No thoughts on the game from Joe or myself but if you feel like mourning yet ANOTHER heartbreaking loss, here is Kyrie’s game -winner…

I thought Alan Anderson was the correct choice to be guarding Irving since Lowry wasn’t on the floor, but once the game clock reached 5 seconds, Anderson should have realized Irving wasn’t driving and closed the gap between them. It was an absurdly long game-winner but Kyrie has that kind of range on his jumper.

The Raptors have now lost 12 games this season which they were leading at some point in the 4th quarter….Ech.

This might explain why Lowry was substituted out of the game with about 4 minutes to go…

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  1. Canada’s Kobe does it again.

    • That wa the type of play that Anderson will look back on. And ask himself a thousands times why he didn’t guard him after he crossed the half court threshold. Lesson learned. But hard lesson learned.

  2. It felt like Lin and that Knicks game all over again.

    Kyrie is a beast.

  3. “Should have closed the gap between them”? When Kyrie was over 3 feet behind the arc?

    Normally I have no qualms with your analysis but c’mon.. you can’t fault Anderson for playing off him at that range. Kyrie hit an absurd shot. No fault to the defender

    • Yeah but it’s the end of the game. You don’t want to let Irving take an open three no matter what. Poor decision by AA. Even if its a long 3, that’s the kind of shot that gets made often enough.

    • It was a hell of a shot, no doubt, but he’s a 40%+ three point shooter. Just dumb to play off a shooter of his caliber by that much especially up only two.

      What’s the worst that could happen if you pressure him? He roasts Anderson and ties it? He passes it off to someone else on a below average three point shooting team? He takes a completely contested three with a bigger player trying to disrupt his hot?

      The resignation when it comes to certain results with this fan base is just weird. Irving is an all world player but there’s no way the Raptors employed the best defensive strategy for that specific situation.

    • Sure you can when it got under 3 seconds. Look at the clock.. there is about 2.5 seconds on it when Kyrie launches his shot. AA should have been closer, and he knows it I’m sure.

      But Kyrie didn’t beat the Raptors by himself. He had plenty of help from the Refs and their phantom calls every time Kyrie was driving to the hoop. Take away even ONE of those and the Raptors win the game.

      What’s new though right? It’s been happening all season, and now … the rest of the games have become meaningless. Nothing left to play for except personal glory. I don’t expect to see too much ball movement and extra passing going forward. Selfishness is already taking over. Except possibly between Ed and Amir.

  4. No fault there. Big-time shot.

    • Really, no ones fault? Maybe someone on the raps should have communicated better to AA that no screens were coming and he clock is running down because that was poorly executed defence. If he blows by Anderson for a layup, it sucks but at least it’s just OT

  5. I knew something was bothering Lowry because the last 2 or 3 games he has come on with a lead and we have watched it disappear. Casey then puts Jose back in with a couple of minutes left. Personally I’m leaving Lowry in. If you want Lowry to learn to hold a lead he has got to lose a few to see what it feels like. Trade something good for Jose because we don’t need him. Lowry has shown that he’s knocking on the door Jose has got to get out of the way. Oh they will lose some games but at least they will be losing it the right way- with Lowry on the floor. Hopefully this will be his last injury because he’s gonna be good.

    • So let me get this straight:

      - Lowry comes in with the Raptrs leading, meaning Calderon is getting us a lead when he’s on the court
      - Lowry then loses that lead, and we go on to lose
      - You conclude that we don’t need Calderon and Lowry is the way forward for us

      Are you serious ?!? We’re talking about a PG that is almost 27, not a rookie that just came into the L

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you but the moment I saw him walking the ball up so casually as the 12 seconds ticket away, his body language screamed “‘m taking this 3″. He’s by far their best player/shooter, you know they don’t want OT, you know he has crazy range. No reason to play off him with so little time left, yes it was a deep 3 but the circumstances screamed that was the option he was taking. Great shot, but you have to know he was taking it.


  8. When you look at the replay of the shot, you can actually SEE Coach Casey signaling Anderson to close out on Irving at like the 7 second mark….let’s face it, Anderson was sleeping.

