The latest round of Raptors news comes to us via Andrea Bargnani’s interview with Italian sports media outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport, where Bargnani reveals that his elbow injury will keep him out of the lineup at least three weeks.

Sportando translated the interview (very loosely) here, but here are the main talking points from Bargnani’s responses…

After talking about how everything has gone wrong so far this season and stating that “we are the worst team in the NBA right now,” Bargnani goes on to call the season a “tragedy.” Given that Dwane Casey didn’t like Bargnani using the word “depressed” to describe his emotions on Thursday, I’m guessing he won’t like the fact that Andrea referred to the season as a whole as a tragedy.

On the constant criticism that his usually effortless and inconsistent play draws? “This is not the first time I am being criticized. But it doesn’t affect me.” Bargnani goes on to talk about how he hears the trade rumours surrounding his name and that he is “ready for anything.”

The kicker for me, though, is the end of the interview. Bargnani says that he is improving every year and follows that up with “se io gioco bene o male sono fatti miei, ma se i Toronto Raptors perdono ogni anno è un problema per più persone.” In english, “If I play good or bad, it’s my problem. But if the Toronto Raptors lose every year it’s more people’s problem.”

Hey, Andrea. If you think you’ve improved this season, you’re certifiably delsuional. You’re actually playing the worst basketball since your sophomore season, and looking at some of the advanced metrics, you might actually be playing the worst ball of your career for the second-worst team in the NBA, though I don’t fault you for assuming they’re actually the worst.

And I actually agree with Bargnani’s closing remarks. If the team loses every year, it’s clearly on more people than just Andrea. But having said that, Bargnani’s lifeless attitude on the court and the fact that he’s been trumpeted as a No. 1 option for the last couple of years are BIG reasons why this franchise continues to lose. Perhaps even the biggest reasons.

I’ve said it hundreds of times, and I’ll say it again. The most frustrating and infuriating thing about Andrea Bargnani isn’t that he can’t get it done, it’s that he won’t. He’s been blessed with the talent to enjoy a career of 20-25 points and 6-8 rebounds in his prime if he really wanted to, and I don’t throw those numbers out there lightly.

Unfortunately, when and for how long he chooses to display that talent from time to time and game to game is totally up to him, and until either Bargnani suddenly wakes up after seven years (won’t happen) or the Raptors rid themselves of his poisonous presence, the team will likely remain the “tragedy” Bargnani alluded to.

Only it’s a comedic tragedy to the rest of the NBA.

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  1. Unfortunately, the bigger tragedy is that he’s still wearing a Raptor uniform. The fans of this team deserve way, way better.

  2. Addition by subtraction – Get rid of this piece of sh*t.

    He is an absolute joke and a disgrace to all white basketball players. To think he believes he is getting better actually makes me fairly angry. Perhaps he thinks he is getting better at being a p*ssy.

    Dude needs to grow a set and start being a man. His freaking labia flaps in the wind for 30 minutes a game. 7 footer standing on the three point line like a freaking 2 guard with his thumb up his ass pretending he is some “superstar”.

    How many freaking all-star teams this clown make? Fire BC for even thinking this guy is worth a first pick.

    Craptors are laughable and will be gone in 5 years – This is coming form a loyal and hardcore Canadian bball fan that is just sick of this disgrace of a team.

    • What chu’ mean he hasn’t improved??

      His rebounding has gotten….nevermind.
      But his shooting percentages have gone….crap.
      Hey at least his defence has gotten….ah f*ck.

      I got nothin’

    • Glad he won’t be able to play for the next month or two. Just trade him for a bag of peanuts, roasted and lightly salted.

  3. well he is right though we are the worst team in the league right now, i honestly dont even think we could beat Washington on the road, im just glad hes out for 3 weeks cause now it gives ed davis a chance to run his ass out of toronto,

  4. Fool BC once , shame on Bargs
    Fool BC twice , shame on BC
    Fool BC three times , well it’s still on BC
    Fool BC four times, why the hell is Bargs trying to fool BC four times
    Fool BC five times , BC
    And so on and so on

  5. The end is near, friends.

  6. Get this f*cking guy off this team immediately.

  7. As much as I cant stand what he is saying , lets face it he is right to some extent. But I think the Raps are a decent team who have not been healthy since the start of the season and have to deal with guys who dont want to play like Bargnani. In my opinion this guy checked out long ago and is just trying to get traded now by saying things like this. Anyways who gives a shit about him , he was a waste of a draft choice if you ask me .

    • I wonder if this is a PR move by Bargnani to get himself out of T.O.. I hope it works, when your suppose to be the superstar of “the worst team in the league” what does that say about you? I hope they get something for him,but at this point I’m happy watching Davis, Amir and JV rotate-stay injured primo-dona.

      • This is totally a PR move by him to get out of T.O. , Vince Carter did the same thing when he started his BS injuries and claimed that dunking was overrated. Its like when they cant win they have to piss and moan rather than try and improve. I say get rid of him and try to change the culture of this team.

  8. I’m putting this joker in the same sentence as hoffa

  9. After reading some of the Bargnani quotes, it makes it even more laughable that BC has arguably been trying to build a team around the guy since he was drafted. I suppose the drafting of Valenciunas was a concession by BC that the Bargnani-as-Dirkv2.0-centre project had its flaws, but it wasn’t enough to completely concede that the continuation of Bargnani’s career is best observed elsewhere. Why has BC been so afraid to trade him? It’s not like he is going to burn the Raps by turning into the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain.

    I just want the pain stop.

  10. What this team needs to do is draft more over-rated white European players.

  11. Tell me about it B.C loves the Fucked up European players which I can’t stand. And plz no one bring up the mavs and spurs European players

  12. Ha, i guess his trade value wasn’t low enough, he had to go out and show how little he cares and what a horrible teammate he is. Your team may be terrible, but you’re supposed to be the best player and you act like that? The guy is a joke. They better find some team willing to take him for some fresh towels or a water bottle so they at least get something for him cause he’s not worth much more.

  13. I think this guy belongs on the Lakers, with the rest of the players who want to quit on their team when the going gets tough.

  14. Man this guy su*ks big time. Last night ED killed it with his post game like a true power forward would be doing not just play like a 7’0 shooting guard f**k, even i can play better then this guy. It’s stupid (andrea) how last year a reporter said something about making the playoffs next year and andrea said “that’s funny, yea i want to make the playoffs next year” well u know what what you said is wrong. BC you gatta do something or like Mr Mcman says (WWE) YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!

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