With the Raptors in the midst of an absolutely horrendous start, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss the shitshow that has been the 2012-13 season so far, the recently completed winless road trip, more Bargnani hate, whether Dwane Casey and Bryan Colangelo should have any job security, and which players are actually worth keeping in Toronto.

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As you can tell, we’re a little frustrated with the current state of the team.

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  1. Personally, I think the Raptors need to get rid of Colangelo first and foremost, because I don’t think it’s a good idea to have him making moves if he’s not going to be around next season.

    Then with a new GM trade just about everyone. Keep JV, maybe keep Ross and Davis, but get rid of everyone else.

    They should also sell high on Lowry while they can as he probably has higher value than most of the players on the Raptors. Really like him, but there is probably very little chance, if any, that he resigns here in this situation. If the Raptors are going to blow it up, they need to get whatever they can for what they have.

    • +1
      Maybe you can convince lowry to sign a cheap extension?????
      But other than obviously JV, Ross and Maybe Davis/DD clean house.
      Sell the team to Rogers already


    • I agree fire the GM now, and bring in a real basketball team. The current team is not worth keeping around.


      Jeez, man, let your words speak for themselves.


  3. The podcast is the strongest part of the current RaptorBlog content output and it always delivers so I don’t want to sound like I’m nitpicking but man, is it frustrating listening to something like this coming off a stretch where they’ve lost 11 of 12 or what?

    This isn’t the time to discuss how great Colangelo’s been at drafting guys with limited ceilings or playing the “…but his value is low” card to keep Bargnani for another year when a divorce is needed or saying that no move of Colangelo stands out as unanimously negative when we have 6 years of saddling the team with bloated contracts for role players (Calderon, Johnson, Fields, Kleiza, etc.) which hurts even more when you consider that MLSE is not willing to spend into tax territory.

    • Yep. I don’t think people understand just how much damage those contract have done. This year, we are paying about $27 M for bench players. We could potentially have offered 2 player max contracts for that.

      Overthe lifetime of those contracts, MLSE will have spent $36 M (calderon), $30 (Amir), $17 M (Kleiza) , and $18 M (Fields). That’s $100 M in salary for bench players.

      F*ck I just depressed myself. And I didn’t even include the gems we traded away, like Hedo and Kapono.

    • Agreed. I was surprised when I heard them agree that BC hasn’t been that bad. Yes, sure, he didn’t really draft busts, but he just drafted a few average guys. None of them surprised when compared to the spots they were picked at. None of them have (yet) turned out to be steals by any standard. So it isn’t like his draft history is all that amazing.

      What I think proves he is really not that great is all those signings and trades he made. Sure, he always tries to fix them, but by underselling as usual and killing more time when we should be rebuilding. Sign Kapono to a huge deal? Throw him away for nothing. Sign Hedo? Again, throw him away for nothing. Trade a first round pick for an old, aging center? Throw him away for nothing. Not that I think those guys could have been traded for more, but what I’m saying is that it’s easy to get rid of mistakes when you agree to get fleeced. Whats more, those mistakes were so short-sighted and bad that even the average fan couldn’t understand them, and they have contributed to the position we are in today.

  4. TANK this year TANK next year, draft WIGGINS, and the least we will is Cleveland with Lebron.

  5. Here’s the trade that needs to happen.
    Toronto – Gallinari, Mo Williams, Derek Favors
    Denver – Bargs, Earl Watson
    Utah – Calderon, Ed Davis

    BOOM, you’ve been Ninja’d
    - AA

  6. Well, after the considerable amount of hope that last offseason’s acquisitions engendered within its fans, it’s about that time of year again when the Raptors are forced to think about selling the farm. This shouldn’t really be all that shocking seeing as the franchise has been in a perpetual rebuilding state since its conception. I do agree that Bargnani should be traded. He is an absolutely abysmal defender, and cannot rebound to save his life. Sure, he can score but at what cost? The problem is – and this pertains to the entire raptor’s roster- that it is more than likely that teams are just not interested in the talent available in Toronto. Furthermore if they are, they most likely will be able to leverage a tremendously biased deal that is skewed in their favour. After all, it is no secret that the franchise is in desperate need of talent as well as personnel that will engender a winning culture within the organization. Compound this with the fact that Colangelo is treading on thin ice and needs to make some sort of change in order to save his job, and you get the the horrendous bargaining state that the franchise is in. Therefore it might not be the smartest thing to trade away all of Toronto’s assets because the return will simply not be there. However, a change does need to be made and I believe that it must start in the franchise’s head office. There is no excuse for the current state that the franchise is in, and Colangelo should be fired.

