Raptors fans spend a decent chunk of time complaining about officiating, and for this season at least, they have reason to. But if we’re going to point out poor officiating, especially in losses, then we have to point out equally poor officiating when it helps Toronto in a Raptors win.

The Raps stomped Portland on Wednesday night, so this play didn’t change the complexion of the game in any way, but it’s still an atrocious blown call…

As anyone with even a basic understanding of basketball can clearly see, Amir Johnson should have been called for double-dribble, and maybe even for a walk. It wasn’t called though, and Amir ended up with a basket on the play, which he found pretty amusing (Terry Stotts, not so much).

So much for the refs having it in for him after the infamous mouthguard toss.

When it’s all going your way, it’s all going your way, and that’s a new feeling for Raptors fans.

GIF courtesy of @blazersedge