With the Raptors in the early stages of the always daunting Western Conference road trip, Drew and Oliver got together in my absence for another edition of RaptorBlog Radio.

Topics discussed include the trip itself, Mickael Pietrus, Terrence Ross, Andrea Bargnani’s trade value, the Raptors’ most effective lineup combinations and much more.

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  1. Nice podcast, really enjoyed it.

  2. II’m sorry but putting Bargnani on the Bench would poses a serious problem for the second unit but not on the offensive end. Having him AND Calderon coming on at the same time? No, that’s absolute blasphemy. Also, having both Ed Davis and JV in the starting line up will not help us out one bit on the offensive end. JV is still a rookie and Ed is a work in progress both players would clog the paint hurting our team overall. It would prevent guys like Lowry and Demar from attacking the basket. Don’t you not remember when Bargnani missed that game last week against Memphis?. Did this team even look good? It was in my opinion the worst game all year if you ask me it wasn’t even close like all the other Raptors game (well maybe the game against Boston was our worst game). Bargnani should remain a starter because he spaces the floor allowing JV to work down low without constant help defenders pestering him and it allows Lowry and Demar to get to the rim. A lso Bargnani tends to play very well in the first quarter on offence at least it’s the other quarters where he needs to step it up (and also on defence obviously). So the benching him idea is just pure insanity sorry

    • Teams shouldn’t have to rely on their power forward to space the floor. It actually creates a lot of problems (ie rebounding, shot-blocking) when your power forward is always hanging around the perimeter. The shooting bargs provides, isn’t nearly enough to compensate for his shortcomings. Lowry can make three’s, Pietrus can make three’s and DeMar can make long two’s to help space. Two big men does not clog the paint. In fact that’s how most teams around the league play.

      It’s ridiculous to measure two young guys based on one game against the best front court in basketball. They played terribly in Memphis, but Bargnani would not have helped that situation. In fact he would have severely hurt their rebounding against a front-court that dominates the glass.

      The point of having Jose and Bargs on the bench, is that you can limit their minutes if/when they are struggling defensively. It’s impossible to really limit their PT if they get 6-8 minutes at the start of each half. There is also the obvious point that they will be exposed less frequently, playing against backups. Saying you have to give one guy more PT, because you can’t have him on the bench with another bad defender, really doesn’t make sense. If he can’t defend, keep pushing him down the bench

      • So, you want Ed and Jonas to operate in the paint constantly and have players like Kyle Lowry and Demar settle for jumpshots instead of high percentage shots at the rim with a chance to get to the line? Didn’t everyone want Demar to attack the basket and STOP settling for Jumpshots? This blog attacked him constantly because of it am I not correct? If our team settles for jumpshots we aren’t going to shoot well in games. Don’t get me wrong spacing the floor does sacrifice rebounds (not shot blocking since Bargnani is only at the 3pt line on offense) but It allows JV to worry about beating his defender without drawing help defenders constantly (which almost always results in turnovers by him). I’m just saying that Bargnani being on the floor is helping JV allowing him to play the way he’s playing right now.

        • NBA teams have had their center and PF stay mostly in the paint since the beginning. Just because it’s more in vogue, now, to have a “stretch 4″ doesn’t mean you have to. Besides, it’s not like Valanciunas doesn’t spend a good amount of time in the high post.

          • JV has the Luxury to step out and take jumpers because it is clear he can hit those but what about when it isn’t going down? In cases like that doesn’t he need to post up and take it to the net for easy buckets or trips to the line? The thing is Ed Davis will probably also be in the paint because he isn’t a good shooter in general and he is a rebounder who tends to finish close to the rim.

            All I’m saying is things can get messy if Jv decides to play his back to the basket. Ed Davis can move further away (maybe 15ft) from the basket but the opposing big man won’t commit to Ed knowing he isn’t a great jump shooter and instead help out on JV.

        • Sorry but that’s utter nonsense. The guards can penetrate when good bigs clear the lanes for them as JV’s done on more than one occasion for DD. Having them in the paint does in no way mean that DD has to settle for jump shots. Is your understanding of basketball such that you would need to kick both of the bigmen out of the paint to allow the guards to attack the basket? Not having a pass after a pick when he is rolling is much more a problem for JV than having help defenders that free up another good bigman and create space. The fact that Bargs cannot for the life of him box out his player is what is costing this team in rebounds.

          • Yea if JV clears the lane it isn’t a problem because he can become open for a jump shot but what about Ed Davis? He isn’t a shooter instead he plays closer to the basket so if he clears the lane since he doesn’t pose a threat further away from the basket it will free up his man into helping out on players like Demar, JV, and even Lowry who want to take it to the basket making scoring harder.

  3. Bargnani is one of their best man to man defenders…Check the facts rather than using your clouded observations. 82 games. com. They measure the Player efficiency rating of the players. Bargnani is by far and away the best of the starters. Lowry is a disasater…which by my observations is not a surprise. Bargnani has been a huge disapointment but he gets blamed for too much for all the teams problems!

    • I know..its really odd how everyone in Toronto bashes one of their best players constantly.(Im not even a Bargnani fan)
      The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is that most other NBA fan sites are the same with thier most popular players.

      They bashed DD last year for being young.

      They will eventually bash JV, just watch & give it a couple years.

  4. WE know this team isnt good enough, why does the GM think they are good enough? from the start of the season we know this team is soft, but we want to push for a playoff spot? Instead of drafting talent we went for position. Then in the second round we drafted NOTHING. do you see our needs? ball handler (TASHAWN TALYOR round 2) Joe crawder. sigh. Would the raptors think about bringing in Renoaldo Balkman?

  5. What’s funny is that there is a strong comparison between DD Last year and Paul George this year: Both had break out sophomore years and had high expectations coming into their 3rd year of their careers but were/ are immediately thrown into the leading scorer role due to injuries to their teams major scorers. Their stats suffered/ suffers because of it… And oh yea Demar was 22 years old in his 3rd year and Paul George this season (3rd) is 22. People were unfair when it came to judging Demar’s performance last year he was young and he just came off 1 successful year. It’s truly a shame. It got to a point where people laughed at his contract but didn’t question Taj Gibson’s contract who is a terrific player but not a GREAT player. In fact people actually found that acceptable. SMHH. People need to chill stop blaming Bargnani for all the team issues when in fact wel are a worse team when he isn’t playing.

  6. Its bargnani this and bargnani that…toronto fans know NOTHING about basketball…bargnani is the one player on our team that other teams actually plan against…watch “the association” and see what avery johnson spends his time doing when they are playing the raps…it isn’t worrying about linus kleiza or Demar Derozan…

  7. Agreed, maybe it is time to trade him, but not for nothing and the raps would have NO frontcourt scoring without him….

  8. If you guys are actual raptor fans you can see the potential Ed davis has , the reason most people don’t see that is because he never has the minutes to do so. Bargnani has so much expectations because he was the #1 pick and being in that position everyone expects you to do great, but lets say he wasn’t the #1 pick would he be bashed as much as he is now? Raptors need a veteran with a lot of experience that can help the young players on and off the court if they want that extra push to get into the playoffs ,because clearly having such a young core isn’t helping at all. Trading bargnani would either be bad or good , but looking at the Gms previous moves its obviously going to be terrible for toronto.

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