In his six-plus years as President and General Manager of the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo has emptied the trick bag. He’s used three different head coaches, made five lottery picks and expended significant resources on trades and free agent signings. So with the Raptors sitting at 4-17 and recently coming off of a lifeless, pathetic performance against an undermanned Utah Jazz team, Colangelo and his supporters don’t have many excuses left. This team is in need of a major shake-up and BC only has one option, before his own head hits the floor – trade Andrea Bargnani.

Firing Dwane Casey is not an option. Colangelo can’t justify needing four different head coaches during his tenure as GM. Fingers start pointing at upper management when there is that much turnover. Jay Triano and Dwane Casey were both hand-picked by Colangelo. People will accept one mistake (Triano), but that’s it. Casey’s performance this year hasn’t justified a dismissal either. Toronto has been competitive in most games and although Casey’s offensive tactics have been questionable, he is not at the root of the problem. The culture change Casey brought to this locker room is still prevalent (in some players) and he deserves credit for leading a group of misfits to 23 wins last season. He gained respect as a defensive mind in Dallas and that reputation has grown in Toronto. Casey has earned the right to outlast his boss.

If a coaching change is not possible, that leaves BC with one other option – player movement. It wouldn’t make sense to move one of the recent first-rounders (DeRozan, Davis, Valanciunas, Ross), because their ceiling is unknown and any one of them could become very valuable building blocks. Trading Kyle Lowry would be lunacy – he is one of two players in the NBA averaging 15+ points, 5+ assists and 5+ rebounds. Colangelo should be worried about locking up Lowry long-term, since players of that caliber don’t walk through your door every year. Trading Jose Calderon wouldn’t have a significant impact, considering he now plays less than 20 minutes per game. The Raptors also need his ball-handling/creating skills in the second unit.

Looking at this roster, there is one player who stands out like a sore thumb. He is the one player who doesn’t fit the style and mentality Colangelo and Casey have tried to instill in this team. They want hard-nosed, blue collar, defence-first players who scrap for every point. Andrea Bargnani is not that type of player and he never will be.

The problem with Bargnani is two-fold. Not only will he never live up to expectations, but his lack of effort is cancerous. Why should other players bring hustle and heart to every play when they see Bargnani is allowed to coast through the motions without repercussions? How motivated are the other starters going to be when they know there’s a weak link in the defensive chain of rotations? A team can only drag a dead weight for so long before that dead weight starts to drag them.

Assessing Bargnani’s worth around the league is a complete guessing game. The rumours of a Pau Gasol trade have been growing steadily over the past few weeks, and I think that is a best-case scenario for Raptors fans but it likely won’t happen. The Lakers’ problems stem from the defensive end and Bargs would only make that worse.

Since everyone enjoyed my sample trades for Jose Calderon, here are three sample trades for Bargnani, intended to show what I would consider appropriate return. If Toronto makes any sort of trade, they need to address their ball-handling issues. Kyle Lowry is the only player capable of creating his own shot off-the-dribble and that is a serious problem in the fourth quarter. Teams force the ball out of Lowry’s hands and Toronto’s offence becomes very stagnant. Each of these proposed trades is designed to give Toronto a young ‘creator’ off the bench who can play alongside Calderon or Lowry…

Washington Wizards trade Jordan Crawford & Trevor Ariza to the Raptors for Andrea Bargnani & Alan Anderson

Milwaukee Bucks trade Beno Udrih & Larry Sanders to the Raptors for Andrea Bargnani

Detroit Pistons trade Rodney Stuckey & Austin Daye to the Raptors for Andrea Bargnani

Bargnani’s lackadaisical attitude has permeated the locker room and if he doesn’t leave soon, it will continue to affect the development of this young core. Trading Bargnani is not only the most logical move for Bryan Colangelo, it might be the only move that will save his job.

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  1. I don’t follow other teams enough to be able to evaluate the deals, but it makes sense to me that Barg’s value is on the low end right now. I’ve never been one to bash him, but it has really become clear that moving him is absolutely necessary for the team to move forward. Side note: I’m not sure if it’s here to stay, but I like the new font. It’s a bit easier on my eyes)

  2. I would make any of those trades in a heartbeat

  3. Come on, this team’s problem isn’t the talent on the roster, or the GM. It’s the focus!

    Still can’t believe this guy threw Ed Davis and Casey under the bus like that.

