Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors have finally acquired Rudy Gay after a pursuit that lasted roughly seven months, if not more. We’ve spent a ton of words on the proposed deal and rumours over the last couple of days. Now it’s time to dig in and analyze an actual deal.

First, the details. The Raptors acquire Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi, the Grizzlies acquire Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye and a second round draft pick (from Toronto) plus cash considerations, and the Pistons acquire Jose Calderon.

Alright, now here we go…

Trading Jose Calderon and subsequently turning the team over to Kyle Lowry at the point (Lowry and Gay are best friends, by the way, with Gay being Godfather to Lowry’s child) will polarize Raptors fans on its own, but I’m firmly on board with that part of the deal. While I’ve often picked apart the flaws in Calderon’s game, I’ve always appreciated his offensive game and his love for Toronto, but it was well past due time for the Raps to move on from the Calderon Era, and I still believe Lowry can be a big time point guard in the NBA.

Where the deal is incredibly tough for Raptors fans to swallow is in the trading of Ed Davis, a young player enjoying a breakout season at 23-years-old who looked very capable of becoming one of the NBA’s better power forwards going forward, potentially setting up a promising frontcourt with Jonas Valanciunas. On the surface, it appears the Raptors traded a young big man on the rise in Davis for an overpaid wing player who’s already hit his ceiling and is on his way down.

The other way to look at it is that the Raptors sold high on Calderon and Davis and bought low on Gay, who would never have been available for just the combination of Calderon and Davis before the season started. That’s because coming into the season, Rudy Gay was a perennial borderline All-Star and top-30 player (In five seasons from 2007-08 to 2011-12, Gay averaged 18.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.3 steals per 36 minutes while posting a PER of 17.8 in his last two seasons) . The obvious question here is does one very discouraging half-season change that, as Gay has looked like a shell of his former self so far in 2012-13.

Even despite his recent struggles, there’s no denying that this trade is an immediate upgrade for Toronto. The Raptors pick up their most talented asset in the Post-Bosh Era, finally plug what seems like an eternal hole at the small forward position, and perhaps most importantly of all for this season, finally add an NBA “closer” who should and almost surely will get the ball in the game’s biggest moments.

If the Raptors have a healthy Kyle Lowry at the point and a Rudy Gay at the three who resembles the Rudy Gay of old, then they’re already well on their way to putting together a playoff core in the weak Eastern Conference, with expected developments from prized rookies Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross at centre and shooting guard being the deciding factors in whether the team can become a semi-contender in the future or an expensive treadmill team.

When it comes to DeMar DeRozan, I, like others, don’t see how he and Gay can effectively co-exist at the wing positions, since neither is a very good three-point shooter or facilitator. I’m willing to wait and see how the two look side by side, but if it looks as redundant as I imagine it to be, then I’d prefer the Raptors look to move DeRozan (possibly in a package for a power forward) and go forward with Ross and Gay manning the two and three in what could be a very dangerous and balanced wing combination.

As for Ed Davis and the Grizzlies, I feel like this move could be a sign that they’re also willing to break up the frontcourt combo of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol after this season. I understand that moving Gay was as much about saving money and avoiding the more punishing luxury tax in the future than it was about basketball, but still, why trade one of your core players for a promising young big man who needs minutes to continue to develop when as currently constructed, you don’t have many minutes to give him (Randolph plays over 35 minutes per night at power forward and Davis isn’t big enough to play centre)? Does Memphis envision a frontcourt going forward that consists of Davis and Gasol?

For the Pistons, trading Prince and Daye for the expiring Calderon clears some more cap space for them going forward and also doesn’t hurt them this season while they chase the East’s eighth seed (Detroit is 5.5 games back of Boston and one game ahead of Toronto). It’s a pretty nice move for them, but I imagine Jose must be pretty bummed out. Sure, Calderon is still making a ton of money and he’ll get to choose his own destination as an unrestricted free agent this summer, but for now, he leaves the only NBA city he’s ever known (where he was very comfortable) to go to a much less attractive city (sorry, Detroit) without really upgrading teams or even upgrading his role, as he’ll likely be sharing minutes with 2011 Pistons draft pick Brandon Knight.

Lastly, there’s Hamed Haddadi. With all due respect to the big man, he has no role or future here and was pretty much just filler in this deal. In fact, reports are already surfacing that the Raptors may immediately waive him, so I don’t think we really need to go into detail about Haddadi.

