You know how there are certain things that you can get away with or pull off as a kid that you would never be able to do as an adult trying to convey the presence of respectability? Perfect example, when I was playing rep baseball for the Agincourt A’s as an 11-year-old Scarborough boy, one of my teammates got our logo (it’s basically the Oakland A’s logo) designed into his haircut for this big tournament we had in Niagara Falls, and suffice to say, we all thought it was pretty bad-ass. Again, because we were 11.

Well it turns out that the same rules apparently apply to professional athletes, because Amir Johnson tweeted out this instagram photo of his new haircut late on Thursday night, and as you can see, it’s not exactly the type of style you or I – or any average adult for that matter – can usually get away with.

Look, I won’t even pretend to hide my bias here. If it was any other player on any other team, I’d probably say it was ridiculous, but given that it’s Amir, and the fact that he’s repping Toronto, I’m going to say it’s awesome.

As I’ve said before, Johnson can sometimes frustrate with his lack of consistency and focus on the court (which is most evident in his propensity to pick up needless fouls), but at the same time, his admirable hustle and ability to play through pain – not to mention his down to earth nature and love for the city of Toronto – make him a Raptors fan favourite, and that likely won’t change anytime soon.

Plus, his actual on-court productivity is nothing to scoff at. His basic stats of 7.3 points and 5.7 rebounds in just over 21 minutes per night don’t jump out at you, but those who look beyond the boxscore know the value Amir brings to this team. His Player Efficiency Rating of 17.56 is comfortably above the league average of about 14.25 for a big man (Hoopdata says 14.26 is average for a PF and 14.24 for a C), he’s a top-15 offensive rebounder among all players that play at least 20 minutes per game, his true shooting percentage of .579 places him in the top-25 among all NBA big men, he’s 11th in the NBA in offensive rating according to Basketball Reference, and he’s been the Raptors’ best defensive big so far this season.

It’s really no wonder why Amir has become a staple for Dwane Casey at the end of games recently.

The only thing left to figure out is whether he’ll be sporting the new look for tonight’s Eastern Conference Final preview against the Magic…oops, I was looking at the standings sorted by streak instead of winning percentage.