UPDATE: The deal is reportedly all but done.

More thoughts to follow…

In continuing with the Rudy Gay trade rumours dominating this blog over the last few days, it appears as though we may soon be able to write about an official deal and not refer to it as a rumour anymore, with Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that the Raptors and Grizzlies are “pushing closer” to a deal for Gay that involves Jose Calderon and Ed Davis.

I posted my thoughts on the proposal earlier this week (no word on whether Darrell Arthur would still be involved), and if this deal becomes official, that internal debate will continue on these pages. For now, we anxiously await follow-up reports and are left to speculate on who the potential third team might be…

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    • Agreed. With this trade this team will be slightly less bad, and that’s it. They will have very little financial flexibility to get past the 7-10 seed without somehow turning Bargnani, Kleiza, and Fields into much better players on better contracts. They will not be drafting high enough and their ceiling will be first-round playoff exits. What is this, 2008? Chris Bosh? Chris Bosh? What have the last 3 years of pain been for? Back to square 1. Actually back to square -1, because Rudy Gay is not even as good as Chris Bosh.

      If you really want to slam your head into a wall, check out what Kelly Dwyer just posted re: why BC wants Rudy Gay on Ball Don’t Lie.

    • funniest thing ever

  1. Fire Colangelo… and send Primo packing with him.

  2. Rudy Gay is NOT RG3…
    The Raptors know that, right?

    Will be disappointing to see Ed Davis on the move…

  3. why is Toronto even considering trading Davis????

    • I have no idea. It really makes no sense at all.

      I can only imagine how awful the floor spacing will be with Gay and Demar as the 3 and 2. Neither can shoot 3′s.

      Makes more sense having Ross as your shooting guard but if that’s the case why the hell did you pay Demar 10 mill a year?

  4. Why? Just, why?

    Adding Gay makes the Raptors slightly less mediocre and that’s it.

  5. R.I.P. Raptors.

  6. not davis, send bargs and kleiza but not davis

  7. Another huge contract for a player not that good.

  8. Toronto should try to get rid of Bargnani, not Ed Davis. He’s going to be great in a few years.

  9. I Cant even imagine if BC traded Davis for Gay and kept Bargnani around for the long term…

  10. Please not Ed Davis, he’s got some serious potential and has been playing great. I agree with Darnell above, get rid of pasta boy Bargnani, Kleiza, and Claderon (which is too bad but Lowry is gonna be a great PG).

    Can’t wait to see Rudy in a Raps jersey. A starting 5 of Derozan, Lowry, Davis, Valanciunas, and Gay would be unreal. And to have Amir, Anderson, and T Ross off the bench is gonna be killer.

  11. Sucks if Davis gets traded but I do like Rudy Gay even though he’s not doing good this year.

  12. Well this is pretty Rudy.


  14. The problem isn’t losing Davis as much as it is acquiring Gay. That moves kills a lot of the flexibility this roster once had and locks you into a team with what, 7/8 seed upside? There’s no reason Colangelo should be allowed to make a franchise altering move like this without an extension, even if it were for a better player than Gay.

    • the part thats scary is that bc might just keep bargs

    • Actually no, you have it reversed.

      The problem is losing Davis, who this season has shown the most promise of all our big men. He has been given an opportunity and has delivered.
      An Ed Davis/ Jonas Valenciunas frontcourt interest the fuck out of me.

      Gays contract expires after next season, when we will be in a better position for using cap flexibility. Look at next years free agents, CP3 will resign in LA, D12, wherever he ends up, will not be in Toronto. After that who? Josh Smith? whom I guarantee will be overpaid by some team next year.

      I have no problem with the burden of Gay’s contract, this is all about losing Ed Davis. Contracts aside, I wouldn’t trade him straight up for Rudy Gay

      • His contract expires next year sure, except there’s a 19M player option for ’14/’15. Also, people need to drop the cap space can only be used on free agents shit. Teams in the Raptors situation can do one of two things, draft a star or trade for one. Unfortunately they chose door 3, trade for a guy being paid like a star who doesn’t play like one. Ed Davis is a nice player, but there are a ton of flaws in his game and his ceiling is limited. Trading him isn’t the problem, it’s doing it for Gay.

