By now you’re likely all aware of the Raptors’ renewed interest in Rudy Gay and their reported willingness to include Jose Calderon and Ed Davis in a trade for Gay (in addition to making Kyle Lowry and Andrea Bargnani generally available). You can find my latest thoughts on the reported framework of that deal here, but for now, here are a couple of updates to consider…

The most talked about Raptors news/development today – other than the Rudy Gay rumours themselves – is Adrian Wojnarowski’s tweet that the Raptors are looking for and “struggling to find” a third team in their potential trade to jettison Calderon off to. Wojnarowski added a bit more on twitter:

Later on Tuesday night, however, Woj reported that finding a third team to absorb Calderon’s expiring contract is “the final hurdle” in the Grizzlies moving Gay to Toronto, so while not imminent, the deal may still be closer to happening than a lot of us want it to be.

In addition, most of Bryan Colangelo’s big trades in Toronto (Jermaine O’Neal, Shawn Marion, Kyle Lowry, etc.) have been rumoured for a while before going down, so it’s not like he has the Alex Anthopoulos reputation of getting things done quietly where you can say “if it leaks, it probably isn’t true.”

Jose would seem to be a perfect fit in Memphis with Zach Randolph and national teammate Marc Gasol in the Grizzlies’ slow, deliberate offence, and as an expiring contract, it wouldn’t matter that they’re paying a lot for a backup to Mike Conley. On the other hand, Jerryd Bayless has been playing well for them off the bench and perhaps the Grizz don’t feel they need to be paying Calderon at all and would rather stick with a Conley-Bayless combo.

Whether it ends up being Memphis or a third team as part of a Rudy Gay trade or just another team in a yet unknown trade possibility, I still feel like there has to be a taker for Calderon’s expiring contract out there somewhere. The obvious question revolves around what kind of value there is for said expiring contract around the league, and how that value compares to the Raptors’ perceived value of Calderon.

A smaller development the Tuesday night Wojnarowski report revealed is that the Grizzlies apparently want Terrence Ross, but that the Raptors have “deemed Ross untouchable in these talks,” so I suppose that’s some small consolation for those of us who feel trading Ed Davis to acquire Rudy Gay would be short-sighted.

The other minor development I wanted to touch on involves Kyle Lowry. If you recall my post about the point guard saga on Monday, I mentioned Ryan Wolstat’s tweet from the weekend about their being “a split in (the) organization” between Lowry and Calderon, and was curious to know the root of the divide. Was it between coaches and management? Between Colangelo and Stefanski? Between management and ownership?

Well according to Zach Lowe over at Grantland, who covered the Calderon/Lowry debate earlier this month, the divide is between management and the coaching staff, and it’s the front office who “prefers Lowry.” If that’s the case, then a trade involving Calderon only becomes more likely.

As I’ve mentioned recently, you can probably expect a lot more reports, rumours and endless “developments” leading up to the trade deadline over the next few weeks. So buckle up, and make sure your B.S. detector is fine tuned.

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  1. Really hate the idea of this trade happening. I hope MLSE fires Colangelo before he makes a move like this one that will hurt the franchise for years.

  2. I don’t think its my favorite trade but is it the worst? just asking…. not advocating anything

    • I don’t like the contract. What are you going to do when the max contract you’re building your roster around is Rudy Gay, a guy that doesn’t even make the all-star team? The Raptors just tried building around a 2nd tier star on a max contract – have we already forgotten the Chris Bosh experience? The cap is too restrictive to risk tying up this much money in a player of this calibre.

      Trade young assets for a true franchise player or quality players on good contracts, but don’t do this. There’s a reason Memphis is trying to trade Gay – his contract!

  3. If calderon leaves am fine with cauz we have starting pg kyle lowry for 2 years and if its lowry then were doomed for next season without a pg think about it if calderon stays an finish his contract here then what sign him to a 5 year 50 mil fuck that lowrys contract is better we have lowry for this year and next year calderon needs to go

    • What has punctuation ever done to you that you hate it so much?

      I hope that this trade doesn’t happen. I think with any intake of large salary Colangelo has to get board approval, so if the trade doesn’t happen,it can probably be seen as a vote of non-confidence for Mr. Highcollars.

      Basically, I agree with BP.

  4. The Toronto Raptors and their goal for eternal mediocrity!

    • Mediocrity would be a big step up from where the Raptors are now. Five years without the playoffs. Sad.

      • Well at least we ain’t the worst team in the nba were just not bad but not good eithier.

        • If the Raps were the worst they’d at least get a better shot at the #1 pick in the draft.