    But the big picture is that this shouldn’t have come down to a game winning shot again. The Raptors second unit led by Lowry squandered a comfortable lead again. Then the starters get put back in when the other team already has serious momentum which puts too much pressure on them to win the game.

    So far, and there still should be time given to Lowry (no one should be rationally giving up on him yet), it seems like his NATURAL skill set doesn’t suit this team. Most of the players on this team can’t create shots for themselves – they need to be babied and spoon-fed the ball. Sadly, the only other player that CONSISTENTLY shows the capability to create his own shot even though he isn’t efficient is Alan Anderson. Which is why, if you watch when Lowry is in the game, he passes the ball to Anderson a lot and the team just lets him go to work. Otherwise, Lowry really seems to struggle to give the ball to the other teammates in their sweet-spots. Perhaps one of you guys on this site can do some statistical analysis around the assist distribution when Lowry is in the game as a sub and how many shots Anderson takes during the time Calderon ISN’T on the court.

    It’s ironic – Colangelo may have been trying to build the team around Bargnani but it seems evident that the team is actually built around a pass-first/system point guard. If the roster doesn’t get revamped then somebody up in management better start thinking about ways in which they can find their next generation pass-first/system pg; Calderon fits that right now but would you really want to pass up the opportunity of getting something in return for a guy with such high value right now?

    There’s a rumour that the team might end up trading BOTH Calderon and Lowry – if you want to get more players who have better talent than Anderson and DeRozan that can create for themselves (and I know it was mentioned that DeRozan can but his talent doesn’t allow him to consistently drive/finish yet), I’d consider doing that.

    • The raps have completely fucked up lowry. Most of the blame should go on casey. He is not being used properly similiar to what the lakers are doing with gasol. Lowry is a starting pg that should be playing 36 min/nite and he cant find his groove because casey isnt giving him consistent minutes off the bench and/or encouraging this stupid passive play which does not suit lowry. Lowry is the most skilled/talented player on this roster currently and should be kept. He is a core piece along with val. Players that CAN play with him should be brought in and the other mediocre pieces on this roster should be moved. Not the other way around. Im not saying lowry is a superstar but he can be a big part of a winning team AS A STARTER which calderon cant who is simply a very good backup.

      • BTW, lowry made some nice passes to teammates last game and had more assists than calderon. 7 ast is not bad in 25 mins.

  9. Even worse than arguing about the final shot is the fact that the raps were up by 9 and blew it as per usual. Lowry with some bad judgement and takes 2 bad fouls right in a row that tighten the score right up. Take just one of those fouls away and the team would have had a much better chance of closing out the game. Unnecessary.

    • Seems like every passing game is more proof of why he was never able to hold down a starting role with the Grizz and Rockets

      • It’s all well and good to say that Lowry isn’t getting the minutes he needs to find a “groove” (whatever “finding a groove” entails), but when he’s not even making good use of his reduced play time, usually against other bench players, it’s hard to justify leaving him in the game instead of Calderon. I’m hoping he’s still getting back to full health and haven’t written him off yet, but my faith in him as a vital part of this team is starting to fade

      • @ Tony Starks – based on what?
        they way he played against Cleveland wasn’t Lowrys best game, Ill give you that. BUT, it doesn’t mean “he always” does that or even remotely does that often! It’s his injuries that make him a non-stater, not his skills or play…his whole career injuries have cost him his starting role. Last year same thing happened in Houston – was the starter and couldn’t be counted on due to injury and with Gragic (a starter anyways) waiting to take over, and his run-in with McAle he lost his job – he should have kept his mouth shut. But to his credit he learned from that and has been a great team guy here in T.O.
        I guess under your theory Gragic “lost” his starting job to Lowry at the beginning of last season and only got the job due to injury – Phoenix must be stupid for paying Gragic as a FA to be a starter when he only won the position by injury and Lowry big mouth!!

  10. Sorry but Lowry isn’t that good. You don’t realize it but your worse than any Bargnani fanboy ever was.

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