  15. BTW raps are sending a 2nd rd pick and not a 1st rder. So, thats a good thing.

  16. Marc Stein says Gay/Haddadi for Calderon/Davis is agreed to, Memphis will flip Calderon to Dallas or Detroit.

    Bargnani stays!

  17. colangelo is a fucking retard, he just can’t part ways with barny eh , back to starting PF for barny

  18. I don’t get this trade at all .. WTF |:

    • Just to add to my original message, I really hope that BC is planning some other moves before the deadline .. cause it makes absolutely no sense to me to get rid of our starting PG and PF to bring in Gay and Haddadi, who I imagine will be coming off the bench. Lowry will start at PG which I’m OK with but that also means that John Lucas will be getting significant minutes and he’s a garbage player at best.

  19. Screw this miserable franchise.

    Cap hell and mediocrity. Those are the only things in the Raptors future. I don’t give a damn about making the playoffs if it’s going to end with a quick 1st round exit every time.

    The worst part is that the ownership is totally backing this and the mindless sheep will fill the seats encouraging these short-term moves.

    • Is that Bozo Richard Pettie still running the Raps!?

    • Oh they’ll be in cap hell, I’m just not sure they’ll be mediocre. Honestly, mediocre looks like the ceiling for this bunch. Unless he makes a brilliant deal getting Bargnani off the books, you’re looking at upwards of 65M on the books next year (assuming Kleiza’s 4.6M gets amnestied).


  21. I really hope this is for another trade or something cause I don’t understand this move on either teams part.

    Hell, trade Bargs and Gay back to Memphis to return Davis, cause I’d rather have Davis than either Bargs or Gay.

    Holy F. I’ve always tried to stay positive with my favorite team, but it’s getting harder and harder every season. Hopefully this works out!

    ps – Thanks to the person who put in The Office clip. Made me laugh.

  22. Wolstat just tweeted that Calderon just changed into street clothes.

    ‘Tis done.

    • One of the most professional players to put on Raptors jersey, I hope he gets a well deserved ovation when he makes his return to the ACC

      Thanks for the years of loyal service Jose and good luck with the rest of your career!

  23. And the treadmill continues…..*Sigh*

  24. Wow. I hope Raptors fans at home games boo the hell out of Bargnani once he returns to the lineup.

  25. Hmm… ok, I’m trying to think through what this all means.

    The lineup:
    PG: Lowry/JL3
    SG: Derozan/Ross
    SF: Gay/Fields
    PF: Bargs/Johnson
    C: Val/Gray

    Calderon is finally gone, after years of trade rumors. On the whole, I’ll miss him. He was always competent, rarely spectacular, and when used properly, helped the team succeed. This is now Rudy Gay’s team, and finally, with Lowry in place (and fingers crossed, healthy), Bargs could be knocked down to the third option.

    Bill Simmons often says something along the lines of: In the NBA, if you have the opportunity to trade two dimes for a quarter, you always take it. There’s no doubt that of anyone in this deal, Gay is the quarter. He’s the best player in the deal, and hopefully just having an off-year. Davis has upside, but we don’t ultimately know what he’ll become.

    This deal makes the Raps better today. It’s clearly done with the calculation that trades are the way for this team to bring in stars, rather than free agency, since it eats up our cap room. Whether the team is better in two years because of it, only time will tell. It could go either way.

  26. Looks like Calderon is getting flipped for Prince. Funny, I think I would have preferred the Raps did that trade straight up, and left Gay, Davis and Haddadi in place.

  27. Colangelo obviously thinks that the Raptors fan base is stupid and that he is pulling the wool over our eyes in a pathetic ,counter productive way to save his own ass.