          That said, BC would surely find a way to fuck that up again.

          • Bargs’ was the consensus #1 pick in that draft. His ceiling was considered to be Dirk or beyond. Barg’s turned out to be a dud. Not BC’s fault. What is BC’s fault is that Barg’s is still a significant part of this team.

  5. bye bye jose, lowry gay derozan & ross future looks bright if we mek it happen! gun shot mi wan gay bawddddddddddd

  6. oh yeah fuck anderson he thinks hes a superstar bout he wants to shoot so much boooo anderson know your roll & pass the ball!!!!

  7. This perception that high level mediocrity, championship or bust mentality is just simple thinking. If Toronto were to do a multi-year tank, it would cripple this franchise and guarantee the basement for a decade. Toronto just simply need to establish a winning culture, through slow and sustained progress (ala the hawks, pacers, jazz).

    • “If Toronto were to do a multi-year tank, it would cripple this franchise and guarantee the basement for a decade.”

      Talk about simplistic thinking. If the Raptors land a top pick in 2014, they could get the true franchise player the Raptors have lacked since Vince Carter was healthy. Add him to Valanciunas, Davis and Ross and that’s definitely not a roster I can see taking a decade to get out of the basement.

      And by the way, the Hawks, Pacers and Jazz are high level mediocre teams with no chance of winning a Championship. Good examples.

      • You can stockpile young assets and then move them for a disgruntled franchise player – see Anthony-Knicks, Paul-Clippers, and Williams-Brooklyn. The draft is not the only route for securing cornerstone guys.

        On the other hand those three recent examples I just mentioned all involve NY and LA…

        I think either way you have to be pretty damn lucky, whether it’s striking it rich in the draft or being in the right place at the right time to capitalize on those types of trades. All 30 teams are trying to improve their rosters every single day of the year, and it’s pretty rare day that a true franchise player is traded/drafted.

        • Disgruntled franchise players don’t want to go from one bad situation to another. They want to go to a big market for a reason, because those teams spend money, and they can win.

          Also, 2/3 players you mentioned forced their way out TO bigger markets. You could probably even argue that D-Will did too.

          It’s rare for a franchise player to be traded/drafted. But it’s far more likely to draft one than trade for one.

      • Okay you want the raps to be the joke of the league for the possibility of Wiggins in 2014. Going forward with players like derozan, Val, Ross and hoping they blossom into all star/ borderline or even impact players is a huge stretch in my opinion. Rudy Gay is a very expensive but known impact player, revitalization of his role will do wonders for him. I understand he isn’t a good defender, but a lot of guys aren’t in this no hand check league. What really kills the raps (mentioned before by intelligent posters on this blog) extremely over paying for crap talent (landry fields, kleiza, etc.), reason being if you were considering to add rudy and his 20 mil/year, you have little to no money for complimentary pieces.

        • This whole idea (and I don’t know if people say it seriously or are just kidding when they say it) that we should “TANK FOR WIGGINS!!” is ridiculous. Even if we were to attempt a tank, the chances of us getting Wiggins are so. extremely. thin.

          Not only does the lottery not guarantee that even the worst team in the league gets the first overall pick, but look at the Raptors roster and I don’t think there’s any way that we could finish last given the “talent” on this team. No, we don’t have any current all-stars, but the core players like Derozan, one of Lowry/Calderon and some of our young pieces automatically like Val/Ross/Davis put us ahead of some of the basement teams in the league (and that says a lot about how little talent some of these other teams have). Derozan is nearly unmovable and with him leading us (again, he’s no Kobe but he’s better than what a lot of teams can boast; see Charlotte, Orlando) we’re not finishing last in the L. There’s always a chance we could blow *everything* up, but it seems highly unlikely.

          Plus, Dwayne Casey’s style (like it or not) has kept our team competitive despite the team not having too much talent. You can’t blame him for some of the losses this year (poor execution by his players, questionable officiating) and the defensive system he’s implemented has a lot to do with us sticking around in some games. He is NOT perfect — his rotations frustrate the hell out of me — but I still do think his coaching has been a key reason the Raps have been able to stay close in games for the most part. Point being, with him around, there’s yet another reason that “tanking” is a very slim possibility. Who knows if Dwayne will be around come next season, though.

          • “…and some of our young pieces like Val/Ross/Davis automatically put us ahead…

            Excuse my poor grammar.

          • Tanking won’t be realistic as long as Colangelo is the GM.

            However, with a new GM, tanking could be a real possibility. I think Colangelo is the only one who sees any “potential” with this team.

