisition becomes official today, Oliver and I will be on the pitch for a good cause at theScore’s charity soccer tournament, so there probably won’t be any new Pietrus-related content or even a Game Thread here today (I’ll probably have some thoughts on the game later tonight), but we do have a treat for you.

Recently, fellow theScore.com blogger and hardcore Raptors fan Chris Lund mentioned that he thought the tacky old dinosaur on the jersey uniforms would look good with the team’s new colour scheme of red, black and white. Most people think of ideas like that and then just mention it in passing to anyone who’ll listen. Lund went the extra mile and decided to actually create the hypothetical uniform change, “pixel by pixel,” as he told it.

To clarify, the Raptors are NOT changing their uniforms (though I do believe we’ll eventually see the original jerseys trotted out once or twice). This is just a cool concept created by a coworker that I thought was more than worth a share with RaptorBlog readers and fellow Raptors fans.

So without further ado, here’s Chris Lund’s uniform design. It takes a little bit of the old and blends it with a little bit of the new:

First, his home design

And here’s his road design:

If the Raptors ever wanted to come up with a new “alternate” uniform design to wear just a few times each season, I think they should give Chris a call.

What do you think?

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  1. Raptors can open doors. Also, dribble basketballs.

  2. These jerseys are great. Love the white one.

  3. I think it works. I’d keep the current font and layout for ‘Raptors’. Given the atrocious starting material, it’s great work. This comment is really just an excuse to bitch about the name Raptors. What the hell were they thinking? I remember half paying attention when they were going through the naming process. Both the Raptord ang Grizzlies came out with mid-90s abominations for uniforms, but only the Raptors chose a name that is impossible to credibly salvage going forward. Maybe in addition to throwing out management, we can get a Huskies rebranding. Ever hopeful!

  4. That is still an ugly jersey. Hope this dream never comes true!

  5. The back and colour schemes are nice I guess

  6. Sorry man, the dinosaur needs to stay retired. The claw is far more menacing and stylish than “Barney”

    • I agree.

      The current uniforms they have (aside from the Camo) are by far the best this organization has seen in every aspect. I have no idea why people want this stuff changed, let alone to incorporate parts of some of the worst uniforms in the history of all pro sports.

    • Ya, I agree. Let’s stay away from the original dinosaur theme. It just reminds everyone why the Raptors have the name they do.

  7. Would much prefer the Huskies jerseys, along with actually renaming the team.

  8. I agree with Filosoftaren.

    I appreciate when a team’s name has some historical or cultural significance to it. What the hell does Raptor’s have to with Toronto? Was Jurassic Park filmed here or something? That scene where all the eggs are in a stadium and hatch and the raptors wreak havoc on the city? We are Canada’s team for now, there are so many great options. Huskies would be great. I would be fine with a complete re-brand that also includes winning as part of its identity.

  9. Good looking jerseys there, only thing I would change is the shorts. Where the raptor print is surrounded by what looks like a bold jagged line that gets thinner towards the waistline, I would like it if it was a leaf instead with the raptor print on that. Canadian biased may be in effect here, but these are nice.

  10. Yes please, I’ll take two. Would be sweet to see these bad boys back in action, as long as adidas gets there shit together. This print they have instead of actual embroidery is bullshit. It washes of rather easily, and the jersey looks like garbage.
    Let’s Go Raptors!

    • then stop buying the cheap ass jerseys then. buy a swingman or an authentic. lol. pretty simple solution.

      • I don’t think a jersey is worth more $50. That’s a huge ripoff. I’ve bought two jerseys in my lifetime. One was a Vancouver Grizzlies Bibby jersey when they were leaving (on sale) and the other a Utah Jazz Hornacek jersey (also on sale), after he retired, which unfortunately got stolen (who the hell would steal a Utah Jazz Hornacek jersey I have no idea).

  11. Yeah the raptor must go too, font is good though.

  12. anyway you slice it the “Raptors” nickname is cheesy and anything that has raptors on it still looks like dog shit. change the name already!!

  13. Would be nice if that raptor looks likes he’s been hitting the weights… And look like it’s in the air about to dunk.. Maybe a tomahawk like throw down!!!

  14. Now that the Jays have gone back to the classic (and awesome) blue and white unis/logo, the Raptors are the last Toronto team who’s uniform/logo really bugs me.

    Not a huge fan of the black and red (although the uniform drawn above is great). Bland design. Pretty bad name.

    Changing the name to ‘Huskies’ and going blue and white would be incredible.

  15. Not a bad redesign but it’s time to bring back huskies as the new name once and for all.

    Once that is done then the leafs, Argos, blue jays and huskies will ALL be blue and white.

    The next step is to rip up Bremner blvd between the acc and Rogers centre, replace it w blue bricks and rename the street “the blue mile”

  16. If I remember correctly, some of the players complained that the embroidered dino would weigh a ton when it got soaked with sweat.

  17. “Raptors” is the legit the worst name in sports. It’s flat out embarrassing.. Time to usher in the “Huskies”

  18. The whole Raptor concept was a marketing gimmick back in the 90s when Jurassic Park and everything dinosaur was all the rave with kids.

    It was a short-cited idea that looks kind of stupid now. They should consider changing the name to something more timeless. The ‘Huskies’ although timeless, is a pretty shitty name as well.

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