  28. http://nooooooooooooooo.com/

    I had hoped that the high priced suits would have told Colangelo to take a long walk off of a short bridge when given the details of the trade. Sadly, they know about as much about basketball as Colangelo apparently does.

    Really sad to see Ed Davis go…..one of the few bright spots in what is another Colangelo constructed shipwreck of a season. Speaking of the half-wit GM, didn’t he say in early December that the losing record was not a personnel problem? And, yet, it appears it is a personnel problem now?

    Colangelo, much like Bargnani’s ability to defend anything that resembles a human, sucks.

  29. I don’t mind it. Why all the big fuss? Raps traded a veteran point guard who we shouldn’t build around anyways and a young, relatively unproven Power Forward for the leading scorer on a playoff team. Yeah he’s overpaid but at the end of the day does that really matter?

    As much as it would have been nice to ditch Bargs, it didn’t happen, for whatever reason. I actually wouldn’t mind him coming back from whatever phantom injury he’s out with these days and playing a few games with the Lowry/Gay connection….. jusssssssst to see. He’s probably still horrible but, at least he’s not gonna hurt his apparently non existant trade value. Earn a few bucks for a change.

  30. Does any reader on this site have any basketball IQ other than the writers? This is a legitimate trade. Raps finally part with JC, he was great as a raptor and I wish him all the best. We finally hand the reins over to the stud that BC promised in Lowry. Lowry close friends with Gay will have instant chemistry. Losing Davis sucks but to get some you have to give some. That’s life. We still have lots of young big talent on this team in Jonas / Amir. And if this doesn’t work out, Gay’s contract is up in two years.

    Has anyone seen him play on the Grizz? He’s been forced to be a shooter but still leads their team in scoring. Randolph/Gasol clog up the paint. I have a very good feeling he’s going to take it to the next level here.

    PLUS we still have Linas / Bargnani contracts to deal with either now or down the road. Lots of options for this team and the raps just got immediately better.

    • If you want to be a treadmill team for the next couple of years, then ya sure this trade is good. If you want to legitimately build a contender for the future? This trade sucks.
      Rudy is having an awful season, just chucking away shots with bad fg%.
      That contract is a mess also, and it’s up in 2 years… That’s 2 more seasons of treadmilling between 8th and 12th.
      Losing Ed doesn’t help either. Val is hurt, Bargs can’t rebound to save his life and Gray is a pylon camping on the top of the key not knowing what to do when he gets the ball.
      Amir is our only decent Big. WE have no bench for big men with Ed gone.
      I guess every raps fan got used to being a below average team.

      • i think a post below said it best….

        “Do any of you sunlight deprived retards realize that you now have a legitimate top-10 SF on your roster? And he’s 26 years old? And you gave up an aging free agent and a prospect big to get him?
        Do you really think the Toronto Raptors are above adding Rudy Gay to their roster?”

        Teams build contenders through free agency, trades, and drafts. Guess what? We have Jonas / Terrence in their rookie years with HUGE ceilings. Terrence is turning into a legitimate 6th man while Anderson TEMPORARILY fills that role. Guess what? We signed a legitimate stud in Lowry. And guess what? We just got a player who is a capable of becoming a perennial all-star here.

        Gray is riding the pine when Jonas comes back healthy. Gray is a 3rd stringer. You can’t talk about his game as if it should be meaningful. He takes up space, that is his job, that’s it.

        You are exactly the type of reader I’m talking about…

  31. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of making the team worse while taking on salary. Kind of the opposite of what you want to be doing really.

    Are there really people who think this makes the team better? Calderon + Davis help the team way more than Gay* in any year, this season it’s not even close.

    *What is he even going to do on this team with Derozan, Ross and Anderson on it?

    I hate Colangelo. He has a unique talent for pissing away opportunities.

