The Raptors open the second half of their season on the road in Miami. This might be one of those “moral victory” nights, because I doubt anyone expects an actual victory…

Start time: 7:30 PM ET

Channel: TSN2

Probable starting lineups

Toronto: Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson

Miami: Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Udonis Haslem, Chris Bosh

Injury report

Toronto: Andrea Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas are still out, while Linas Kleiza and Mickael Pietrus are forever questionable

Miami: No injuries to report

Random Thoughts

  • The Heat’s star power and the fact that they’re defending champions is well documented, but they’re also 16-3 at home and have been off since Thursday when they beat the Lakers in L.A. The Raptors are 4-17 on the road. In other words, while I hope I’m wrong, a line of Miami -10 might not even be enough.
  • My prediction for tonight’s script is the usual story for the Raptors against a top team on the road. I can actually see the Raps keeping it close and possibly even holding a lead through the first half, especially with how lackadaisical the Heat come out against lower tier teams, but expect a big second half run from the Heat to put the game out of question and cover that 10-point spread.
  • I know Bosh is playing as the five in a small lineup and Davis starts at the four, but we should still see a Davis vs. Bosh matchup at least a few times tonight, and frankly, I can’t wait. In other news, whenever I write glowingly about a Raptor, they usually end up posting a stinker in the next game, so here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to Ed tonight after this.

Comments (4)

  1. I have no idea if I should be frustrated or incredibly encouraged.

    We saw the same old Casey tendencies yet again including benching Davis who was destroyed the Heat inside but the team bombed away like maniacs and had a great chance to win.

    • Seeing Aaron Gray in the game in ot while Davis sat on the bench (losing valuable experience) to watch Anderson chuck up shots every time he touched the ball made me sick. Don’t even know why I bothered turning on the TV.

      • I kept on saying I wish he had put Ross and Davis out there; I knew they would lose anyways but it would’ve been valuable experience.

  2. I actually got stomach cramps watching Aaron Gray in overtime. And John Lucas I love you so much and have loved you faithfully since you dropped 24 on the Heat with the Bulls but why. That being said if anyone .gif-ed JL3′s perimeter defense on Lebron at the 10-minute mark in the 4th, including the look on Lebron’s face after his made three, I would really appreciate seeing it as it was the funniest thing I’ve seen so far in 2013.

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