Back to the Raptors. They leave tonight’s controversial loss in Atlanta 6.5 games behind the eighth-seeded, Rondo-less Celtics and 3.5 games back of ninth-place Philadelphia, who the Raptors lost the season-series to by blowing a 19-point second half lead earlier this month. Even with Gay in the fold, I still don’t expect them to climb out of that hole, but if they can stay healthy, they should ensure that the pick going to Oklahoma City (as part of the Kyle Lowry and then James Harden trade) is a later lottery pick in a very weak draft while going into next season as a team that should absolutely be thinking and talking playoffs.

The real debate among passionate Raptors fans, though, isn’t about what’s left of this season or even next season. It’s have the Raptors helped or hurt their long-term chances to become a contender, because that’s the only question that should have been addressed by the organization today (they obviously must have felt that this helps them). The difficulty with trying to answer that question right now is that as mentioned, the answer will depend as much on Valanciunas and Ross as it does on the health and attitude of Lowry and Gay.

Bryan Colangelo has taken a huge swing here, and in the past, those usually result in comically failed misses, so I fully understand why jaded Raps fans see this as yet another short-sighted move that will likely cost Colangelo his job. After all, I’ve said countless times that I’ve always feared Ed Davis will become the latest in a long line of promising young Raptors who “got away” only to blossom elsewhere, and that fear has now gone into full on phobia mode. But it is important to remember that again, up until the last few months, this move would have looked like a steal for the Raptors, who are acquiring the best player in the deal right now.

It is the definition of a high risk, high reward gamble for the team, the general manager and the organization as a whole. History suggests that those don’t usually work out for the Toronto Raptors, so their rabid fanbase will have to hope that the Rudy Gay they are acquiring gets back to being THIS GUY at the Air Canada Centre…

Come on, you didn’t think I was going to end this with anything else, did you?

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  1. 1. It’s definitely a move that improves the team in the short term. But long-term, the team is basically screwed. I really think the team needed to continue to tank so that they could get a couple more high picks to build around.

    2. I agree that I’m not confident DeRozan-Gay will even work. I actually think it would make more sense to start Fields at SG and possibly have DeMar come off the bench for the time being.

    3. I share your concerns about Davis. I think the Raptors are going to regret trading him away.

    Overall, not a good trade at all for the Raptors.

    • How do you think long term this team will be screwed? They get a guy in Rudy Gay that can give a team 20, and 7 per game who will certainly be considered for All star consideration now that he is no longer over shadowed by Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Combine him with Kyle Lowry, Demar DeRozan, Andrea Bargnarni and Jonas Valunciunas–you have one powerful starting five.

      I’m so surprised the Raptors did not have to give up more. I could have sworn that they would have had to given up Bargnarni to make the trade work. I mean parting with Ed Davis, that’s really not a big loss. He’s athletically raw w/ no real fundamentals and at only 22, he’s already reached his ceiling. Good riddance.

      As for Jose, I will miss him because he has always gotten an undeserved bad rep in Toronto. He’ll certainly fit in well in Detroit and I am all but certain that Detroit will improve leaps and bounds with him there. Hopefully Dumars won’t do something stupid and buy him out. The Piston have been in desperate need for a solid point man since Dumars recklessly traded Chauncey Billups for a broken down and over the hill Allen Iverson.

      Overall, I am happy about this trade. It was a necessary move for the Raptors to move forward. In one day they wen’t from Eaatern Conference bottom feeder to playoff contender. I do not know what you are talking about Gay ruining the team.

      • I am sorry but I cannot agree with a word you said for several reasons.

        1) You say that Rudy Gay will be considered for all-star consideration because he isn’t overshadowed by Z-Bo and Gasol, however, his best seasons in Memphis came when those two weren’t factors and he did receive consideration. He just never got in.

        2) You are surprised we didn’t have to give up Andrea? No offence to Andrea, but nobody in their right minds would take on his contract and give up the better player, because Andrea is way too one dimensional and if he isn’t scoring he is pretty much useless.

        3) “I mean parting with Ed Davis, that’s really not a big loss. He’s athletically raw w/ no real fundamentals and at only 22, he’s already reached his ceiling. Good riddance.” Wow. OK, Ed Davis has not reached his ceiling. He is a 22 year old player in his 3rd year who never got a full training camp before this year, and as a starter was excelling. He rebounds and he can put up points and he gives an effort on defence. The guy may never be an All-Star like some like to think but to say he has reached his ceiling is ridiculous. The guy has the ability to be a consistent starter in this league.

