On the first 2013 episode of RaptorBlog Radio, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss what went right for the Raptors in their recent run, what’s gone wrong in the last two games, what lineup changes need to be made, whether the Raptors have realistically gotten themselves back into playoff contention, and as always, we wrap up by looking at the week ahead.

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  1. When you talk about trading for Gay what assets do you think the rapts would have to give up?

    • Gray + Bargs for Gay

    • Well it’s been mentioned a few times before. If the raptors are to make a reasonable attempt (atleast on paper) to obtain one of the current borderline all stars like Gay or Gasol the other team would require either draft picks or young budding talent. In our case our draft pick was traded away to acquire Lowry. I think most people are ok with that trade but it means that Toronto has limited the assets that will be coveted by other teams. Focusing on the Gay trade Toronto will most likely have to package young talent to sweeten the pot for Memphis. The young talent would most likely be in the form of Ross or Davis. Now with that being said I think that you may have mixed feelings. Davis Packaged with Bargs for Gay +Scrub may be worth it but it would weaken our already weak front court position. If you give up Ross the advantage may be the fact that Gay would most likely take minutes away from Ross but you have a disadvantage of giving away a potential star (I personally think that Ross is a very exciting good player). At this point in time Ross is the more expendable option but I don’t think its worth giving him up. This is potentially the only way we can get rid of Bargs and other bad contracts such as Pietrus before the season. One other point to make….. We can also amnesty one player in the off season although I see this amnesty being used on a player such as Kleiza and just letting Pietrus go at the end of the season which will in itself effectively clear out the wing position log jam.

      …. I don’t really know if there is a right trade for Bargs this season that wouldn’t potentially hinder our development towards building this team into the eventual play off contender we want the raptors to be…..

      Sorry for the long winded response….

      By the way nice job on the radio I missed it over the few weeks it was gone.

      • I always find your comments to be insightful, but the first and most important move in my opinion is replacing BC and his scouts/ advisors; the man gives out ridiculous contracts!

  2. I hear Brian was fired today, time to get rid of the other Bryan MLSE!

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