A day after a frustrating loss to the Bucks, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss what went wrong, Kyle Lowry’s puzzling play at the point, the sparkling combination of Amir Johnson and Ed Davis and what to expect from the Raptors this week, including their meeting with Steve Nash and the Lakers on Sunday.

In addition, we had a chance to speak to Jamaal Magloire about Toronto’s big men – Ed, Amir, Andrea Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas.

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  1. yeah, Jamal speaks truth about Jonas. he probably works to much on practices because he looks weak on games. I saw many his games and for sure he looks weak this year. he doest catch ball, doesnt rebound like he could. lets hope he comes back one day with great energy as he had before. good luck!

  2. There are a couple of problems with the Raptors making the playoffs. The first is that it might be enough to save Colangelo’s job, which would be, quite frankly, bad for the franchise. The second is that it delays giving the Raptors their pick to Oklahoma, and this would be a good draft to lose the pick.

    Also, the notion that the playoff experience the players would get would be invaluable is overstated. More important is having the talent to be able to build on that playoff experience, otherwise you’re like the Bucks of a few of years ago who made the playoffs one year and missed the next two. And, unfortunately, the Raptors simply don’t have the talent to build on a first round exit.

    It’s the same thing when some fans who wanted to win the last few games of the year even if it meant a lower draft pick because of the “culture of winning”. As we saw, winning the last game last year did NOTHING to help the team at the beginning of the season.

    • Agree with all of your points.

      Playoff experience is another one of those misconceptions that people seem to have. Same with the idea that a team creates a “winning culture” with a few meaningless wins at the end of the year and then thinking Steve Nash was a good basketball move.

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