        4) It wasn’t a necessary trade at all. The may have gone to playoff contender but they ended up giving away a solid young piece and have burdened themselves with a monstrous contract for the next two years on an under performing #2 option on a contending team at his best. They have taken themselves out of the top 10 picks for the next few years while not having that #1 option. If Gay doesn’t regain his form, if Lowry keeps getting injured, if DeRozan stays DeRozan, and if Ross and Valanciunas don’t reach this full potential we will never have a chance of getting past the first round of a playoff series. This is not a team that can attract free agents, it is one dependent on the draft and trades and they have handicapped themselves in one of those unless they luck out.

        • Ed Davis has no REAL basketball skills. He cannot create his own offense, has no post game to speak of and have u seen his hot mechanics? Sure he plays defense, rebounds, and give s enrgy and hustle on the floor, but if he did not, he would not even be in the league, because he offers little if anything else.

          As for your comments on Gay. Sure he has never been named to an All Star team, but neither has Josh Smith.Just because people are shortsighted to not name him, does not mean he is not an All star talent. In addition, being selected to the All Star game has NOTHING to do with actual talent, skill or production. It’s simply a popularity contest. that’s all.

      • @slap dog hoops
        Your comments are more wishfull thinking tan anything else..first: Gay a 20 & 7 player ????? I wish but that won’t happen and nothing to do with Gasol or ZR if so why doesn’t any other team want to pay his huge contact….your second comment about Bargnani it like you think Bargnani has some sort of ….again nobody wants him but we give a contract extention!!!!

        I agree with you on the Calderon cooment good move for the Pistons but I hope the Lakers pick him up next season to come off the bench for Nash.

        • How is it wishful thinking? The Raptors get a bona fide All Star talent who can be ranked as the fourth best SF in the league behind Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. If that is not worth his max salary, I don’t know what is.

          At Memphis, along with leading the team in scoring, for the past five or six years, he was the team’s third best rebounder behind Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, second is assists behind Mike Conley, and averaged close to two steals per games in five of his six years thus far.

          The best things is they really did not have to give up much to get him either.

      • I think It’s time you start blogging about another sport, Slap Dog Hoops.

      • @ slap dog:

        Ed Davis is athletically raw with no talent and has hit his ceiling?

        This might be one of the worst evaluations of a player I’ve ever seen. You really need to stop watching basketball…or at least stop making comments on it.

        • Here is another loser that has nothing really intelligent to say. Maybe you should stop watching basketball and stick to something like hockey or curling. It’s obvious you know nothing about basketball because if you did, you would know that my evaluation is right on point.

          Davis has no offensive skills, he cannot create neither on the post or off the dribble. His shot mechanics are terrible and cannot be really counted on to put points on the board. He will fit in well in Memphis backing up ZBo because that’s all he’s good for–being a solid energy guy off the bench and nothing more.

          • He has no shot mechanics? OK even though he’s taken WAY more actual jump shots this year, his FG% has increased to 55%.

            Can’t create in the post? Honestly what games have you been watching? He’s a much better post-scorer than Bargnani is and ever will be..and he’s only 23.

            I don’t even know why I’m arguing with you. Anyone who thinks we should keep Bargnani over Davis obviously doesn’t know a thing about basketball.

    • I am so sick of fans who every year wishes the team would tank. It’s pathetic.

      • It’s pathetic how misinformed people are of how the NBA actually works. You NEED a franchise player if you want to be a contender in the NBA.

        The only way for the Raptors to get a franchise player is through the draft.

        People need to stop thinking that we can trade for one or sign one as a free agent. Sorry to let you down DB, but it’s not happening.

        • The raptors have sucked for the last few years man. A top 5 pick isn’t always guaranteed and even when you get one, there isn’t a guarantee that they will be a franchise player. Sadly, superstars won’t sign in Toronto. That leave BC with the option of picking up a tier 2 guy through a trade who might end up staying in Toronto. Gay fits that bill. You gotta give up something to get something. BC is banking on the fact that Ross and JV will be studs in a couple of years. In the meantime the team can be competitive in a weak Eastern conference.

        • you cant say that. maybe they draft the next MJ, it doesnt mean he will stay there.

          Also that is not the only way to get a franchise player, look at the knicks with melo, clippers with paul, boston with kg. There is countless examples over the years.

          All it takes is having the right assets at the right time. sure not everyone wants to play in toronto, i get that but once the raptors build a core of solid players that will change other players mind sets, its just how it works. I think having the core of lowry, gay and val going forward is great and top of it they still have some chips to move around like DR and Bargs. I like the move and think they are in a way better posistion going forward

          Plus Rudy Gay will sell tickets, which is always great for a franchise

          • Non-ball fans drinking the koolaid.

            Keep on betting on BC’s gambles and you end up broke and wondering how it happened.

            His previous moves have flopped and this one will flop as well. No one around the league wanted Gay other than a bored nepotism gifted GM who is trying to make a run at the 8th seed to get slppaed by the Heat in the 1st round.

