With Rudy Gay trade rumours swirling, the Raptors have come up once again as a possible destination for the Grizzlies’ small forward.

On Wednesday, Marc Stein of ESPN wrote that according to sources, the Raptors “remain seriously ‘interested’ in the Grizzlies’ leading scorer and are trying to assemble trade packages to bring the 26-year-old to Toronto after preliminary talks with Memphis.” Stein’s report also references the fact that the Raptors tried to land Gay before the 2012 Draft for a package believed to be Calderon and the No. 8 pick.

Jose Calderon’s expiring contract, Ed Davis and “draft considerations” are all mentioned as trade bait that the Raps are believed to be dangling this time around.

If you read my post earlier this week, then you’ll know that I no longer believe trading for Gay is that exciting of a possibility. The 26-year-old hasn’t played near the level his contract demands this season and can often be seen with slumped shoulders and generally poor body language on the court. As I mentioned in that post, though, perhaps a change of scenery and the prospects of being a No. 1 option again would reinvigorate the borderline All Star. In addition, I assumed that Davis and Terrence Ross would both have to be included in a deal for Gay, where as Stein’s report might suggest otherwise.

If a deal for Gay involving Davis does go down, though, then I hope you’d all be prepared to stick with Andrea Bargnani for the long haul, because without Davis around, the Raptors’ rotation of bigs would likely see Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas starting with Amir Johnson coming off of the bench.

Another interesting question to ask is what the potential draft considerations would be. The Thunder get Toronto’s pick this year if it falls between No. 4 and No. 14, so if this reported Grizzlies deal is really on the table, would Memphis get the Raptors’ pick if it falls between 15 and 30? Would the Grizzlies get a protected first round pick in the first season after the Thunder get Toronto’s pick? Can you even trade a first rounder under a hypothetical “only if the Thunder don’t get it” scenario? Are we talking second round picks? More than anything, Stein’s report of draft considerations is what confuses me about the report.

From a financial standpoint, a swap of Calderon and Davis for Gay would obviously add a ton of salary on Toronto’s books for the next few years. If you were to add Gay’s nearly $18 million salary for next season, the Raptors would be looking at a 2013-14 payroll of over $72 million. That would likely be right around the luxury tax threshhold, though the team could decline John Lucas III’s player option and amnesty Linas Kleiza to get under the tax. If Gay and Bargnani are both still around in 2014-15 and both opt in to the final year of their contracts that season, then you’d be looking at a Raptors team that is virtually capped out for the next two years after this one and might even be in luxury tax territory.

And remember, we haven’t even discussed the possibility of Kyle Lowry potentially getting a raise somewhere along the line.

So, while the anticipation of adding a potential All Star and an exciting talent like Gay would be nice, the question to ask is would you be okay as a fan being locked in to a team of Gay, Lowry, Bargnani, DeRozan, Valanciunas, Johnson, Ross and Fields for the next two or three years? Because outside of Ross and Valanciunas’ development overcoming Gay’s potential continued regression, that would probably be the classic NBA treadmill team, and a fairly expensive one at that.

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  1. Not wanting this to happen

  2. When you talk about making the playoffs, i think you have to do what you gotta do to make it. Raptors need a go to guy and a player who closes the game out and gay does that, plus you can still trade bargnani for a jeff green lets say and not have to deal with him. Financially, toronto is a big market team and they better start paying some extra money in order to succeed.

    • This is part of the problem. The Raptors should concerned about how to win championships, not simply making the playoffs and being happy with that.

    • Correction: Gay *used* to do that. When was the last time he did anything?

    • if we got gay what would be the point of getting jeff green unless we could some how get jared sullinger


  3. This is a big reason why I want Colangelo gone ASAP. One because with a trade like this, you have to assume he may not be finished with building around Bargnani (unless there are more trades coming). Plus, he’s only trying to save his job by making the team slightly better now, but not in the future.

    As you said, it is the recipe for an NBA treadmill team, which is exactly what the Raptors should be trying to avoid. Hopefully MLSE feels like it’s time to move on from Colangelo, because he doesn’t deserve any more time as GM with moves like this.