    At this point, Colangelo and everyone of the “core” players needs to go. Everyone on this roster that can bring back picks except for JV, and maybe Davis and Ross needs to be traded for a proper rebuild. Even a guy like DeRozan is far too inefficient to keep IMO. I would even trade Lowry in the offseason for a first round pick, because you know he isn’t coming back to this team, so sell high.

    All-in for Wiggins in 2014 should be the goal of this team starting now.

    • DeRozan is a decent piece, he’s just not suited (at least at this point) to be a team’s main, or even secondary, scorer

      • I don’t think DeRozan is the answer long-term. If you can get a first round pick for him, there should be no hesitation to move him.

        • Why trade DD when he has just started to show significant improvement? He has essentially become a borderline all star this year. He is still a little bit inconsistent on putting up those complete games (20pts 5-6 rbs 3asts) but he getting close and he is at the very least top 10 in this conference maybe top15 or 20 in the league right now over all. I think you keep him seeing as he is still very young. I don’t see how this kind of move would help us to play better basketball. There is also a weak draft coming up so would a 2013 draft pick help the team a lot?

          I understand trading Bargs. Personally the trade I like the most is the Wizards trade for Trevor Ariza that would help us a lot. The other trades wouldn’t work with out us waving someone. They would also just create a log jam I would really like to see what Fields has to give when he is finally back and ready.
          I think he can switch between back up SG and back up SF. Pietrus can back up at SF. Ross will fight fields for minutes when he gets back but I think ross will get his fair share. Jordan crawford can back up Lowry. Ariza becomes our starting SF and didn’t we go after him when he was a free agent.

          I think we pull the trigger on this trade. Let Caldy walk at the end of the season and Amnesty Kleiza and a lot of the “bad spoilt players” are gone.

          • Significant improvement is a stretch. The only real improvement he’s shown is rebounding, but he’s also playing a career high in minutes, so it’s kind of expected.

            Compared to his career PER-36 numbers, and advanced stats, there really isn’t much noticeable improvement in his game this season.

            You’re telling me that if the Raptors got offered a potential lottery pick for DeRozan, they shouldn’t take it? I certainly would.

          • I think Casey is unintentionally managing this team better than Colangelo ever has- why settle for hoping to make the playoffs. I they lose more games it’s more likey they will keep their draft pick, and while no fan likes to see their team lose; come on Toronto, are you really used to winning all that much?

  4. Bad trades dude…Milwakee and Det don’t need another big guy. I wish we took Kemba walker last year, and then rolled the dice on Drummond..can you imagine our team.? and even if we aren’t better at least we have our pick….i’d rather have drummond any day vs Val…his best trait is he works hard…talent and athletic ability are just ok vs drummond who is a monster!

    Kemba vs Lowry? it’s pretty close and kemba is with us for many years…no ross, no val and we can lose games and get a top 5 pick …

    As for bargs, i don’t know what to say, he’s been bad this year…hard to believe we can get much for him now…he’ll be great for another team…

    i say we get Jeff green and brandon bass+ 1st round pick for bargs and amir..

    • You’re judging Valanciunas after only 21 games? Incredibly ironic, since the guy you say you would have preferred looked like a possible bust over his first entire season.

    • You really can’t go back in time and say we should have drafted Kemba last year and Drummond this year. I mean, okay fine, Kemba makes sense, but Drummond? Why the hell would any GM think like that? They can’t see into the future. A GM is supposed to know that Drummond would drop this much? That they would get the 8th pick? That the draft would play out the way it did?

      I’m not trying to defend BC, but your type of revisionist thinking is ridiculous. Hell, why don’t do we go back all the way to the year we drafted Araujo and draft Iggy instead? How about instead of drafting Bargs we draft…Gay? or Aldridge. You know how stacked our team would’ve been now?!

  5. I think we’re long past trading Bargnani as any sort of solution. Plus, every GM in the NBA knows Toronto is desperate, so it’s going to be that much harder to get any value for Bargnani (or anyone else). After all these years of selling Bargnani as the centrepiece of his teams, Colangelo can’t just get Austin Daye and Rodney Stuckey back for him cause that would make BC look even more ridiculous.