            This is team building? Thi s is the plan and vision the GM of thi team has? Lol. Raps will be in the lottery again this year, believe it.

          • .
            I can agree with many of your points, with the exception of the following;

            [" Also that is not the only way to get a franchise player, look at the knicks with melo, clippers with paul, boston with kg. ']

            Melo …. New York … New York (Melo wanted in)
            Paul …. Clippers … aka …. L.A.
            KG ……. Boston – pulled off a series of Sucker trades, however, the destination is what counted …. Boston.

            In respect to the NBA, Toronto would rank well amongst these cities, if it wasn’t in Canada. As Bosh said, the air smells different here!

            In the end, when it comes to the Canadian “effect” …. NO ONE has ever proven different.


        • Hey BP – looks like the fans have spoke.

          • I gotta go with my man BP on this one…yes Rudy is a good player, and it’ll be fun to watch a team that hasn’t had a closer since Vince. But overall, we won’t be much better. Jonas is still raw, Bargnani is an expensive waste of space, Aaron gray is terrible and amir can’t do everything on his own. Watching Ed Davis develop was one of the few bright spots of this season…and now we are seriously lacking at the 4 & 5.

            For the raps to be a legit playoff team: Gay will have to be very good, we need to trade bargnani for an actual big man, and all our young players will have to develop at a faster rate. That’s a lot of ifs…cause we won’t have much money to spend in the next couple years.

          • @DB

            That’s great. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

            But it’s the same fans who like the trade now that will wish the team had tanked longer. Just wait until the good teams make easy work of us in the first round, a lot of people’s opinions of the team will change.

        • “The only way for the Raptors to get a franchise player is through the draft.”

          That’s the “easiest” way, but the odds of that happening are very slim, even if you tank. Franchise players aren’t available every year (just look at this upcoming draft), and when they are, you have to get lucky with the ping pong balls and/or you have to be David Stern’s bed buddy. Bryan Colangelo’s a good-looking guy, so he may have an “in’ on the second part.

          Also, I wouldn’t say the draft is the “only” way of getting a franchise player. You can also try to land one through trade. Of course, many of those trades involve “desirable” destinations like New York and LA, but there are also the Houston Rocketses of the world that bide their time until the right deal comes along.

          There is no single way of building a championship team. You have to use all the tools at your disposal (trade, draft, free agency). You have to get lucky. You have to make the best of your opportunities. On the free agency side of things, build a good organization that has a reputation for treating its players right, and there will be players that want to come.

        • BP, I think you are the one that is misinformed. Tanking does not guarantee you a number one pick and if you do get the number one pick, itr’s still a crap shoot. I’can list so many players that were picked number one only to be a complete bust afterwards.

          Picking up Gay was a very well thought of move by Colangelo. he knew that the team would not get any better if they just kept going to the lottery and getting raw inexperienced players. In Gay, he got an All Star caliber veteran talent who has not even reached his prime. That’s a solid personnel decision if u ask me.

          • @ slap dog,

            You’re right, tanking does not gaurantee anything. And yes, picks being busts is common.

            But my point is, if the Raptors want to do anything more than become a treadmill playoff team, they need an elite/franchise player. Gay is not one of them.

            As small a chance it may be to win a draft lottery, the only way the Raptors have a shot at a franchise player is through the draft. Even a pick near the top would help get one.

      • I agree enough with the F@$&$ tanking!!! Time to aquire proven talent!!

    • Except for the fact that Demar should come off the bench. Call me optimistic, but I think the combo of Rudy and Derozan at the 2&3 could work.

      • From your other post, I agree that Ed was one of the few bright spots with this team. I would have liked to see the team build around Davis, Ross, JV and future draft picks instead.

        I agree that there is a lot of “if’s” with this team. It’s a huge gamble that even if it does pay off, only makes us a playoff team, and nothing more than that. So, then again, what’s the point?

        You could be right about DeMar and Rudy. But to me, it’s just two guys who play too similarly to work. But, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • You’re right, but I meant the big ifs turning us into a legit playoff team, not just a 6-8 seed. The cycle of mediocrity scares me as a fan.. and if this deal doesn’t work out, it’ll be a LONG time before we get out of it.

  2. Gay did play along side Tony Allen and he wasn’t a 3pt shooter and Mem did pretty well, obv their front court had much to do with that but it does prove that Gay can co exsist with someone similar to him. I just wonder about Bargs does that mean we are keeping him or is he still on the trade block?

    • That’s possibly the worst part of this deal. It looks like Bargnani is staying.