    • Totally agree. This will just be a pure desperation move by Colangelo to try to keep his job… classic “make the team slightly better now with zero regard to the future and any sort of plan.” He is dangerous now and will very likely set this team back another several years if he’s allowed to keep mortgaging our future like a mad-man. Just thinking about this makes me angry.

      • If you follow the recent house-cleaning trend that MLSE has put out there, Tuesday, they fire Mariner as TFC coach. Wednesday they fire Burke as GM from the Leafs even though he stays on as an advisor. Thursday? Colangelo? Let’s hope so, so that he doesn’t pull off a trade that is unnecessary at this point. Raps finally have some chemistry for heaven’s sake. Promote Stefanski to GM and let him trade Bargnani.

    • The argument that BC is just trying to save his job is just wrong. If he was only interested in that he wouldn’t have pick JV last year. I don’t see gay as that much better than derozan and I think derozan can still get better. Ross and derozan can be a deadly 2-3 in the future

      • If you don’t think that BC is trying to save his job, you haven’t been following the team in the past few months.

        Pretty much everything he did in the offseason was set up to try and make the playoffs this year, knowing that it would likely get him an extension. Now that it hasn’t worked as well as expected, he knows he could be the next MLSE target, which creates desperation moves like this one.

  4. Salary cap is BS; this team is making crazy money while continuing to put a shit product out on the floor each year; and don’t even get me started on the Fields deal. If the Raps have the opportunity to get him I think they should, I’d hate to see players like Davis or Ross go but players like Rudy Gay are hard to come by for the Raptors. He might be overpaid but he couldn’t be anymore of a cancer than Bargs; could he?

  5. I said it before and I’ll say it again; fire Colangelo right now before he starts making irrational trades for the sake of making trades. This tid bit of news confirms that Colangelo has absolutely no vision for this team and the time is NOW to part ways. CODE RED .

  6. Just another desperate move by bc to keep his job . If he makes this deal the team has no future and everything he has done to “rebuild” young talent is gone . This is an awfull deal and if they do it im done being a raptors fan . Gonna have gay and derozen who are ball stoppers is my mind . Plus they play no defence with barny along side of them ? Just stick to the plan and move barny amniesty klieza calderon is gone we will have money in the off season no need to pull a shit deal to save his job . This is rediculous

  7. Sure seems like we are giving up way too much. A package of good contracts for a bad one? Where’s the logic?
    All of a sudden, we become jammed on the wings, and the middle thins out.

  8. I can see my self being OK with this from two points.
    -We solve the SF position struggle we are having
    -We keep one of our young budding players. For excitement I like Ross and he has a higher ceiling than Davis.

  9. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS TRADE HAPPEN!! What is with Colangelo and his sick obsession with Barney? We need to trade his ass, not Eddie Davis’. If he wanted Rudy Gay so badly, he should’ve drafted him with our pick back in 2006. There is no point making the playoffs and exiting the first round. Essentially, he is the same player as Demar but with an over inflated contract.



  11. What’s the goal here? Is it to squeak into the playoffs as the 7th or 8th seed and get ripped by the Heat/New York/Chicago for the next 5 years? Trading Ed Davis for Rudy Gay sounds like a “win now” move for a team that has no chance of doing anything special for the next 3-4 years.

  12. I don’t see the need for Gay, the overpaid and overrated position is already filled in Toronto with Bargs and DD. He’s better than either of them obviously, but still not a remotely good idea at that price in salary or talent.

  13. First of all the raptors are ridiculously terrible even if Rudy gay came for free with or getting rid of anyone we still wouldn’t even get to .500 why the fuck would a player like Rudy gay even bother actually trying on a team like Toronto maybe if we got Rudy gay and a decent point guard because Kyle Lowry is terrible and Jose Calderon is old and just as bad and even if they get rid Of bargnanni who would they possibly get that would impact a huge change on the roster ? Absolutely no one so either way the raptors are fucked I have no faith in them but I’m glad we have a team in Toronto so when real teams such as the clippers or Miami come I can go watch a blowout for a decent price

