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In a New York Times article posted Thursday¬†about Amare Stoudemire’s eventual return to the Knicks lineup, Howard Beck dropped an intriguing revelation for Raptors fans. Citing “a person briefed on the discussion,” Beck reports that “In February, the Knicks wanted to send Stoudemire to Toronto in a deal for Andrea Bargnani.”

He goes on to write that the offer never made it to the Raptors because Knicks chairman James Dolan shot it down, but that according to team officials, Toronto “would not have made the deal anyway.”

Looking back on things, it makes sense that the Knicks were considering making this proposal. New York was hovering around .500 and generally under-performing at the time, Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony didn’t look good as a tandem when they were on the floor together, Amare’s max contract was starting to look like the disaster most pundits thought it would be, and Bargnani was enjoying the best season of his career, albeit in just 13 games.

What’s curious is that Andrea didn’t actually play any games in February this year, as after re-injuring his left calf in Utah on January 25, he didn’t suit up again until March 10. But again, considering how bad Stoudemire’s contract was looking and how much the Knicks were struggling to live up to expectations, it’s not hard to imagine the Knicks wanting a 26-year-old (at the time) Bargnani who was averaging 23.5 points on 47.6 per cent shooting to go along with 6.4 rebounds, especially when he saved some of his best performances over the years (including a career-high 41 points) for New York.

Furthermore, remember that in February, Mike D’Antoni was still manning the sidelines at MSG, and based on the plethora of Bargnani to the Lakers rumours we’ve discussed over the last month or so, we know all about how well Andrea would theoretically fit into a D’Antoni offence.

From the Raptors’ perspective, it’s also totally understandable why Bryan Colangelo and co. would not have considered this deal. As ludicrous as it now seems in hindsight after another uninspiring stretch of poor Bargnani play to start this season, at the reported time of this would-be proposal, plenty of people thought Bargnani might have finally “figured it out” under Dwane Casey’s tutelage, so you know B.C. wasn’t about to give him away for an older player on bad knees and a horrible contract just when Andrea was looking capable of repaying six years worth of faith.

Even without that positive and misleading 13-game run and even as bad as Bargnani has been to start 2012-13, I still wouldn’t trade him for Amare. I want the Raptors to rid themselves of Bargs as much as anyone, but Stoudemire has nearly $20 million on the books for this season and is scheduled to make roughly $45 million over the two years after this season. In other words, he might own the NBA’s lone truly untradeable contract.

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  1. Trade his ass for Gasol. Works for everyone not named Pau.

  2. The Gasol deal would make sense only if Colangelo turns around and trades Gasol, and his expiring contract, this summer to a team wanting to unload some good players on long term contracts because they want to start a rebuild. Hopefully one of those players is a good small forward. Bargnani has 2.5 years left and is a poison to this team. Gasol has 1.5 years left and would be a good mentor to JVal for the rest of this season unless Colangelo can flip him even sooner. What do you guys think? Joseph? Oliver?

  3. They should have an anti-allstar team at all-star weekend. It consists of players that are supposed to be good but end up being addition by subtraction to their teams when out injured. Barny at the 5, Amare at the 4…. any other suggestions?

  4. Even with Andrea’s crap play yet again, trading for Amare when the amnesty option was and is on the table is a complete waste. Amare’s contract is huge, his injury problems make his contract uninsurable, and he is no longer the player he was even just 2 years ago. He is the worst contract in the NBA right.

  5. Ugh, I would HATE this deal. Glad it was nothing but a rumor. I don’t get the Gasol trade at ALL either. I have no idea why Toronto would want to bring in an aging big man into an already crowded front court. Live and die with Davis and Valanciunas as your front court this year.

    • It’s the easiest way for Colangelo to get rid of Bargnani and Calderon in one trade and also have a good shot saving his job with an extension.

      I fine with getting Gasol, as long as it means trading him in the offseason.

  6. This would actally make more sense than getting Gasol to Toronto. Keeping Jose and getting rid of Bargs actually makes the Raps better and they have a chance to develop JV and Ed at the PF position. Hope the offer is revisited again and Amare comes to TDot.

    • No it doesn’t. At least with Gasol, his deal expires next season which makes him a lot more tradable if the Raptors decide blow it up for Wiggins. Amare (barring injuries) would probably be starting at PF, and not Ed. So, it would also stall Ed’s development.

      Amare- $20 M

      Andrea- $10 M

      With the Knicks already well over the cap, it would take much more than just Andrea to get a deal done for Stat anyways.

  7. id much rather get Gasol just for the championship experience. IF not him than go for young blood or try getting an early draft pick.

  8. ship his ass out!

  9. It’s simple. Make Bargs come off the bench and earn his minutes. if he doesn’t play well, don’t play him. Don’t make the mistake of trading him away in the midst of this tempest, probably for not enough or too expensive a return (or old, bad knees like Gasol or Amare).

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