    • Lowry’s also not particularly good in p&r situations. He plays screens as a way to get himself to the basket as opposed to looking to set up a play for his rolling big or a slashing wing. I think this team will have a lot of spacing issues, even if they’re able to find a big with ~15 ft range.

  3. Matt and Jack sound like they’re in mourning. A lot of talk about how Ed and Jose and not much about Gay, it’s weird.

  4. Holy cow!!

    I can’t believe irt Talk about getting a first class player!! And the the Raps had to part with were Jose Calderon and Ed Davis. I was almost certain that they would have had to part with Bargnarni. Just thinkiing of a starting five of Lowry, DeRozan, gay, Bargnarni and Valunciunas makes makes me water at the chops. Bryan sure pulled off a masterful job.

    • I can’t figure out whether you are serious. You’re HAPPY about Barney staying and Davis going? Don’t get me wrong, Gay is a great return for an expiring contract and a young stud, but your enthusiasm over the black hole at PF is strange.

  5. I wouldn’t have done this trade before the season. With those stats you posted that are nearly identical to those of an average SG, I’d say it’s pretty easy to deny this trade makes the team better.

    Using an expiring contract to take on a terrible contract is kind of self-defeating.

    Prepare for more losing, especially when Vegetable Lasagna gets back.

  6. I find it funny that the team only started to play better once Vegetable Lasagna removed himself from the team via injury. Now that his return is imminent and he will need to be relied upon yet again, I wonder if Bargnani’s return will signal a return to mining the depths of, well, terribleness.

    I’m not a fan the trade, as it only works on the premise that the Raptors are a few steps away from being movers and shakers in the Eastern Conference. The presence of Vegetable Lasagna, Lucas III, Anderson, Kleiza and Gray on the roster suggests that is probably not the case.

    • Stop being a hating troll!!!

      • Okay, okay, I’ll be a loving troll instead.

        All who pass over my bridge will get a cd of Mammas and Pappas greatest hits, some incense and some Rizla rolling papers, so you can smoke the cd while listening to some incense.

        Its the only way I can share the Colangelo love.

    • I don’t know what the rest of you are seeing but the raptors aren’t winning. Thinks its a risk but with huge upside. You have to give up something to get something. Gonna miss davis but gonna like watching this team. Plus colangelo said he aint done yet. There is to many wing players. Gotta get rid of anderson fields and or derozan

  7. I think you’re playing up the risk factors of the deal a little bit. The Raptors are a lottery bound team without a lottery pick, how much do they exactly have to lose? They’re at absolute rock bottom.

    As much as I hate to lose Davis, the Raptors can’t worry about him anymore or what he turns into. The point is, they filled a gaping hole and made the team better while getting a player who is still young enough to be a long-term building block. I’m interested to see how the team looks with Gay and what else is done to clear up some of the log jam at shooting guard/small forward and if Bargnani is finally moved.

    • If Colangelo can parlay DeRozan/Bargnani into a power forward/backup PG, or trade DeRozan for one of those things and then amnesty Bargnani, my optimism will grow. Right now, I’m bummed about Davis, hopeful about Gay’s ability to bounce back, and concerned about spacing issues within the offence. The drive to the trade deadline will definitely be worth keeping an eye on though, that’s for sure.

      • Is a derozan and bargs for gasol and one of their many backup pgs to far fetched

      • Your optimism is going to grow based on team building on the fly?

        What will you be optimistic about? The possibility of squeaking into the playoffs to get trounced by real teams?

  8. Love the idea of pairing Gay with Lowry going forward.

    People who say why not keep Davis and get rid of Bargnani, it’s because no one wants Bargnani and his value is no where close to Ed Davis’.

    I think the next move, beside just dumping Andrea for anything, is to try to move DD. DD and Gay are very similar players, and Ross at the 2 would be a much better fit with Gay, since he is more of a shooter.

    Try to move DD for a PF or good backup PG.

  9. For all those players that criticize playing for Toronto, just have a look at how Calderone and Davis reacted when they found out that they were traded. They were both emotional and I respect them for that and wish them both the best in their new uniforms. Moose out!

  10. I understand all the points Joe makes, as well as the other commenters. Just a couple of questions: Wasn’t Gay sharing the ball with a group of talented players in Randolph, Conley & Gasol? Is it reasonable to hope for a Harden-like breakout from Gay? Or is this a bunch wishful thinking?

    Let me know what you guys think!

    • I think it’s wishful thinking. I was hoping for raps to get a first round draft pick for Calderon and Davis but that didn’t work. I don’t see gay and derozan doing well with each other but Ross makes a better sg than derozan. Good luck Jose and Ed Davis. You’ll be missed

    • Totally wishful thinking. Harden already looked like a legit MAX guy in his early twenties on a championship contender. Gay is at best an All-Star.