            Besides, Wiggins is obviously what we’re hoping for, but there are several players who could become franchise players in next years draft. A top-3 or 4 pick could get us a legitimate player to build around.

          • @ BP You have a point; a new GM could come in and wipe the slate clean, and it’s not like it’s Wiggins-or-bust (at least it shouldn’t be — but for most fans it is, which was the root of my frustration and the reason for the post above). It’s another top 3 or 4 talent that we need… but I feel as though we only have so much flexibility in terms of shedding salary and talent for the purpose of this supposed tank, with the contracts of Derozan, Fields and even Kleiza and Bargnani, currently. Who’s taking those?

          • @buster

            I would keep Fields, I think he’s a good player to have. But I wouldn’t consider DeRozan, Kleiza, or Bargnani’s contracts to be a problem to get rid of.

            I think they can all be traded, you just won’t get anything useful in return. I would probably trade them for late first or second rounders in the offseason if it was possible. Even amnesty Kleiza.

            That said, if the goal is to tank in 2014, does it really matter what the return is as long as they’re gone?

          • You’re right, they’re not unmovable… just unattractive. And as you say, we won’t be getting much back, which I suppose is the whole point of the tank.

            Bargnani I think can be moved; Kleiza likely not, but he’s as good an amnesty candidate as any; Fields probably could not be moved but either way, he’s not going to stand in the way of a tank if the team chose to go that route; Derozan would be tough to swallow as we’d be giving up arguably our most talented player for nothing, but someone would bite. Then I guess we would really just be left with whatever raw talent we were able to hold onto, hopefully Ross and Val.

            It’s just scary to think of even the possibility of finishing last, relying on that 25% chance and losing out… The horror…

    • How exactly do the Hawks and Pacers have a winning culture?

      What is the purpose of doing so as well? To attract players that normally wouldn’t consider joining your team. I somehow don’t think you build this mystical “winning culture” with repeated 1st round exits. That’s exactly where the Raptors are headed if they trade for a cap-crippling contract like Gay with Bargnani, Derozan, and Fields already locking up far more cap room than any of them should.

    • You have it backwards. Striving for mediocrity is very simplistic thinking.

  8. Do not trade Ed “The Boss” Davis

  9. Okay you want the raps to be the joke of the league for the possibility of Wiggins in 2014. Going forward with players like derozan, Val, Ross and hoping they blossom into all star/ borderline or even impact players is a huge stretch in my opinion. Rudy Gay is a very expensive but known impact player, revitalization of his role will do wonders for him. I understand he isn’t a good defender, but a lot of guys aren’t in this no hand check league. What really kills the raps (mentioned before by intelligent posters on this blog) extremely over paying for crap talent (landry fields, kleiza, etc.), reason being if you were considering to add rudy and his 20 mil/year, you have little to no money for complimentary pieces.

  10. Toronto must push to make the playoffs this year, we don’t have anymore draft picks (bc of Lowry deal).

    • Why? To get swept by Miami in four games?

      What does making the playoffs actually mean for the Raptors? They’d break their little cold spell of missing the playoffs and get their draft pick back, but is a mid-round pick what the Raps need? Is deferring it til next year and making it a top-2 protected pick really worth it? Then again, I don’t see this team being shitty enough to have a shot at Wiggins anyways.

      Acquiring Rudy Gay moves this team from 9th or 10th in the East to a borderline 8th seed and the ‘best case scenario’ is the same as it was to start the season, that the Raps maybe get the 8th seed get swept by the 1st seeded team.

  11. Get er done BC!! Obviously getting gay (hah) is gonna do jack shit for the raps currently as this year is toast. I view this as the possible first of several moves for next year and beyond. Bargnani still has to go and raps will need a pf since johnson is a backup. A trade of ross or hopefully derozan to utah for jefferson or millsap would be beautiful. So a hypothetical core of lowry, gay, millsap/jefferson, and jval is a probable a 4/5 seed in the east. I know its not championship material but its a whole lot better than the shitshow we’ve been accustomed to seeing over the last several years.

  12. On the upside, Gay’s idiotic contract is a small price to pay because Colangelo’s reign is over. He’s done. My guess is the deal is taking time because the suits at Rogers and Bell are blocking the move. With a move like this, nobody can get excited about playoff revenue, or (let’s be honest) jersey sale prospects. Not much to like, really. Since the new bosses are not MSLE incumbents there’s a good chance the old boy’s club won’t hire a guy from a hockey family (Babcock) or the idiot son of a respected GM (Colangelo).

    At the very least they’ll probably hire someone who doesn’t give a damn about the Caliper test.