  32. I may be the last person to say this, but fire Colangelo.

  33. $30M for Fields & Gay. I guess lets look forward to a Terrence Ross trade

    • I think it’s “only” $24M not 30

      • I find it hilarious that people get all worked up about Fields making 6 million. He’s easily worth that, just like Amir. (PPG is the batting average of basketball)

    • If Ross wasn’t available in this deal, I think we can expect that he’s off limits, unless there’s another major piece coming back. Bargs/Ross for Gasol anyone?

  34. This feels like the Vernon Wells trade, except in reverse.

  35. Do any of you sunlight deprived retards realize that you now have a legitimate top-10 SF on your roster? And he’s 26 years old? And you gave up an aging free agent and a prospect big to get him?

    Do you really think the Toronto Raptors are above adding Rudy Gay to their roster?

    As a Maryland born boy who had to move to Ottawa for work, I must say you Canadians never cease to amaze me…

    • thank you. Someone with some basketball smarts.

    • And do you realize that the Toronto Raptors will operate within the constraints of the salary cap and adding an, at best, slightly above average player like Gay with a huge contract will limit their ability to improve in other places?

      How about the fact that the Raptors were nowhere near to being a team that is “one more away” from being a contender?

      But no, I’m thrilled that instead of a 30-35 win ceiling, the Raptors now might top out with a 40 win season and have the honour of getting bounced quickly in the 1st round every year. Thrilling.

    • Well, you see, there’s this thing in the NBA called a salary cap. Still following me?

      When you use your entire cap on players who are over rated, one dimensional, and paid like stars, then you have a major problem.

      • @BP
        yeah I follow you – good example of that would be Calderon at 11 million, never made the all-star team and never started in a ply-off game…is this the type of player your talking about!???

        • More or less. Which is why it made a lot more sense to just watch his expiring contract fall off the books than trade him for an albatross. Or swap him straight up for Tayshaun Prince and let Lowry play. Either way would have been preferable to this.

      • Maybe it’s the absence of Vitamin D talking, but I agree with LS and BP.

        It’s not that Rudy Gay is terrible, its just that he is terribly overpaid.

        As LS implies, this is a kind of move a team would make if it was 1 player away from being a contender. The Raptors are nowhere near that, so why should they take on an albatross of a contract that will only hurt their ability to construct a balanced and talented roster in the next few years? It makes little sense if you think in the long term, and being as just above dismal as they currently are in the standings, the Raptors really should be thinking in the long term.

      • both of you are fools. To say Gay is slightly above-average is nonsense.

        To say this hugely affects the cap is silly. We’re trading $13mm in contracts for $19mm (per year basis). It’s an additional $6mm. Then Linas $4.5mm contract expires next year which will be trade bait for someone else anyhow.

        Lastly, do you even know who is available via UFA 2013? Go ahead and google that and tell me who is coming to Toronto.

        • @DB

          You DO realize that even without Kleiza on the books, the Raptors are already well over the cap for next year, right? That’s not even including a Lowry extension.

          The team does not need cap space to waste on FA’s. They need high draft picks to draft better players and that is not an option now, thanks to this terrible trade.

          • @ BP … you do realize that there are only a small handful of teams that are not over the cap right? NBA is a soft cap with many exemptions. I think you need to read up bud.

            And that’s a great idea… wait year after year and build only through drafts… yep you’d make a great GM.

          • @DB,

            That’s not the point. The point is that the Raptors now have no cap room, because they have a bunch of role players who they have overpaid like stars.

            This team is going nowhere, so you’re essentially paying a high price for mediocrity, and you’re ok with that.

            Yes, the team needs to tank in order to get a high pick. That’s the only way they’ll ever get a franchise player in order to contend.

            If you don’t think so, I think you need to read up bud.