      Now don’t get me wrong, if Rudy can get back to his prior level of play, then this deal can turn out just fine for the Raptors, but Harden is a legit franchise player in the NBA, and I don’t think Rudy Gay will ever be that in Toronto.

  11. Barny is a piece of shit …nothing but a 7 foot SG who cant even hit a three to save his life . He cant rebounnd , cant play defence , doesnt run the floor . Cant be counted on for help defence when needed. Just a piece of garbage . Now when guys blow past the wings we get him down there . Great cant wait for him again . Terrible deal .traded 23 yr old PF who almost avrg a double double a start for a 7 foot 3 point shooter . Such a gay deal

  12. Gay and Demar doesn’t work. Lets package Demar and Bargnani for a solid power forward.

    Bargs and Demar for Boozer and Bellinelli
    Bargs and Demar for Granger and Augustine
    Bargs and Demar for Landry and Jack.

    When Jonas Returns rotation will look like.
    Lowry/Bellinelli or Jack or Augustine/Lucas
    New Pf/Amir/Acy

    In the offseason we amnesty fields

    • They can’t amnesty fields because his deal was signed after the new CBA. Also granger is a SF and it makes no sense for Indiana

      • ok…keep fields amnesty kleiza…granger can play both forward spots…and how does it not make sense for indiana.
        They have no starting shooting guars (playing george at sf) and derozan is a quality starter. They have a horrible bench, and Bargnani will fit as a 6th man on a team that desperately needs offence

  13. Raptors slaughtered for this deal on ESPN’s 5-on-5 Roundtable…

    • ESPN hates it for the Raptors. Woj hates it for the Grizzlies. I’ve seen a bunch of differing opinions. Some feel the Raptors made a short-sighted gamble, others feel the Grizzlies short changed their fans and that the Raps made a move they had to make.

    • Personally don’t love it for either side…pistons are the only true winners.
      Truth is as a raps fan id dont really care about salary cap room cause who are we going to sign? we cant attract quality free agents. So yes, Gay is overpaid, but he is the we can get. Additionally, without gay, the raptors are not going to be getting top 5 or top 7 draft picks. We will continuosly be in the 9-12 range as opposed to the 6-10 with gay. So unless you think ed davis could elevate the raps to a much better team before he gets a raise – this deal is not really bad.
      For the grizzlies, they gave up a borderline all star for an average sf and a good 3rd big man. Really an underwhelming haul. Yes, they need to cut salary, and yes gay is a rip off but they could have done much better. Maybe Dorell Wright, Nick Young and Hawes? adds shooting and a big man. Maybe Chandler Parsons and Patterson?

  14. Another no call at the end of the game .. Let me guess the league will send out another apology for us . Getting sick of this shit with the officials . Watch a whole game just so the raps can get screwed yet again at the end . Fuckin waste of time with this league and being a candian basketball team . Get shit on night in night out by the offcials

  15. The only thing I can see that sucks about this deal is the trading of Ed Davis. Him and Z-Bo or Marc Gasol ( whoever they chose to keep) are going to be unreal. He was just about to become a better Bosh (imho). Gay and Lowry are going to create lots of shots for guys like Fields and Anderson. The Raps won’t make the play-offs this year but we can hope for an 8th seed next year! I personally think the Grizzlies won this deal. Prince is a solid player who will fill Gay’s hole (haha) and they got a solid player in Austin Daye. Anyone else think Calderon will just shine in Detroit?

    • “…hope for an 8th seed next year!…”
      one of the things that i dont like about this trade. We’re paying 43 million next year in salary for Derozan, Fields, Gay and Bargs alone and all we can do is hope for playoffs? This is such a mediocre short sighted move.

    • Jeez, do you not realize how fucking depressing the sentence ‘they can hope for an 8th seed next year’ is? They just capped themselves out and probably end up paying tax on a roster that leaves fans hoping for an 8th seed? What a disaster this entire franchise is.

  16. BC just said that bargnani is being shipped so that’s good trade him for peanuts then

  17. this is why i dont watch basketball!!! raptors get screw again by the refs…basketball is the only game that refs get to fcuk game up


    “Once Aaron Gray and Linas Kleiza pick up their player options for next season, the Raptors will be over the luxury tax featuring a core of Gay, DeMar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani.”

    • Why are you assuming all those players will be there by next year let alone next month? also, a starting 5 of Gay, DD, Lowry, JV, AB isn’t too bad. People need to calm down and let the deal play out.