    • toronto sports has suffered a lot, but that comment is completely disgraceful. Rudy gay absolutely helps this team if he came for ‘free’ as you hypothetically put it. Raps should be at .500 Now if the most unlucky start of all time didnt happen. Kyle lowry is certainly flawed but he is by no means terrible, ditto calderon. True i dont see BC getting much for Bargs. The fact that the raptors are just a medium for you to watch better teams is disturbing, there is a lot promise and BC built/drafted this new era quite well, the team’s development has gone from infantile to toddler like, that is fine–it should, and a new face should take the reins to stay on the same road. I witnessed the Vancouver ownership rape the grizzlies. Torontonians shouldn’t feel lucky but upset because BC is right as often as he is wrong

  14. Playoffs?! They get even win a single god damn game!?

    Don’t be talkin bout playoffs?!


  15. This only makes sense in that the Raptors need more SF talent. From every other angle, it’s a bad idea.

  16. I really hope that they don’t trade for Gay. Yes he’s good, but as you’ve said he has regressed considerably over the past few years. Not to mention the log jam at SG/SF that this trade would create. Gay, DeRozan, Ross, Fields, Anderson, Pietrus, and Kleiza? That’s nuts. I realize that yes, Kleiza should not be included in this list because he should get the HELL off the Raptors roster ASAP, but if this trade is made it would appear that Colangelo isn’t putting too much stock into his offseason acquisitions of Fields and more importantly, Ross. I say keep Davis. Sure, he hasn’t fully proven himself yet but he’s proven to be a hell of a lot more beneficial than Bargs on the defensive end of the court (if not in other areas as well). If they want to make some huge blockbuster trade then why don’t they just go out and grab a PF instead of stockpiling 2′s and 3′s?

  17. calm down…..dont make ANY moved unless it means moving Bargni….move the salary off the books (calderon, bargni, fields and johnson….over 30 million here) and sign some real talent in the off season to play with Lowry, Ross, Derozan, Davis and Valanciunas (this should be the core)….

  18. Rudy Gay is so vastly over paid the next two years that people should be looking at him as having almost negative value. Not only will he be robbing whatever team gets him of nine to 10 million of cap space for the next two years, his production is declining at the same time.

    Would he make the five best men on the Raptor’s court better? YES.
    Would having him cripple the second unit of quality players? YES

    We currently have chemistry and a balanced attack right now. The only pieces we should be considering moving for Gay are Jose’s expiring, (and I’d rather have Jose back for $5M – same as Lowry makes), Bargs because clearly we play better without him, and either Amir or Gray because JV will need his minutes when he comes back.

    Bleh, scratch that. There isn’t a good trade to be made with Memphis for Gay that is fair and helps both teams.

    Bargs plus Kleiza or Fields for Gay. No picks, no filler (unless it is Gray and Klieza),
    Take it or leave it.

  19. Although the new management has only been around for 5 months or so, I think they need to make it clear to Colangelo who they want the team to be built around. If this new ownership group is serious about building a winner they’ll make it clear to BC that trading anyone of Davis, DeRozan, Ross, Valanciunas, and Lowry will not be accepted.

  20. It has to be calderon and bargs out of town, and for different reasons, and only to get back picks and slightly developed or promising/intriguing talent. Seems like lottery talent is unrealistic, but maybe we can get a larry sanders type player, miscued talent, before they break out. Much like ed davis this season as well. Players like perry jones, terrence jones, alec burcs, tereke evans. Certainly a risk, enigma for enigma, we’ve seen players like jerryd bayless, michael beasely not workout but i think its a better road than overpaying and seriously overpaying. The value of Bargs and calderon is so unknown because calderon has been so heavily shopped but the trigger never pulled and BC is emotionally invested in Bargs. Bottom line, organic growth has to occur if free agents are not desperate to come here. Lets say in ‘medium-case’ Even if demar, ed, val, lowry are not all star capable in the next few years, letting them play to together can really make a difference, but when have we ever seen that happen. BC please do whats right, good moves like drafting val+ross dont justify trying to sign nash. in a rebuild, all must be long term

  21. Toronto Raptors are awesome!

  22. Raptors for the 2012-2013 NBA Championship!

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