With Andrea Bargnani out of the lineup due to a torn elbow ligament, the talk among Raptors fans has moved from potential trade scenarios involving the seven-foot Italian to praise for the team’s defensive effort without their “star” player. But while fans may not necessarily be proposing specific trades anymore, the opinion that he needs to be traded – anywhere, for anything – is only gaining support.

And for those fans, David Aldridge provided an encouraging update earlier today on NBA.com

Aldridge writes that the Raptors might not be ready to pull the trigger on a trade for Pau Gasol involving Bargnani and Jose Calderon just yet, but adds that in regard to Bargnani, “league sources are convinced the Raptors will eventually move him somewhere,” while also quoting a General Manager who says “Bryan is going to move him, no doubt.”

This unnamed GM might just see what all of us see – that Bargs clearly needs to go – without Colangelo actually seeing things the same way, but even the most anti-Colangelo fan has to feel that this is finally the year he moves “the enigma of all enigmas.”

I maintain that until they prove otherwise, the Raptors don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt with regards to their favourable schedule over the next little while, but having said that, if they can continue to get back to establishing their defensive identity, there is reason to believe they can at least put together a few runs here and there.

And if the Raps can even get to 35 wins (I’m not convinced that’s possible yet, but just play along here) on the shoulders of an improving young core and Colangelo is able to move Bargnani in the process, I’d be very interested in seeing how fans react to B.C.

Would they suddenly be okay with Bryan sticking around again, or at least with MLSE simply picking up his option for next season?

Or has that ship sailed? Are fans done with Colangelo no matter what, even without Bargnani attached at the hip?


On a sidenote, Aldridge also floats the idea that if and when Calderon is traded, it might just be for a draft pick and a large trade exception. I know the Raptors haven’t done much with sizable exceptions in recent years, but I’d actually be pretty happy with a Calderon trade that nets Toronto a first round pick and TPE.

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  1. I don’t think Colangelo deserves more time with this team. I think it’s time to move on and let someone else take over.

    And, I agree with you. If the Raptors can get a first round pick for Calderon, I’d take it.

  2. Ahhhh fuck off . They win two games in a row and now Your all horny for Calangelo too get another chance too make things better? No chance . He gone. This is like the friend who fucks all his buddies gfs and still , somehow, is best man at all the weddings .

    • No, I’m not all of a sudden ready for him to get another chance. I’m asking whether there are still fans out there who would be willing to give him that chance if he moves Bargnani.

      • Absolutely no way, he is out of rope.

        It’s embarrassing that we’ve slid this far in the first place.

        • I get what you mean J.C., Toronto fans aren’t the brightest anyways; keeping G.M.’s that should have been fired long ago *cough*, Burke.

          • Right. It’s the fans fault, not the dumbass ownership groups who hire them in the first place.

    • No way. He has been around for 7 years, and except for the year 1 and 2 his record is miserable. Now he is saying that the expectations from fans were “unreasonably high” after the first couple of years.

      BC keeps lowering the bar year after year, and seem to be getting away with it. Whoever comes in as a replacement cannot do any worse IMO.

      • He inherited the team in year 1 and 2 anyways. Look at what he did in phoenix, he turned a bad team into a first round drop out, why did we think he was good in the first place?

    • He posed a question. He didn’t state he was backing anything. He’s asking for opinions. Relax

  3. I suppose a first round pick for Jose would be nice, no matter how low it is (odds are it’ll be a really late one since the only teams that will trade for Jose I would think would be contenders). However I just don’t see what’s the point. Yes, we have no draft pick next year (odds are), but when was the last time BC drafted anyone worth while outside of the lottery? I’d rather have Calderon stick around and help us win more games so that the pick we lost to OKC isn’t too high.

    As for the BC question, I don’t think it’s enough to save his job in my opinion. Here’s already a couple of years too late. Yes, those magical 13 games last year might have provided some hope, but the fact that he’s been cuddled all this team is what can’t be forgotten. I honestly believe the reason Bargs has never been benched is because of BC and that has cost us games and instilling that so-called “culture”.

    Now if BC can trade Bargnani for someone worthwhile, then perhaps. Gasol I don’t think fits the bill since he’s just a filler for 2 years or so and will just take away minutes from Davis and/or JV.

  4. Even if Colangelo does move Bargnani, its at least a year too late. Sure people might reference the players that have been drafted under his term to defend Colangelo, but I chalk that up more to the scouting department rather than as a sign of Colangelo’s apparent genius.

    Don’t know, but being the architect of 5 consecutive losing seasons – I’m including this one – should never be ground for a contract extension. Then again, MLSE has a fine tradition of losing, you can call them connoisseurs even, so that may all be entirely moot.

  5. Oh, go away. And not for the reason those other squeaky wheels want you to. For all the obvious reasons. You and your ilk will be just as fed up with the next GM and next player. It’s what Raptor “fans” do. Get over yourselves.

  6. I agree colangelo and his offensive euro drafting philosophy needs to be gone. It was never championship successful to begin with we were the only gullible city that were willing to give his ridiculous ideas a chance. And please don’t trade bargain for someone like gasoline past his prime or another euro. How dumb does he think Toronto fans are. Oh wait looking at all Toronto teams I’d say they are pretty dum. Just be the worst team so we can atleasr get a crappy draft pick in what do you know one of the crappies drafts since the bargniani draft. I have lost all hope

  7. I’ve lost complete faith in Colangelo. If he trades Bargnani, it’s too little too late. He should have done it years ago. His sticking with Bargnani is just a symptom of his And his “accelerated rebuild” has now backfired, so I’m not forgetting all his failures.

    You don’t rehire the architect whose built a collapsing building because he finally figured out one of the things that was wrong. You fire him and hire one that would have known better in the first place.

    And to win 35 games, the Raptors would have to play .500 ball for the rest of the season. I liked what I’ve seen the last two games, but I don’t think that’s a realistic prediction. I think 30 wins would be an effort.

  8. All in favor of me managing this team from my basement? I could at least have this team successfully tank so they can get a draft pick.

    • I am all for it man. And you can do it in a fraction of the price of what BC gets paid (4 mil/year).

    • Sure, why not. Would the first piece of the puzzle be to bring back Mengke Bateer? If this is the first move to insure the complete opposite of greatness, then maybe you deserve an extension already.

  9. Calderon and Bargnani to dallas for O.J. Mayo and Vince Carter ???

  10. FIre BC, pronto!!

  11. Ship his ass out!

  12. I think Colangelo should stay. Coach Casey should also stay. Bargnani should be traded for a prospect pg, and a veteran presence. Raptors lack veteran leadership. Raps don’t really need equal value in this trade, they just need to improve the team.

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