If you stopped by RaptorBlog at all last week, you know that I wasn’t in favour of the Raptors trading for Rudy Gay anymore despite my opinion to the contrary in the summer. Well according to Doug Smith, I no longer have to worry…

Smith writes that “according to a highly placed source,” the chances the Raptors acquire Gay “are diminishing rapidly” because Memphis is asking for too much and ends his thoughts on the matter by writing “I’d say it’s 5-95 at best that they even have more serious discussions.”

Again, I fully understand that young players and assets have to be moved to acquire proven talent in their prime, and I would be willing to stomach parting with players like Terrence Ross and Ed Davis for the right talent, but Rudy Gay is not that talent.

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  1. Everything I’ve read about Memphis is that they want Cap relief, a young player with potential, a player to fill the hole left by Gay and draft picks. That is basically the package Houston gave up for Harden – however, Gay is no where in the same league as Harden.

  2. He would be the most talented player the roster, that’s not talented enough?

    • Not for the giant cap hit, no

    • The raps don’t have a game changer, a guy who can make shots. You can say a lot of his game is similar to Demar’s, and blah blah blah. The truth is Demar can’t take over a game and make big shots.

      • Rudy Gay isn’t a game changer either and if he ever was, he isn’t one this season for sure. He doesn’t defend well and his shot is non-existent this year.

        The fact of the matter is there is a good amount duplication of skills with Rudy and DeMar and it’s not just oh the Raps get Rudy, pieces have to go out the door too. Is the net benefit to the team a positive one if Davis and/or Ross leave while they’re making peanuts (relatively in NBA terms) while a massive chunk of cap space gets used up?

    • Pay $17M for a borderline all-star? No thanks.

      • I agree. I’m just frustrated from yesterday’s game. This team has a long way to go.

        • 3 of those home losses were as much about the absence of two 7-foot bigs as anything else. Don’t mistake the following comment as being a Bargnani-plug, but he would have been their best defender against Cousins (Sacramento loss) and he would have pulled Ibaka/Perkins away from the paint (OKC loss). By the 4th quarter Davis/Johnson had no legs left (overplayed), a vulnerability that will continue as long as JV and AB are out.

    • Lmao. You’re really into gay, arent you.

  3. We finally have good pieces, in Ed and Terrence. Ed is already paying off and Terrence has showed signs that he can be an Allstar level talent in this league. Make this trade, and 3 years down the line we will be regretting it when Terrence far outshines Rudy gay but in another team…. Plus I already bought Terrence jersey and I wouldn’t have anything to do with it if he gets traded

  4. Apparently the Grizzlies turned down a deal from Washington which included Beal. Which kind of gives an idea of how much the Grizzlies are asking in return for him.

    Waaaay too much for a borderline all-star that is also overpaid.

  5. You might – might make a Rudy Gay trade if he had a more reasonable contract. No way you give up those assets AND take on his contract. The Raptors would be in a very, very similar situation to the one they were in with Bosh – too much money tied up in a not-quite-franchise-caliber player, trying to patch together complimentary pieces without having enough cap space to do so properly, and giving up decent future draft picks by hopping on the mediocrity treadmill.

    No assets to trade for another piece. No cap space to sign another piece. No lottery picks on account of a middling W/L record.

    Here’s a clue: Memphis has legitimate championship aspirations and they DON’T want Rudy Gay or his contract.

    No thanks.

    • Don’t forget the Raps had 1st overall pick in 2007 and they took Bargs. BC wasn’t able to surround Bosh with anyone in particular who could really help; Jermaine O’neal? Really? Not saying this is the best move for the franchise but if you wanna talk about conserving draft picks and not trading away assets just for more years in mediocrity then you cheer for the wrong team. Raps were supposed to be a playoff team this year and gave up their #1 for Lowry. Now you can say it’s a poor draft year but really now that Calderon is playing better it seems like it was a little hefty for a player who isn’t getting nearly the minutes we expected from him. I think the Raps should try to put a deal together for Gay; nothing that cripples the franchise. But to say we should wait and develop our talent just makes me hopeless for this team in the next five years.

  6. heres a clue rudy gay sucks

  7. Run away as fast as you can Brian- just say no to Gay

  8. rudy gay may not be an all-star this year but to say his skills are comparable to dd is stupid. he is a way better player no offence. He is more comparable to a poor-mans KD. Plus he can fit into the role of being the guy who can hit big shots. Don’t look at his role in memphis and say he is not that guy. Memphis is not built for rudy gay to shine. Furthermore, if we did pick him up he would instantly be one of the best players on the raps and could help us out this yr to make a legit push for 8th or next yr the latest. I would love to see lowry and gay play together gain. It would suck to part ways with young players but i mean do we even know if ross or davis can reach those numbers? Say what you want of me but I am tired of waiting for our young players to develop while at the same time finishing out of the playoff picture. I mean how many more years will we have to tell our friends who dog on us about the raps that we have some good young talent.

    • Maybe a homeless man’s KD who can’t shoot. He’s better than DeMar at creating his shot but he has an awful long range game and doesn’t defend well. For the amount of money he’s owed and for what the raps would have to give up, it’s just not worth it

  9. I think your perspective is wrong.

    First, He plays in the west, teams are Way better out there, and his team is top 4 right now. if he came to the east, he would eat up most of the east SF and SG.

    Second, the offence isnt run through him, its run through Zbo. When he comes to toronto, he will be number option. He will instantly be toronto’s best SF and would easily be one of our better defenders

    third, An athletic front line of Gay, Johnson and Valenchius would be awesome. the offense can flow better, and Kyle lowry can relax and run the team.

    fourth, Bargani will come off the bench. finding a 6 or 7th man roll would allow him to fit on this team. With spurts of offense coming from the bench, consistant scoring from the starters, this will be a chance to move this team in a right direction.

  10. I had no interest in getting Rudy Gay … but now that the Doug has said its a no-go, why do I increasingly expect it to happen?

  11. Who compaired Rudy Gay to KD? Must be talking about kraft dinner cause i know hes not comparing Gay to the best scorer on the planet. Not meant as a knock on Gay but as a realistic comment about Durrant.

    Rudy makes our team better right now, no doubt. But not sure it makes sense to bring in a third SG to play ahead of Ross (probably Demar as well) unless Ross is a piece going back to Memphis. Really think Ross has a lot of upside and wouldn’t like to see him go.

    I know Ed has been mentioned as well but I have really liked the way he has played lately.

    If you look at how close the raps have been in so many games / some of the leads we have blown it leads me to believe we have some good pieces as it is. If I was a Colangelo (a dude can dream) I would look to get AB outa town for whatever the cost and if there is something spicy out there for Jose I’m all ears (love the guy but how long can he be a starting point guard for a non playoff team and retain league value)

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