Before I begin, I’ll point out that I am in no way comparing the magnitude of the two shots, but as pointed out by a commenter in the DeRozan buzzer-beater post, the shot DeMar made to beat the Magic in Orlando was very similar to the shot Vince Carter famously missed in Game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference semifinals in Philadelphia.

Have a look for yourself…

Here’s Vince’s missed shot in Philly, which really served as the beginning of his fall from grace in Toronto:

And now here’s DeRozan’s game-winner against the Magic again, which fans hope is the beginning of something for the 23-year-old:

Perhaps the most eerily similar view is side-by-side in GIF form:

Check out how insanely similar Allen Iverson and Terrence Ross’s reactions are…this just keeps getting better

The inbounds happens on the other side of the floor, DeRozan has a couple of extra seconds to do something with the ball and he catches it earlier whereas VC’s is closer to a catch-and-shoot with just two seconds left, but both players start the play at the same spot before the inbounds and then eventually release the ball at virtually the exact same time on the game clock and from pretty much the exact same spot on the floor.

Though the stakes were obviously much, much, much smaller for DeRozan in game no. 43 of an almost lost season compared to Carter’s chance to send the Raptors to the Conference Finals, DeMar’s shot obviously brought back some memories for Raptors fans who see it as “Heir Canada” hitting the shot they wished “Air Canada” could have.

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  1. Lol quite a reach there. Different plays different scenario different circumstances

  2. Can we save the “Heir Canada” nick for T.Ross please.. kthxbye

  3. Wow, just wow.


  4. Considering how many times Carter has hit this kind of shot for us…and how many times Derozan has failed too. I still believe Lowry has to be the man for the raps during the clutch, Derozan hitting 1/15 gamewinners this season is not exactly impressive.

    • Wait…the same Lowry that has a worse shooting percentage than derozan and less ppg? The same Lowry that takes the worst shots when it matters and plays greedy? Lowry should stick to assists and maybe work on fouling less since he fouls at the worst possible times.

      • ^ Couldn’t agree with this more!

      • ——— Derozan – Lowry
        FG%– 43.5 — 42.4
        2FG% 45.7 — 44.6
        3FG% 25.4 — 39.5
        FT%– 82.9 — 83.3

        Since Lowry takes 3 times as many 3-pointers as Derozan, it’s kind of obvious why Lowry has a worse FG%
        Lowry gets to the line quite a bit more as well. (and that’s supposed to be DD’s strength!)

        Anyway, easily debunked stupidity like this is why eFG% (which accounts for threes) and TS% (which adds in free throws) exsist.

        eFG%— 44.9 — 51
        TS%—– 50.9 — 58.5

  5. The 76′ers had the lead in that game; not even remotely the same situation. What is this article meant to insinuate?

    • I’m not insinuating anything. Someone pointed out in the comment section of a previous post that DeRozan’s shot reminded him of VC’s missed shot in 2001, so I put them side by side and compared the two. Live a little, man

  6. I’d also like to forget the Heir nickname, that’s a great way to put extra pressure on someone who isn’t necessarily the same kind of player. let ‘em earn their own nickname.

  7. Derozan was fading away with two defenders on him. Vince pump faked and missed a pretty open look. The only way in which they’re similar is the spot on the floor

  8. just like the Toronto media to sensationalize!!!! Demar hasnt even got us to .500 record let alone to the eastern semi finals!! VC has more talent in his big toe then Demar has period..

  9. Had the same thought this morning about the similarities of the two shots. Surprised Matt/Jack didn’t notice.

  10. what i want to know is, i wonder if Steph Curry grew up wanting to be a Raptor. Bryan lets make some trades here. Lowry and Andrea for Curry.

    • Why in the world would GS trade their franchise player for an injured big man that can’t rebound and can barely even shoot this season along with a disappointing point guard that doesn’t pass? Typical homer fans not looking at both sides of the fence

    • what kind of an idiot are you

    • LP your an idiot!!!!!

      • None of you limp dick cock suckers ever toss out some junk trades that wouldn’t work because it’s unfair to the team you’re not supporting?? You’re the reason the Raptors are in the toilet, and you’re the reason Obama is serving a second term!

        • First of all, your post makes you sound like you’re 12. Secondly, any intelligent basketball fan wouldn’t suggest a stupid trade like this because all it does is prove their home team fan boyism along with strip them of any and all credibility when it comes to basketball opinions. Hey, I’d love to trade Aaron Gray for Kevin Durant, maybe throw in Fields and a bag of pucks to make the numbers work, but that just makes me sound like a complete idiot.

  11. Come on everyone! lets show some support for our Raptors! Bargnani will be gone by trade deadline and hopefully will never step foot in the ACC wearing a Toronto jersey ever again.

    Since he’s been out we’ve been pretty decent and we have great potential in T Ross

    DeRozen is actually playing lately so lets give it up to him too. No, he’s not VC, but he can play pretty good.

    Calderon has stepped it up as well and everyone must give thanks to Ed Davis for showing up Barnshithead while he sits on the bench eating pasta.

    Go Raps


    • If I said the Superfan was always in the same seats eating curry chicken, I’d be called a racist. Just because he sucks hard doesnt mean you can go all stereotypical on him.

  12. Incidentally, Derozan’s setup for that shot was absolutely horrible – dribble to the corner under tight double-team pressure, then spin and launch a fade away rainbow J from just inside the arc? Is that not the lowest percentage play possible? I’d guess he’d make that shot 5-10% of the time.

    Happy for the win, but this team’s play execution down the stretch of close games is absolutely horrible.

  13. It was a pretty awful shot that he was damn lucky to make. Nothing more to it.

  14. lol. comparing the shot to Vince Carter’s miss. VC did more of this when he was with the raptors. Toronto fans are ungrateful bitches

  15. I started to skim through the comments when i noticed that the name calling began.
    just to point out one detail. the Carter Shot was game 7 wasn’t it? Philly was the high seed and given the old format a game six would have been in Toronto.

    Again- Im just book keeping. The comparison is interesting. Especially now that the two GIF’s are next to each other.
    The one question id like to ask Raptor fans is: Would you rather a 2 guard who is supremely talented but lacks motivation and work ethic, or a athletic two guard who is less talented but works their ass off? I know which one i’d prefer.

    • It was definitely Game 7, as it was the deciding game of the East semifinal. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that I had written Game 6 until you mentioned it. Thanks for the heads up

  16. This story is great. Very similar for sure and the fact Derozans dropped is just bananas. If yakupov didn’t slide to tokyo this would actually have made some headlines in Canada today.

  17. forget that!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well, I guess not everyone saw the similarity in the 2 shots.
    I did and made a comment. Wasn’t meant anything else.
    But if I get to choose between DD & VC, I will be a little greedy and take VC’s talent with DD’s work ethics……:-)

  19. In a sad twist of fate we should have the jeremey Lin buzzer beater against the raptors last year when he played for the knicks up against Kyrie Irvings buzzer beater last night for the cavaliers. Those resemble each other as well.

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