    Honestly, I think BC is all out of cards and he knows it. That embarrassing first quarter interview yesterday was the best signal of that yet.

    • That interview was terrible. I don’t know if it’s BC’s idea of calling guys out, or a weak attempt at saving face, but this is the lowest low that this team has hit in several seasons.

      There is almost nothing to trade away because this team is already full of young “potential” guys on cheap contracts and a few veterans that make minimal impact and have minimal value.

      It looks like they may as well trade Bargs/Jose/Kleiza for youth and plan on being in the basement for a couple more seasons. That draft pick sent to Houston is really going to cost the franchise, but they don’t have anywhere near the talent here to announce that it’s time to start shooting for the playoffs.

      The only other option with a roster in this situation would be trading a pile of assets to a disgruntled/rebuilding franchise looking to dump a star (Deron Williams – Nets, Chris Paul – Clippers), which is a pipe dream that may never happen.

      Also, I completely agree with the original article that Barg’s work ethic is a cancer that undermines the identity that DC is trying to establish with this team. Honestly, I think that’s the difference between last year (when all the guys first believed DC’s gospel) and this year (where they see you can play like Bargs and still get max minutes).

    • Getting anything of value for Bargnani is easy: it involves trading Bargnani for a contract that is not worse. Anything that gets Bargs off the team at this point has to be considered a net plus: he doesn’t fit on the team at all and it’s obvious, and we’re paying ten million bucks a year for him.

      • Look back at the last couple of games and you’ll see Jose laughing on the bench as they are being blown out- he has been part of this losing culture for a long time and while he does facilitate the offense pretty well- the same certainly can’t be said on the defensive end on which you may as well have a pylon out there guarding. Talk about bad D o this team and you’d have to start with Bargs though- a 7 footer who can’t play help D to save his life.

  6. Completely agree. Bargnani is a cancer and will only bring the team down further. He hasn’t lived up to expectations from the beginning and needs to move on.

  7. Personally I would trade Bargnani for a bag of used basketballs. As a Raptor fan since day one, I can no longer watch as he coasts night in night out. As a coach his lack of effort and intensity would earn him a spot anchored at the end of the bench, or better yet at his home on the couch far away from the court and team. Enough is enough , way too many chances and opportunities have been given to to this guy time to end the Bargnani era in TO

  8. I wouldn’t say Bargs value is on the low end right now, prior to his injury last year he was putting up decent numbers, and a lot of teams would trade for him. I see Portland, Denver, Dallas, & Washington as big suitors.

    Having said that, I’d rather Lucas run the 2nd unit than Calderon, so trading them as a bundle would easily get you more return. This team is a lottery team regardless.

    • Not necessarily, the trade for Lowry includes a 1st round draft pick that is only protected if it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. – The Fields deal single handedly proves B.C. is a shit G.M.

  9. I don’t get why everyone says that Lowry is such a good player. He puts up those numbers on a horrible team. THis team could be 4-17 without him and have kept the pick. He gets burnt on D as much as Calderon does, he is out of shape, and if he was as good as everyone says, why did Houston get rid of him? You don’t trade good players that you think can help you win. Unless you don’t think he is that good and the 1st round pick is going to be a high one. BC should be fired, simple as that

    • I’m on the fence with him as well. He can have great individual games, but I’m not convinced he’s making the rest of the team better.

      I guy like him needs the right players around him and the right system for the relationship to be complimentary. He doesn’t fit in as easily as a pass-first point guard.

    • Houston traded him because he didn’t like McHale as the coach and didn’t want to play behind Dragic.

    • But, look at what he did with the Suns before coming to Raptor land. They won the… wait, what did they win in Phoenix? Actually, nm. There’s always the Jays, right?

