With his colourful on-air personality, Chuck Swirsky’s name became synonymous with Raptors basketball in Canada for many years. So with Swirsky’s Bulls in town to take on the Raptors tonight, Oliver and I caught up with Chuck to discuss the Raptors as a whole, Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, Bryan Colangelo, Sam Mitchell, Derrick Rose and tonight’s game.

Enjoy 15 minutes of Chuck today in lieu of the usual game thread…

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Comments (6)

  1. Very interesting point about Lowry being the perfect sixth man in the NBa. I kind of agree with this. His high energy style is great as a sixth man.
    Also, the fact that chuck admitted to voting for Bargnani as rookie of the year over Roy, just shows what a homer he is.

  2. good content! started off so strong with the whole ‘bargnani needs a change of scenery’…. then he started talking about giving calderon a 3 year deal and bringing lowry off the bench and i kinda drifted off (cause thats the absolute last thing the raptors need)….but still. nice to hear him speak candidly about the state of the franchise etc.

    • I agree with you. I dont understand this love affair with Jose! He is an AVERAGE basketball player on a BAD team. They need to bring him off the bench. We CANNOT win with him. We have proven this time and time again. If ppl really see whats going on, when the raptors play GOOD teams, they lose. You need a star to settle the troops and take over. you need 2 stars to go to the finals and 3 to win. We have NONE. so going to the playoffs makes no sense. We aint winning anything. Build from the draft. Anthony bennett next year, and Andrew wiggins the next. Those are two CANADIAN talents that will make this team better and on the road to being an OKC type team.

  3. Soorry matt devlin but lets bring chuck back to t.o devlin pputs me to sleep

  4. Man…I loved listening to this guy during Raptor games…but he ducked nearly every question.

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