    • there was no “considerable amount of hope” among the intelligent basketball fan in toronto. the fields deal was a disaster the second the ink hit the page. lowry was never much more than a barely-in-control chucker in houston.

      this team has been basically terrible for the better part of 6 years. every major decision made by colangelo has been misinformed and deleterious.

      there is no thinking person that could possibly defend the commitment to bargnani by the organization. the toronto media have also completely revealed themselves to be amateurish and ill-informed, with negligable insight into the team’s performance. i recal eric smith advocating not only to extend jay triano, but he’s been a longtime colangelo supporter as well. sad really.

  7. I’m just wondering what a post-Colangelo Raptors franchise looks like…who’s the preferred replacement and what’s the vision going forward? Is it another complete tear-down and rebuild in which the Raptors remain irrelevant for another 3-5 years or is there really a core here that can be built upon going forward?

    One thing’s for sure, the culture of this team has stunk to high hell ever since Bosh left. It’s clear the players are thinking the same thing as the fans – “This team sucks.”

    I just really don’t know anymore — like Carefoot alluded to in his farewell post, the dysfunction of this franchise has been so mentally taxing for so long now I’m beginning to question my sanity in supporting this team.

  8. I knew B.C. was a shit GM when he brought in guys like Hedo and Jermaine to help Bosh; I wouldn’t want to stay either. The draft picks aren’t the most frustrating thing about B.C., although it is a close second. His trades have left this team crippled for at least the next few years.

  9. I’m going to need you guys to go ahead and be the fourth worst team in the league instead of the second worst team in the league, so that a certain team can get a certain unprotected 4th pick next year. Last time we had a fourth pick we drafted a certain bearded guard.

    Oh and Joseph… no OKC fans are still not jaded and we will never boo our own team, shame on you!

  10. We’re shitting the bed in the wrong season. We want Wiggins in 2014. Although we may get the sweetest flat top in the draft with Nerlens Noel.

    Read more here:


  11. I have to disagree. If we keep firing and keep changing our identity we really end up no where. I don’t think firing Colangelo will solve anything. What we need him to do is admit he was wrong for drafting Bargs by trading him sooner than later and get some core guys that can work around Lawry and Val. I do believe that DeMar is finally understanding how he is useful(by driving in the lane). Keeping Colangelo for long term will help people identify with us.

    • Keeping Colangelo long term will help people identify us? Not sure I follow you.

      If the aim of the Raptors is to be the NBA equivalent of the Edmund Fitzgerald, then by all means, keep Colangelo until the day he is old, incontinent and senile. Maybe then he’d make better decisions.

      Problem with Colangelo is that he keeps changing the identity of the team. Has he had a singular vision that looks anything remotely like a viable long term plan? Seems he changes his template every few years. I admit at the beginning he made some decent moves, but since then, the well has for the most part run dry.

      • Though I agree with you on Colangelo being a bad GM, Jay may have a point there. I’m not raptors fan and the only reason I pay attention to your team is because my home town OKC has your protected draft pick. Still Jay is right when he says Kyle Lowry and Val are worth building around. Also DeMar can be a great piece. Lowry has been under appreciated his whole career and can put up all star stats and Val could be great if he is given enough time (he should be a starter. Look at OKC, we started Westbrook his rookie year and we did horrible, but we developed our future starters at the expense of our record and subsequently tanked, allowing us to get more talented lottery picks a.k.a Hardin).

        The problem is Colangelo probably won’t admit he is wrong, which is symptomatic of him being a bad GM, as well as Barg doesn’t have a lot of trade value because who wants a big who can’t use their body to get some damn rebounds. Maybe the Bulls could use him while D rose is out. They have plenty of rebounding and a lack of scorers while D rose is out. Too bad he is going to be back soon =/.

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