  10. Lowry aint’ all that, his defense is terrible…look at 82…he’s worse than calderon…although at least he gets rebounds and some steals…calderon is just a pylon for everyone..

    we’d get very little for bargnani…almost better to wait and hope he and the team turns it around…lets be honest…if you looked at the first 22 games, how many wins were you expecting? i thought 8 would about right and 7 was a possibility…we win against charlotte if the call wasnt’ screwed up…we should win vs det and sacremento…and we are right we should have been..

    the raps schedule gets ALOT easier from now….although we’d need a 8-10 game winning streak at some point…

  11. Wish there was a time machine Marcus Aldridge would be perfect right now

  12. we got fleeced into thinking fields, lucas etc… would be useful this year…they have been awful.

    Even as a fan of Bargnani, i don’t understand why he is not posting up more often? he just stands at the 3 point line nowadays.. Last year, he posted up, drove to the hoop and got easy baskets and to the free throw line 7 times a game, he’s at less than half that now..

  13. Lets trade bargs for a lotto pick. Team like Orlando or Portland or Phoenix. What if we try bargnani to Houston for Terrence jones, Patterson and Morris

    • Trade Bargnani for a lottery pick? Why would any team give up a lottery pick for him?

      • I’m thinking if we package Bargs, Jose and maybe an expendabe big guy (Amir) we might be able to get a 1st and possiby even a 2nd round er on a bad team- all in for Wiggins in 2014- another lost year this year that isn’t even worth trying to salvage whatsoever.

  14. Your point that Bargnani is infecting the rest of the roster with his lackadaisicalplay is bang on. Against the Clippers, for me the turning point was watching Bargnani stand right next to Blake Griffin, who had stumbled to his knees in the corner pocket with his back to the play, and just watch him make a pass, still on his knees, to the wing, who wheeled it to the lane for an uncontested dunk. If Bargnani had even just bent over at the waist, he could have easily tied Griffin up. Instead, a relatively close game turned into a blowout as the Raps took that cue to just give up down the stretch.
    At this point, it’s not what you can get for Bargnani, it’s addition by subtraction… as long as he’s allowed to continue his 50% effort, JV, DD, et al will flounder… it takes all 5 on the floor playing their asses off to compete – with Bargnani out there, no chance.

  15. Now is not the time to make a move. I don’t buy the argument that after all these years, Bargniani is a known commodity and it doesn’t matter whether you trade him now or a few games from now. What this thinking fails to account for is how extraordinarily myopic fans, and even GMs in this league are. The Raptors are coming up on a stretch of home games. They will win some against the dregs of the east and the record will start to look not so bad (still pretty bad though). The friendly home town whistles will bring Bargniani’s shooting percentage in the 45% range and his 3pt percentage will approach 35%. This should be enough to restore the notion that Bargniani is a decent shooter at least. Then we will extract maximum trade value. At the moment, the only offers Colangelo will get are teams looking to pick us clean without giving up anything in the hopes that we are desperate. The trade deadline is the time to make the move. There is likely to be some fringe team desperate for size (Bargs can still D up big men one-on-one) and shooting and we may get a decent piece moving forward. Moving Bargniani now is like selling a stock at it’s lowest point. The tendency might be to panic in these situations, but the smart money will wait a little longer till the market rebounds.

  16. Also, there is no immediacy to this decision. This season is already lost so making a move now to stop the bleeding is pointless.

  17. I think the perceived attitude of Barginani on the court is over valued. He just isn’t a very emotional person, I don’ think he cares less about winning. So taking that into consideration, I would lean more towards what Paul is saying. Wait until Andrea is shooting percentage rebounds, maybe he starts hitting some of those big shots and the interest in him is larger. We made this mistake with Carter a while back. So I agree he has to go but waiting might be the best play here.

  18. Andrea is useless on the court. Offensively, his skill set is limited and we all know what he can’t do on the defensive end of the court. The only teams that would even be somewhat interested in his “talents” would be a play-off team who needs help with bench scoring. Fact is, these types of trades are common and can be effective if one team is desperate enough i.e Brooklyn giving up lottery pick for gerald wallace last year but at what point do we realize Collangelo does not know how to put a team together? He has swung and missed with almost every draft pick and personally I believe that JV will level out like a taller Nick Collison at best. Need a reset on this team and hopefully soon.

