On the heels of the team’s first winning streak (does two in a row count?), Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss Jose “Triple-Double Machine” Calderon, Alan Anderson, Ed Davis, the improved defence, Dwane Casey’s more sensible rotations, and whether the Raptors actually have a shot to get back into any sort of meaningful race.

All that, plus much, much more.

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If you feel like Jim Mora after listening to this, I don’t blame you.

Given that the next two Mondays happen to be Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we probably won’t be back for another podcast until 2013 (assuming the Mayans were wrong), so until then, you’ll have to settle for our hopefully equally entertaining written content.

Comments (18)

  1. if they think they can get back into they would have to keep bargnani

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      And it’s not even April Fool’s!

      Seriously though, that was a good one.

  2. …on the bench for the rest of the season

  3. That synchronized sigh after mentioning the Fields deal was pretty great.

  4. The Raptors should trade anyone that they can get first or second round picks for at this year’s deadline. Calderon, Davis, Anderson, DeRozan, Johnson, etc.

    The only players I wouldn’t trade right now are JV and Ross, because we have no idea what their ceiling is. I wouldn’t want to trade Davis, but if the return is good, it has to be considered.

    If this team is ever going to play any meaningful playoff games, it won’t be with this group.

    • I understand what you mean. I don’t think just dumping everyone on the team makes sense. Second round picks have a low chance of becoming superstars. What you want is lottery picks and the only way we will be able to get that is by trading Calderon packaged with someone else. Perhaps you can snag a pick from the lakers if you take back Gasol. In any case dumping Derozan or Davis makes no sense. They are both playing well and both seem to want to be here. I think you can get a return from Alan Anderson but we need to get this current “core” minus Bargs into the playoffs for experience. It will help make these kids hungry. Then you trade some of the people that you have to get more of a WIN NOW team. I mean if you think about it this way we won’t be winning an NBA Championship for the next 3-5 years given Miami’s, Laker’s and OKC’s talent level. Even if we dump everything we have and some how get the 2014 number 1 over all pick and draft Andrew Wiggins its still a team game and even if the kid is good no rookie even Michael or Magic is good enough to single handedly win a Championship. What will we have to give up to get that? If we end up having to trade Derozan, Davis, and lets say Ross just to get this kid does any one really think that he or who ever else is the next “ONE” can contribute enough to make up for those three young prospects?

      • It’s not that I think second round picks will become stars, they probably won’t. But if you can get even that for expiring contracts like Anderson then why not do it. (Lakers don’t have picks to give – they went to Phoenix).

        Yes, you need lottery picks but I think people over value what these Toronto players are actually worth. Only JV, Ross, Ed, and maybe Lowry will bring back a lottery pick. Everyone else, you’d be lucky to get a late first rounder for. I really don’t think DeMar has improved as much as people think, I would still trade him for any first round pick.

        I don’t understand this whole argument that “we need to make the playoffs” for experience. I want the team to make the playoffs like everyone else. But no, we NEED to draft franchise talent more than anything, and you won’t get that with mid-first round picks.

        I’ve said before. If Wiggins is as good as he’s made out to be… I think you can win if you have a starting lineup of Lowry-Fields-Wiggins-Davis-JV and Ross as a 6th man.

        • hahahah your an idiot trade our best player for any first round pick and you think the player we pick say 20th will be better than demar the kid is having the best statistical season of his career hes rebounding better hes defending better at his position….and the chance of us landing wiggons is slim to none

          • steve o, if you’re going to come in and start calling people idiots, at least have a clue what you’re talking about.

            1. “trade our best player for any first round pick and you think the player we pick say 20th will be better than demar”

            Yes, I do actually. Much better than Demar.

            2. “the kid is having the best statistical season of his career”

            So what? His “best” statistical year (if you think it is) is still not that great and certainly not worth $40M.

            3. “hes rebounding better”

            No, he’s actually averaging more rebounds because he’s playing more MPG.

            4. “the chance of us landing wiggons is slim to none”

            Yes, and the chance of us winning without a player like Wiggins is none. So, you need to take risks on drafting players like him.

      • Your question: “If we end up having to trade Derozan, Davis, and lets say Ross just to get this kid does any one really think that he or who ever else is the next “ONE” can contribute enough to make up for those three young prospects?”

        Yes, and I wouldn’t even have to think twice to trade those three for Wiggins. That’s really a no-brainer.

        • I feel that every player on this team has been handed a ridiculous contract; i don’t know if it’s to balance out the taxes but every player on the Raps I feel has been over-paid. If you can think of anyone who has earned their contracts tell me, I’d like to have reason to believe B.C. isn’t incompetent as he seems.

    • trade there whole team for 1st and 2nd rnd picks??…i dont know what your thinking but were not in a postion to tank and even if we do there is still a very good chance we dont land with our 3 protected picks, derozen has been by far our most consistant and best player on the team to trade him for a mediocre first rounder this team would be going back words i understand anderson maybe calderon defs bargnani but not our good young pieces

      • Let me introduce you to the world of advanced stats, where there is actual proof that DeMar is neither the best, nor most consistent player on the team instead of just an opinion.

        • ok so tell me whos been our most consistent raptor all season cause it sure as hell isint lowry defs not bargnani defs not jv defs not fields, kleiza, pietrus, calderon, night in night out derozen gives it his all not to mention if the refs gave this kid any respect in terms of foul calls he would be averaging around 20 pts a game

  5. Oliver had a near meltdown when I mentioned Ed Davis was better than Enes Kanter.


  6. The Raptors should target Kevin Love in a trade, which means one of Toronto’s Centres would be going the other way. Kevin Love is young, and has average 10 rebounds a game in his career. Exactly what they need.

  7. I’m sad to say I’m a fan of this team, it is the least cheerable team in the league; trying to give the fans something to cheer about while they forget about the protected draft pick we are going to lose, since the team of course is going to make a playoff push and at best finish 10th in the league. I’m glad they didn’t let these teams walk all over them but come on, what is the point in winning now? I just don’t understand the motivation as a franchise; of course the team is playing for their jobs, but B.C. should just tell them to tank. Also people who thought J.V. would be a candidate for ROY this year need to stop expecting anything from the Raps.

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