Let Ross Dunk – Take 8

I have no idea whether this is really the eighth highlight reel dunk of the season from Terrence Ross. Maybe it’s only the seventh, or maybe it’s the 12th. I don’t care. All I know is that the 21-year-old rookie swingman HAS to be invited to the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest, and Dwyane Wade and the Heat can probably second that after this jam, which just happened to be his second big dunk of the night against the defending champs…

Much like the second of his two monster jams against the Magic in December, Ross is able to get out on the break on this play thanks to his active hands on defence.

As his smooth jumper eventually finds consistency and as Ross adapts to the NBA, he will be an impact player for the Raptors going forward. But for now, I think we’re all pretty content to just watch him fly, so long as he continues to do it with “Toronto” draped across his chest.

Comments (8)

  1. yoo f’real tho.. this man can jump farther than DDR

  2. I’m a big TR fan. He looks ready for the NBA too and should develop a lot quicker than most rookies

  3. I dont want toronto players to become a slam dunk champion one is enough

  4. if T.Ross wants to be in it then OK.. but from all accounts hes not very interested soo STOP trying to push him to do it…He’s a Game dunker not a show dunker!!

  5. The dunk contest has evolved into a horrible, gimmicky, steaming pile of sh*t. I have no desire to see T-Ross put on a costume and play around with corporately sponsored props. His in-game dunks are much, much better than what the dunk contest now offers.

  6. totally agree… the dunk contest is a sham… Griffin dunking over a car??? That was pathetic…. one big commercial… Demar was robbed.

  7. remember when howard the 7 footer put a mini basketball net on the real one jumped and grabbed the ball outta the mini one , fucking retarded . he got like a 48 score or something . its more staged then wwe

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