Before I begin, I’ll point out that I am in no way comparing the magnitude of the two shots, but as pointed out by a commenter in the DeRozan buzzer-beater post, the shot DeMar made to beat the Magic in Orlando was very similar to the shot Vince Carter famously missed in Game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference semifinals in Philadelphia.

Have a look for yourself…

Here’s Vince’s missed shot in Philly, which really served as the beginning of his fall from grace in Toronto:

And now here’s DeRozan’s game-winner against the Magic again, which fans hope is the beginning of something for the 23-year-old:

Perhaps the most eerily similar view is side-by-side in GIF form:

Check out how insanely similar Allen Iverson and Terrence Ross’s reactions are…this just keeps getting better

The inbounds happens on the other side of the floor, DeRozan has a couple of extra seconds to do something with the ball and he catches it earlier whereas VC’s is closer to a catch-and-shoot with just two seconds left, but both players start the play at the same spot before the inbounds and then eventually release the ball at virtually the exact same time on the game clock and from pretty much the exact same spot on the floor.

Though the stakes were obviously much, much, much smaller for DeRozan in game no. 43 of an almost lost season compared to Carter’s chance to send the Raptors to the Conference Finals, DeMar’s shot obviously brought back some memories for Raptors fans who see it as “Heir Canada” hitting the shot they wished “Air Canada” could have.