Oliver and I aren’t the only hardcore Raptors fans here at theScore, and we often end up in lively conversations with coworkers about how to go about fixing the current state of the team. Well someone here decided to have a little bit of fun at the Raptors’ expense.

Check out Toronto’s latest acquisition (Sometimes, you just need to laugh):

I think we’ve finally solidified the small forward spot.

H/T to Chris Lund, who was also behind this random uniform proposal

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  1. He has the quicks we’ve all been waiting for. Our saviour. Some lock ‘jaw’ down defence is coming our way.

  2. Has four legs… Still plays better D than Bargnani

  3. But come on…
    Three freeken first round picks !!

    Bad boy Brian, smack you in the nose with a newspaper

  4. As long as he doesnt throw his rawhide bone at the refs.

  5. Who gave him Ed Davis’ jersey? Ed’s maybe been their second-best player this season!

  6. Noooooo ! Kiss Tank Nation Goodbye

  7. This team is a joke – I’ve been a Raps fan a long time, but I can’t support this franchise in it’s current state. No progress, no potential (which some will argue, but if it’s not a lack of talent/skill/effort, what is it??) The coaching is weak, management even weaker – this team is viewed as more and more of a stepping stone for top tier, mid tier and bottom tier teams. Nobody worries about the Raps, nor should they. I’m done with this team until I see a competitve product – tired of all the talk with no results

  8. Does this mean that Darwin the Ikea Monkey will be sent to the D-League?

  9. New addition could confuse refs who would penalize walking twice as fast, double drooling…

  10. “Bargnani for three… No.” hahah heard that one way too much this year. Thanks for the chuckle

  11. Does Jack from MVP get signed to help the Leafs?

  12. Shouldn’t it say BARKgnani for three?

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