  13. Gay to Utah,
    Favors to Raptors,
    Hayward, Calderon, Davis to Memphis.


  14. “Raptors trying to find third team in the Calderon/Gat trade”.

    And the Raptors were left without a point guard!

    I mean, the only point guard actually working.

  15. The season is half way through and Lowry has been out 3 times. PG for the future? Must be because he hasn’t been here much in the present – on many levels. I can well understand the coaching staff wanting to keep Calderon. What I find mildly amusing is that BC got rid of Triano for Casey because he was so much better then BC ignores him. He has been logical in his decisions to a certain extent but this move smacks of desperation.
    Maybe all this BS going on in the background was why Calderon said he was going to be the consummate professional and just play his best. Might also explain his poor performance off the bench.
    If BC is responsible for this and planning this he has to go. His machinations are hurting the team.
    Just one more point in the article where he talks about Calderon fitting in to Memphis slow offence. I guess you haven’t been watching the Raptor’s since Casey took over. Their offence is fast and running. In fact Lowry tends to play half court more than Calderon.

    • I think this is actually my biggest beef with BC (along with overpaying mid-level guys) – he evidently tries to impose his vision for the team at the roster management/playing time level, which ought to be the responsibility of the coach. First Mitchell’s recent comments about how he was told to handle Bargnani, and now overriding Casey re: point guard play. A coach has to be given free reign to coach as he sees fit, or his success will always be hampered by having too many chefs in the kitchen. It seems to be one of the biggest problems with MLSE in general – too many opinions with influence.

  16. Woj. today: “In a proposed deal, Memphis would likely receive another young Raptors player and a future draft pick, sources said. The Grizzlies have unsuccessfully tried to pry Raptors rookie Terrence Ross as part of the deal, sources said. Toronto has deemed Ross untouchable in these talks.”

    Nooooooo! The Raptors are taking on an inflated contract! Why are they the ones giving up a productive vet, a young asset, and a draft pick! It’s Memphis who’s desperate to unload Gay’s contract – they ought to be sweetening the pot for Toronto. This is all ass-backwards.

  17. How come all the rumor stories always seem to originate from reporters outside Canada? What are the Canadian sports reporters doing other than quoting what other guys are reporting? Don’t you have any sources of your own? Don’t you find this just a little embarrassing?

  18. If this trade goes through, I find it funny that Colangelo isn’t even going to bother waiting for the ‘help’ Primo Pasta would provide upon his return.

    The next 4 or 5 games may pretty much consign the Raptors to not making the playoffs, so the trade, in an effort to secure a playoff berth and much like Colangelo’s GM ability, may be pretty pointless.

  19. I’m generally against this deal, but I think people are making too much of the fact Gay’s having one mediocre year. For his career, he’s shot a solid 45%. Right now, our bad shooting on the wing is killing us. Both Derozan and Fields just look like they’re chucking the ball at the hoop when they take a 3. Gay at least adds some shooting to the starting lineup…and makes it easier to leave Bargnani on the bench, or maybe eventually amnesty him. Lowry-Demar-Gay-Amir-Jonas at least makes sense on paper

  20. I dont understand why so many people are against getting Gay. He improves the raptors team immediately. We get something in return for Jose’s expiring contract. Kyle takes over as lead PG for the raps, while playing along side one of his best friends in the league. You know what happens when friends play together? Chemistry.

    Sure, Rudy’s contract is big, but it solves our PG fiasco which has become a joke when we play athletic teams. Kyle can finally start leading this team and meshing with everyone and become the perennial PG stud that BC said we were getting. We will finally have a definitive starting SF. Fields backing him up, Amir backing up Jonas, Bargnani (dare i say) backing up Davis (hopefully if he stays because he is looking more and more like Ibaka around the rim). Also, dare I say that his per 36 mins #’s are very similar to Ibaka. Toronto will have one of the most athletic backcourts in the game between Kyle, Demar, & Gay.

    Screw the money, if they can do it, get it done.

  21. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

    Memphis and Toronto pushing closer on deal to send Rudy Gay to the Raptors, sources tell Y! Sports. Raps would part with Calderon and Davis.

    There have been scenarios today that include third teams, and also where Grizzlies and Raptors could do deal straight up, sources tell Y!

    GAY Time!!

  22. One more:

    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

    Raptors and Grizzlies are discussing framework of trade with respective ownership groups now, sources tell Y! Deal could be done tonight.

  23. Correction Then:

    Gay to Utah
    Millsap to Toronto
    Calderon, Hayward, Davis to Memphis


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