While the rest of the basketball world celebrates the seven-year anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game, Raptors fans understandably view it a bit differently – more like a day of mourning – as that game in L.A. serves as the poster child of a very dark period for basketball in Toronto (there have been a few dark periods).

But because sometimes it’s healthy to cry yourself a river, here’s a reminder of what happened on January 22, 2006…

We heard Jalen Rose’s take on the historic night earlier this year, now here’s Bryant’s take, as Kobe live-tweeted while watching his 81-point performance for the first time this afternoon. Matt Bonner reference included!

That’s funny Kobe, because us Raptors fans felt like we were looking at an Edvard Munch painting.

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  1. Or the night was completely blocked from our memory…
    Seriously, I had no idea. I forgot about this happening the next day.

  2. Could of scort a hundred

  3. Ugh, knew a blog post was coming as soon as Kobe announced he would live tweet his first viewing yesterday.

  4. I remember the weird morbid fascination watching this game I wasn’t even mad. By the way, the scream is by Edvard Munch.

    • Duly noted. Correction made.

    • Do you remember that Chuck got the salami and cheese out in the third quarter when the Raptors had a 16-17 point lead?

      That’s the only thing I remember, Chuck Swirsky’s jinx and the only blemish on the salami and cheese.

      • Hah, I feel like if Chuck was still doing Raptors games, he would have pulled out the Salami and Cheese in eventual losses AT LEAST two times this season…you know, blown leads and all

      • Chuck never brought out the S and C till the 4th. He was wrong once, maybe twice and they were never exactly bold predictions. I can guarantee he did not bust it out in the third quarter of this game.

        • No he definitely did, I remember, and I think it was this occasion that caused him to be more conservative as you suggest.

  5. man chuck was awsome . . devlin bores me to sleep . i remember leo and chuck always joking around . leo always asking where all the money was from the salami and cheese shirts lol funny stuff

  6. Bring back Chuck!

    Anyone else think Kobe went off on Toronto to take some of the spotlight back from LeBron? LBJ did take Kobe’s record for the fastest 5000 points the day before.

    One of these days I think we will see LeBron be as selfish in a game and take a shot at Kobe’s 81.

  7. I remember listening to Jalen Rose recall the events of this game and he mostly blamed the coaching staff and the poor quality of players for what happened, which was fair. However he failed to comment on how his laughable “effort” at guarding Kobe resulted in one of the most pathetic moments in Raptors history, of which there have been quite a few.

    What a bunch of clowns that team was.

  8. As soon as Calderon is gone that will be that last player on the Raps that allowed Kobe to score 81. I’m not saying JC is responsible; just trying to make this as distant a memory as possible. Oh yeah, and fire BC.

    • Especially considering that it was nowhere near Calderon’s fault that Kobe went off, but mostly due to a clueless Sam Mitchell and a near-retirement-ready-to-drop-sixty-grand-at-the-Venetian Jalen Rose’s decision to play about two levels below YMCA defence.

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