  19. Those trade proposals dont do anything for me quite frankly. All those players mentioned are crap and have just as minimal of an impact as bargs does.They will have to package bargnani with some other players. Also, I dont see why the raps wouldnt be willing to move ed davis or ross either. What have those players shown? Not much. Granted, Ross is rookie but I dont envision him turning into a star. The only untouchables on this roster should be jv and lowry. Everyone else is fair game for the right price.

    • Ross is probably the best one on one wing defender on the team….great graft pick if you ask me…he will pan out.

  20. Realistically, at 4-17, no one on the roster should be untouchable. Obviously, to trade JV, there would need to be a really significant offer, and it’s certainly unlikely, but shouldn’t be written off out of hand.

    There are a lot of comments here saying something like. It’s not ONLY Bargs, we need to trade EVERYBODY. It’s possible that’s true, but it’s not very likely, and I think is down on the priority list.

    At this point, trading Bargs is a different animal than other trades that would improve the team. This deal is about addition by subtraction, about cementing a culture change and moving forward. The return is secondary. All the Lowry/Davis/Ross, etc. trades can be talked about endlessly, and should be, why the hell not? But. Unless they follow a Bargnani trade, they won’t matter. He’s too big of a piece of this current team, we know nothing good can be built around him, so they need to build without him. So let’s keep our eye on the prize. A Raptors lineup without Bargnani. It can happen, and as I think Oliver is saying, it needs to for any other changes to be worthwhile.

  21. re Pete comments on Valanciunas
    I think you’re underestimating the difference that size makes in this league. In the NBA a couple inches of height (or reach to be more accurate) can be the difference between a spot player off the bench and a perennial all-star. Consider a player like Glen Davis. He is 6-8 max and can’t dominate in the post at that size. But he is extremely skilled and agile. If he were 2-3 inches taller he would be an all-star. Now Nick Collison doesn’t have those skills but still, he is only 6-9. A player the size of Jonas and Collison’s skill set and smarts is a legit starting center in this league, maybe even top 10-15. If Jonas can turn into that I’ll take it. Honestly, anyone expecting more than that could only be disappointed anyways. This guy is not the savior. He is a piece. Now Andrew Wiggins on the other hand…

  22. Weak Poem for Bargs

    Whispers of potential, a first pick in a weak draft
    Writing on the wall for fans used to the shaft
    A GM perpetually dazed with visions of versatility
    7 years later preaching promise over accountability
    Would he dive for a loose ball and mess up his hair?
    Give up another rebound so the guards could get their fair share?
    Il Primo pasta, soft as a noodle
    Loss after loss, barks softer than a poodle
    His defenders may say it’s not just him, and they’re right
    But they miss the point — he’s a lingering symbol devoid of fight
    How does one commit so much to the uncommitted, an enigma?
    When does the consistent inconsistency become too big a stigma?
    We’ve tried him at 3 positions, we’ve tried the rest
    Hey, at least he aced the caliper test

  23. Watch Raptor Fans complain when he’s traded for table scraps and he goes on and helps another team out while we continue to stink…then who will be the scape goat?


  25. Everyone knows it’s Primo.

  26. No way Milwaukee gives up Larry Sanders, he’s been kicking ass this year. The other trades are reasonable though we should stay away from Jordan Crawford, who is like the pure incarnate version of Jamal Crawford’s chucking side of his ego, separated into its own player without the skill that Jamal has.

    Here are the 2.5 Bargnani trades I’m looking at

    1. DEN gets Bargnani, Toronto gets Wilson Chandler, Kosta Koufos. A variation where TOR flips Wilson to BOS for Jeff Green or to MIN for Derrick Williams would maybe be possible

    Denver does it to get Bargnani’s shooting/spacing (like what Harrington was doing for them before) and they desperately need a player who can hit FTs, even better that it’s a big man. Wilson Chandler is also a solid fit in Boston (giving them more perimeter D/athleticism than Green) or Minnesota (fits their rotation much more, they need athleticism, runs with Rubio)

    2. WAS gets Bargnani, Aaron Gray, Toronto gets Emeka Okafor

    Washington needs scoring and spacing. They can sell that Bargnani will make Wall and Beal’s penetration game easier.

