DeMar DeRozan has been the best dunker on the team since the day Raptors drafted him in 2009, but that title is no longer secure with the addition of rookie Terrence Ross.

In Sunday’s game against the Rockets, DeRozan made a statement…

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  1. Who cares? Jose Calderon just killed Chuck Norris and stole his soul.

  2. This article was written by someone who has never jammed on a life size goal in their lives. The words dunk and champ should not precede that heinous highlight video

  3. On another note, streak at W2 and Calderon getting the attention of every exec in the League. As long as BC doesn’t keep Primo and doesn’t sell Eddie for a couple extra wins this season, I’d be willing to keep him around a while longer to build on this youth movement he’s started.

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