On the heels of the Raptors’ big victory over the “mighty” Lakers (can’t even say that with a straight face anymore), Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss the W and to pretend Friday night in Philly never happened. We also touched on Landry Fields’ performance, Ed Davis’ lack of fourth quarter minutes and DeMar DeRozan’s recent slump.

As usual, we conclude by looking at the week ahead, as the Raptors prepare for the Heat, Magic and Cavaliers.

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  1. Finally! I am sick of raptor fans talking about tanking a season that has yet to come. We haven’t finished this season yet. I think some trades need to be made but I would love to see Ed the “boss” Davis back on this team. I think that given the strides he has made this season and assuming he can continue to make similar strides I think he is the starting PF of the future for this team.

    JV can develop and we need a big man coach for him but Ed has been very solid for this entire year. I remember when one of the blog writers questioned if Davis’ production would stay the same even if he received more minutes. We have seen his production rise with the minutes as well as his efficiency. He has also cut down on the fouls.

    With regards to Demar…. the dude has hit the wall. I think he will come out of all start break with a fire but I don’t think he was as conditioned as he needs to be. I’m glad that Casey started Fields its the right choice and helps bring a scoring punch that is needed off the bench.

    Love the pod casts as always.

    • I suppose tanking the season would have just been preventing the inevitable, which is losing our first round draft pick. I am admittedly one of those fans who called for the Raps to tank after that horrendous start; honestly I don’t see any way the Raps will make the playoffs this year. That being said I like what I am seeing from the Raps now, since they are at least competing hard. Hopefully Casey will find a way to mix Bargs back into the line-up once he gets back so that he can start building up his trade value. I’m not sure what it would be considered as of now, but I think it would be quite low.

      • I understand the idea behind it. It just seems as though the young core of this team has made enough strides that I don’t think tanking is worth it. We also have no idea how good Wiggins will be. He could be the next Lebron or he could be the next Greg Oden/Grant hill. Grant Hill is still a productive player but its a gamble. My other reason for not wanting to tank is ….what happens if we don’t get Andrew Wiggins and you basically tanked for no reason?

        • Well if you’re going to lose, lose with purpose. Like last year when they decided to try and win their last few games and for what? Going down in the draft lottery? I am tired of seeing the Raps win just enough that they fall short of not getting the best draft position. It makes no sense. It is involved in the real treadmill problem I see with this team; they screw themselves in the last few games of a losing season by trying to win for no apparent reason, then they over-pay for players like Calderon/Fields. Makes no sense.

        • Next year is more than just Wiggins. Obviously Wiggins is the goal, but getting a top-3 pick next year, and maybe even top-5 could land a really good pick with lots of potential.

        • Please take back your Grant Hill comparison. Are you kidding? In his first 6 seasons in the league, he was hands down top 10 player in the league. There’s a reason fans panties were wet when him and TMac signed in Orlando, though unfortunately both were plagued with injuries soon afterwards.

          First 6 years in the league:

          21 pts, 7.8 rbs, 6 ast, 1.4 stl, b 0.7, 0.475 fld %

          If we got a Grant Hill type player at any point in any draft, I believe he would be your new favorite player. Even if it was “only” for 6 seasons

          • It was an example and I did say that he is a productive player… although he didn’t work out for orlando did he now??

      • I don’t understand why people wanted to tank at the beginning of the season. Why would the Raptors go into tank mode this season with an owed pick in a weak draft?

        The Raptors are much better off getting that pick out of the way this season, and, if they’re going to tank, do it next year.

        • At the beginning of the season I didn’t do my research on what kind of protection we had on our draft; that is a protected draft pick that ends in the 2017 draft meaning whatever pick we get that year would automatically go to the Thunder. It’s likely the Raps will finish between the 3-14 spot in the draft before then so it may as well be this year in a weak draft. But I knew the Raptors wouldn’t be as good as many other people thought they would be this year so I panicked in suggesting that they tank; it really didn’t make any sense.

  2. Another solid episode.

    Great job with those Davis splits stats, definitely gives you some hope that there might actually be a potential star talent on this roster and he just needs more time to develop.

    A 2-1 week sounds more than reasonable.

  3. Ed “The Boss Davis – Nice!!! I had to watch Sunday’s game over the internet and ended up grabbing the Laker’s feed….The commentators loved Davis – more and more as the game wore on. There were a couple of times they “gasped” at high and quick Davis’s jumping skills are and complemented him on them.

    @Drew – I liked the homework you did on the Davis piece in this pod-cast, good job. I see Davis improving every week – I’m excited to see him still, play more with Valencunias when he is back, he played great ball beside Val before the injury. With Val being a bigger body the two should be a solid down low combo for the next few years (if T.O signs up Davis this summer). I have said it before and will say it again, Davis looks a lot like a young Antonio Davis – if you watch film of a young AD you can see the similarities in their young game. As Ed matures (game wise) his skills will be matched with is veteran savoy and improved IQ not to mention more of the refs respect. His shot will only improve – it already has and he is hitting over 50% of them. One more Davis point – he doesn’t seem to get hurt! …is he another Amir!?

  4. Let’s restart the Gasol for Bargnani and spare parts trade now that Gasol is going to be benched. I think the other part should be Lowry since the real starting PG for the next three years should be Calderon. The Raptors should draft a PG with talent and let them develop under Calderon.

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