    As for us, Chandler is a good fit of this group of players because he plays SF, is younger than Bargs and can play defense. Derrick Williams and Jeff Green would both take over the PF position and we’d gamble on them recapturing what made them high draft picks. Okafor is the one BC would never do because it’d essentially be giving up on Brags, even though it’d be nice to have a huge expiring next year and he’d probably help Casey’s defensive culture, they seem like they’d be BFFs. Maybe if we have a new GM we consider that one.

  27. I can’t disagree with the sentiment to trade Bargs. It was nice 13 game stretch last year, but this year has been tough to watch.

    However, once he’s out the door, raptors fans can’t do the usual thing and swing our ire to the next player who becomes the focus on this team. Otherwise, we’re simply in repeat mode.

  28. Why does Bargnani have more value than Okafor.

    - Does he impact the game more than Okafor? Probably depends on the system. Bargnani has decent (not great) offensive impact and horrible defensive impact. Okafor has decent (not great) defense/rebounding impact and horrible offensive impact. For Washington, a team who needs offense, Bargnani probably helps them more than Okafor. For Toronto the difference between Okafor and Bargnani in terms of defensive rotations, rebounding respectability, etc. could be a very big swing. It’s not just what Okafor brings positively but the fact that he’s replacing one of the most ‘negative’ defenders in the league.

    - Contract: Bargs 3 years 33 million, Okafor 2 years 28 million. Sounds pretty close to me, I always like the idea of shorter contracts personally, having a big expiring next year helps us

    - Age: Bargnani is younger, 27 vs Okafor’s 30. Okafor still has some years left though. Only 17,000 MP so far in his career.

    Okafor is the ANTI Bargnani. He doesn’t do the things that are overrated (volume inefficient scoring) but he does things that are underrated (make smart defensive rotations that don’t show up on the score sheet, set screens, be a leader, etc.). He’s not going to have a big impact but if you want to send a message, switching Bargs for Okafor works. The team gets much scrappier and focuses on the right things.

    Also the most important thing is that in this case, Washington would actually want Bargs. With all these other teams it’s a serious question to whether they want to go with a player who’s a net negative on the floor so far this season, who makes 11 million a year over the next 3 seasons. That’s terrible value. It’s like trading for Jeff Green’s dumb contract. Furthermore what kind of good team wants to have Bargnani playing in a playoff series? Bargnani doesn’t have value. Other teams are too smart.

    But the Washington Wizards? I’m almost positive they’re down for an Okafor Bargnani swap. They get more scoring which they need, they get more spacing, they get a guy who can play with Wall. They dump a player who isn’t helping them win. It sounds like a deal they do.

  29. I think toronto raptors should do a coaching change and hire Jerry Sloan. Bryan C doesn’t the there is a shortage of talent, I would disagree with that but Jerry Sloan is a coach who has proven to bring the best out on young players. It is a tough decision but one that will make a great difference to the team.

  30. Guys, Raps needs players that fight for win, not for stats! DD is goos, but too selfish, Lowry also, doesnt pass when he suppose to. And of course Bargs. Shooting too much. I preffer second roster of Raps with Jose, Amir and others, they play more basketball.

  31. Why would you let an executive who won’t be back next season make a potential Bargnani trade? The slate needs to wiped clean starting with the management/coaching staffs.

  32. Why do the Raptors soldier on with this Dr. Kevorkian of GMs? I can’t recall a GM in the Raptors’ sordid history that has single handedly assisted in the death of so much enthusiasm for the franchise. MLSE should trade for that Monkey which escaped from its cage and decided to leisurely browse the wares at IKEA. At least it knew how to get out of its cage. With Colangelo, the bottom of the standings have become a kind of prison for the Raptors, a destination for the futile and weak willed.

    I agree that his pet project Bargnani should be traded. But for what? He should have been dumped last year or the year after his extension. I don’t know why Colangelo has stuck so long by the side of the lumbering piece of defensive indifference.

    • Yes! Bring in the monkey!

      Like BC, he dresses fashionably for the winter. Unlike BC, he wears a diaper so we don’t have to see him crap all over this franchise.

  33. No! We must keep Bargnani! And play LoCal (Lowry and Calderon together) as much as possible.

    It’s our only chance to get a bottom 3 pick and keep our draft pick. If we play our best players, we’ll finish around 11th worst, lose the pick, and be screwed for the future. No, play Bargnani, keep the pick, then ditch AB and JC over the summer.