    • @Wa Thallan – amaze you how?? – like not having health care for our citizens…oh wait that the Staes, we do take care of our own! – does it amaze you our leader doesn’t go killing a country leader for no reason claiming there are weapons of mass destruction to only find out (at the end of the day) it was a family squabble and the Bush’s just had to win it! – OR do we amaze you because we don’t have THOUSANDS of gun killings mass murders EVERY year – does it amaze you can walk on any street you want in Canada w/o having to worry about “bad area’s littered with gang violence”…one bad move and your dead in the good ‘ol US of A (a stands for assholes) – here in Canada….FREEDOM to walk anywhere, does this amaze you?or does it amaze you that our citizens aren’t 90% made of fake Hollywood stars and a mass populations who are obese and or alcoholic/meth users!
      Nobody cares what you think YANK – You don’t like stuff , tough shit cowboy! No body asked ya anyways – be thankful your living in the best country in the world – be thankful you have opportunity to earn a living in this great country – be thankful before some Canuck kicks your Yankee ass back to Texas…or what ever racist city your from down there!

      • Youngjames,

        he just told you where he’s from: Maryland (New England) not Texas.
        So, he’s not a cowboy. Not more than you, in any case.
        And, you, know what: racism doesn’t apply to Canadians!

        PS = Wa Thallan, I’m with you on almost everything

  36. I think they could somehow manage to package bargs and Anderson to the spurs for bonner, de colo, patty mills and a first round pick


  38. Anthopulous> everyone

  39. So sad to see “The Boos” go – I have been a big fan since they drafted him…But, F^CKIN’ EH – BYE BYE Calderon…na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na…saaaaayyyyyyy, good bye!!!!!! No Jordan to stop this trade either!!!!!!!! we should have gotten more, but 8 years of the slow footed, no defense, injury prone loser at every level of basketball won’t be showing off his bald spot in a Raps uni any more!!!!! The change needed to be made and Ill always remember Jose as the guy who never won anything and the guy that cost us The Boss – Ed Davis! finally Calderon played a half a season w/o getting hurt showing he is a serviceable but not dominate starting PG in a contract year and we had to kill a prospect just to get rid of him!

  40. Could the raps extend offer to Davis in the off season when he is restricted free agent? I was wondering cause he’ll be coming out of rookie contract

  41. Only people who like this trade are the ones who A) haven’t a fucking clue how money affects value in a capped league and/or B) overrate the shit out of the current Raptors. This is a bad team that just traded two of their most productive players. Which isn’t to say that they shouldn’t have traded Calderon/Davis (especially Jose’s expiring deal), just that you’re not getting much, if at all better by adding Gay. Hell, just by PER the Raps are getting 6 wins WORSE this year (which obviously isn’t a perfect measure, but still…6 wins!). Colangelo will need to pull a rabbit out of his ass to not end with a capped out, thoroughly mediocre roster for the next 2.5 seasons.

  42. Someone call me in 10 years… I might start paying attention to the Raptors again.
    It’s been said before, but in different circumstances this isn’t a bad trade, but it’s terrible for the Raptors as they are currently situated in terms of talent and potential competiveness for the coming years. This is an early exit playoff team at best… something we’ve seen a lot of around here.
    I really have no interest in following this team until there’s a clean sweep of management and any players that don’t have upside.
    This team NEEDS to properly rebuild, and upper management should’ve stopped Colangelo from makign a move that helps him in the short-term but doens’t help the team in long term… because let’s face it, the team isn’t close to championship calibre, and if it isn’t then there’s no point in doing this.

  43. Quoting: Jays of Thunder

    “Bill Simmons often says something along the lines of: In the NBA, if you have the opportunity to trade two dimes for a quarter, you always take it. There’s no doubt that of anyone in this deal, Gay is the quarter. He’s the best player in the deal, and hopefully just having an off-year.”

    What if the quarter is tarnished to the point that nobody is certain it is a quarter, and you have to pay it a dollar to play?

  44. Typical moral hazard. BC is afraid of getting fired so he’s trying to make the team better now even if its a very short-sighted decision, which this trade definitly does.

  45. This team will be a little bit better and they will be fun to watch with Gay attacking the basket. However, as has been noted repeatedly, they are going nowhere as a franchise.

    I’m deathly afraid of JLIII gettin 15-20 mpg. Lord help us all.

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