      • I forgot to mention they’ll surely amnesty Kleiza and if they’re lucky they’ll find a suitor for Bargnani, but even if they can manage to dump those two ugly contracts are they all that much better? I can’t wait to see Gay in a Raptors uniform, but I’m worried more about the longterm.

        I want this to work out well for the Raptors, but I’m not all that optimistic.

        • There was no guarantee that the long-term would be brighter if they didn’t make the move. In my opinion, Raps don’t have much to lose at this point. Ed Davis was good but he’s not the next KG. Gay is a proven guy and he’ll have a chip on his shoulder. There are different formulas to winning. Look at teams like Memphis and Chicago (w/o Rose). They don’t have any top 5 players and they are contenders.

    • why does colangelo consistently over-pay players, AND give them team options?!?

  19. Not sure Ross and Gay would even be so balanced. They both like to shoot. A lot.

    • I don’t think that matters. Ross is so raw, by the time he’s hitting his stride Gay will be walking out of town as a FA. There won’t be too much overlap there.

      Is that the third game the Raptors have lost on a final-seconds blown call?

      • Lol Ross is so raw…

        he was supposed to be NBA ready coming out of the draft . why he was drafted too

        • So Gary, you’re saying it’s that easy to come in and just dominate the league? A guy like you would’ve traded Kobe based on his ‘raw’ ability half a year into his career.

  20. Maybe we can trade Bargs for some training equipment or some brand new Basketballs??

    Didn’t a Baseball team once trade a guy for some new bats??? …seriously something the Raps should consider…

  21. Bargs and fields and kleiza for gasol and the raps would officially be all in. They are taking on salary now so what the heck.
    Lowry, Lucas, ?
    Derozen, Ross
    Gay, Anderson
    Amir, Gasol, acy
    Gasol, Val, Gray

    Raps rotate amir, gasoline and Val. They will be an excellent trio. 32 minutes per game each.
    Need to add another pass first pg in free agency. Good combination of vets and rookies. That team will defend!!!!! Maybe with derozen s new found passing he could develop his ball handling and play some point guard.
    A second unit of derozen, Ross, Anderson, Amir and Val would be deadly. I think demar could do it. Try it for the rest of the year and see if it works.

  22. if the board’s approval of the trade is, in fact, a tacit approval of colangelo and a sign that he will be extended, i have a serious question:

    with casey’s opposition to this trade (preferring jose over lowry, lack of willingness to comment before or after the game) there’s an obvious split between him and colangelo. compounded by the officiating woes that don’t seem to be going away, do you think he walks away from the team?

    • While Casey may have preferred Calderon and liked Davis, there is NO CHANCE he walks away from an NBA head coaching job because of some adversity.

      • sorry, poor choice of words. but with d’antoni likely becoming available, do you think colangelo pushes the team to move on from casey?

  23. So we sign DeRozan to an extension that most people outside of the Raptors organization thought was too much and then pick up an overpaid, borderline All-star who has looked average all season long and plays a similar type game as DeMar.

    The value the Raptors execs have for Rudy Gay is a lot higher than what everyone else thinks. The same thing seems to go for DeMar and Bargs.

    Apart from the first 3 games of the season Lowry has not seemed to be worth it. Add in some injuries and what seems to be ongoing back-spasms and we have a pretty sketchy outlook on our PG situation.

    So the Raptors need to hope that somehow DeMar, Gay and Lowry can all share the ball together and that Bargs can be traded and we get some meaningful return. Both Lowry and Gay have to play at a level they have not reached in some and people are still hoping we squeeze into the 8th spot.

    I just hope we get rid of Colangelo after this season so someone can put this team in the right direction.

  24. I red fan blogs from abroad, and here are some reactions:

    in Detroit, they’re extremely excited to have finally got “a very capable PG” to put Brandon Knight aside;
    in Memphis, they are sad for the departure of Gay (conferming cap space being the main reason for the loss), hoping to improve – with the new players – the shooting from outside (sic!), and confess to know nothing about our big celebrated boss Ed Davis.

    Just for saying…….

  25. I think the Raptors are going to regret trading Davis; he was the best big on the team this year.

  26. John Lucas is our backup PG? How many forwards do we have? Acy is the backup PF? I think it’s a very bad trade, unless we make another trade involving Bargs or even DD…

  27. I don’t get why everyone is so opposed to this deal from the Toronto perspective. We just got our best player for Ed davis ( an efficient big with a limited skill set) and calderon ( a solid teammate, but a guy was probably gone in the offseason anyway).