  34. bragnain for cousins.(exspecially if he gets in trouble)like last year.when he said he wants to be traded.bargnain and derozen.To g.s. For barens and lee.Bargnain to washington.For Nene or okaford.Bargnain for bozzer.Bargnain for noah.Barnain for amare stoudemire!bars for favors/kanter and a first rounder.Sell it to them like jefferson playing with dirk!

  35. Oh yeah why not draft the canadian kid bennet for unlv.Getting reviews as the best freshman in the land.

  36. No team wold except those trades… your trading a shit player for 2 good players… it Makes no sense

  37. The guy needs some bloody confidence, its not like he just forgot how to play basketball. Any wise GM knows you don’t trade a player when his value is at an all time low. It doesn’t hurt the raptors any to hold on to him and see if he improves his play before the deadline. I wonder what the the value of Derrick Williams is right now.

  38. Please please please! Trade AB for whatever you can get, maybe even a lousy draft pick. Time for this team to steer away from drafting EVERY European player available.

    • Tony Parker. Marc Gasol. Pau Gasol. Nicolas Batum. Dirk Nowitzki. Andrei Kirilenko. Joakim Noah. Serge Ibaka. All stars or future stars. All European. Too bad we didn’t draft them.



    • Except the kings would likely hang up the phone before Colangelo even finishes the sales pitch… Kings would NEVER do that 1 for 1.

      I can’t take any more of these Bagnani trade scenarios from Raptor fans, they are only thinking one sided. 99.9% of the time i read these proposed deals, the other team would never even consider them for even a second.

  40. Bargnani, as bad as he’s looked, is probably better than anything we could get for him right now. I’d rather at least try him in a 6th man/offense off the bench role before just giving him away for a useless Joey Graham-and-two-worthless-veteran-12th-men type deal. I don’t understand, they won’t even try it. Not even for a game… Until he plays better, just bring him off the bench. I don’t get it. It’s infuriating, because i actually think it might work.


      • Sacramento would laugh and put a block Colangelo from their phones.
        Gray has no value, they already have 5 Pietrus’ on that roster. Would never happen.

  41. Trade Bargnani for a rock. at least the defense of the raptors will improve

    • How big of a rock though? If it is one of those Easter Island head totem statues then it would get nailed for countless defensive three second violations. Though, on the flip side, it would be a beast at taking countless charging calls.

  42. Toronto Raps, need to change the line up. If your gonna lose, do it with reason. I would start all my 2nd and 3rd string players, man I would bring up D-League players. I would rather watch, players lose games cause of skill level, then watch high paid players with no heart get TV time…..AND THAT IS THE COLD HARD TRUTH OF THE MATTER. I would love to see all those sad faces on the bench…LOOK MOM I’M ON THE BENCH, LOOK HOMIES I GOT BECHED LIKE A KID IN HIGH SCHOOL, CHECK MY BENCH SWAGGER, DID YOU SEE THAT MOVE? I DID, I HAD A GOOD LOOK ….FROM THE BENCH. If they want to be a laughing stock of the league, well give them their BENCH TICKET!!!!!! ONE WAY TO NO SWAGGER VILL!!!!! I bet , eight games like that if you let them play again, you’ll see a change….. DO IT CASEY….DO IT!!!!!!!!

  43. The move right now isn’t to trade him, but to move him to the bench and see if he rediscovers his shot. His value has to be at an all-time low with his recent play. If he surprises everyone and turns out to be a pretty good sixth man, then he’ll have some value again and the Raptors’ GM might be able to trade Bargnani for a player on a shorter contract. Right now, I don’t most GMs would want anything to do with him, and I don’t blame them.

  44. Bargani to Denver for javale McGee.

    Salaries are close. Den gets scorer who can spread the floor. We get shot blocking Centre or we flip JM for a wing.

  45. Just fire Colangelo already.

  46. can’t wait for bargnani to get traded, so when the raptors STILL suck who will you have to blame? i’m sure he would look great in boston, LAL etc…

  47. I Completely agree. Bargnani is a cancer and will only bring the team down further.

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