    Also, I dont know why a lot of you are assuming Dwayne Casey opposed the deal? Yes he started Calderon over Lowry, but this gets you Rudy Gay. Surely Rudy Gay >>>> Landry Fields.I do believe the rotation has improved with Rudy Gay.

    Anyways, the only real downside here is it eats up our cap space. Which to me doesn’t matter all that much, even if the raptors kept a boatload of capspace there is no guarentee that it could be better spent.

    This trade fills the hole we have had at the 3 spot in pretty much forever and it really only costed us a little bit of depth.

  28. I think the big problem here is that BC’s “guys”, the ones he gives the inexplicable contract extensions to, are still around. Amir (who I like, but is overpaid), Demar (who I hate, and is ridiculously overpaid) and Bargnani (who… well, nothing needs to be said, right?). In isolation, this deal is a good one. But with the way the rest of the team is structured, it doesn’t make sense.

    (Short-term isn’t too bad; best to make sure the pick going to OKC isn’t that great. This’ll accomplish that, at least.)

    Now, the good thing is that Gay’s contract comes off right when Jonas and Ross are due for their extensions, so if they develop like we all hope that’ll solve some problems. But this team is still one or two very significant pieces away from truly contending, and not just sneaking into the playoffs.

  29. After all, I’ve said countless times that I’ve always feared Ed Davis will become the latest in a long line of promising young Raptors who “got away” only to blossom elsewhere, and that fear has now gone into full on phobia mode.

    Care to enumerate the promising young Raptors in this line?

    I can think of Tracy McGrady…

  30. The write-up over as is pretty damning. I felt bad about this trade instantly, and this confirms a number of my worries. We’re stuck hoping that guys holding similar opinions (and there are a lot of them) are all wrong. Colangelo looks like a drowning man, flailing and taking us all down with him.

  31. bosh for barny ? haha

  32. After reading all 61 of those comments (right now anyways) I’m a bit disappointed in the majority of negativity in the trade. I strongly dislike Bargnani and I really liked Ed Davis and it is sad to see him go. However, and I say that with hope and positivity, there is a chance that when Barney comes back he can play a bit better? He is not a great player and certainly not a #1 pick but hopefully he can recognize that he is not the number one, or even the number 2 option anymore and maybe if he can play stress free basketball, he can perform a little better. I understand the defence and rebounding will never be there, but if Gay comes into this situation excited and enthused – not to mention playing with someone he knows and likes in Lowry – then maybe he can be a 20 and 7 guy that someone mentioned earlier.

    At first glance I hated this trade and thought it was ridiculous, but after letting it sit in for a night I think I’m ok with it. And BC did say during the broadcast that he isn’t done, so maybe he does have plans to move DDR and Barney as we get closer to trade deadline. And this will probably sound silly as well, but don’t overlook Acy for the future. I know he was a late pick, but in the history of the draft, late picks can turn into something. He just needs an opportunity.

    The only thing that still confuses me about all of this is why Landry Fields is here for the money they signed him for. I’d have to think he might be on the trade market as well as he really doesn’t offer much comparing him to Gay, DDR and Ross.

    • Obviously we’re all going to hope that this works out . And it’s not that Gay is a bad basketball player. It’s that he is owed a shit-ton of money. He’s good. But based on his performance (over a long enough stretch to judge), he’s overpriced. And now our hands are pretty much tied financially. This is a Hail Mary.

      I need to be more optimistic like you, Dave. There are scenarios in which this could work out. Who knows, maybe Demar and Rudy G can play together. That’s a lot of athleticism to put on the court together. It’s just that this freakin’ franchise has ground a lot of the optimism out of me.

  33. I hate Colangelo.

    I mean, someone made point about getting our best player for a limited big (good and improving, but can someone honestly say they seem him being an all-star?), and an expiring on his way out anyway Jose. So, okay, that’s good.

    But this is the EXACT type of going-nowhere-no-foresight-no-plan-desperation-panic move that BC’s tenure has become known for. He just trades pieces for pieces, doesn’t allow for continuity and growth and chemistry (which MATTERS!), and the team has to start all over again, every year. The pairing of DD and Gay just won’t work, and now they have no depth or reliability at the big-man spots. Don’t even get me started on 37 million for Fields, Gay, and DD… where do we got from here?!?!?!

    • I agree with you on hating BC but you have to look at what Calderon has given the Raptors. He took it from every point guard they brought in over the years to replace him and he still came out on top. Even this year he will put up a lead only to have Lowry squander it. He was the heart of the engine. This is some of the best team basketball the Raptors have played. Colangelo has taken them back to the dark ages and the Vince Carter era where the ball revolved around one player. We all know how that turned out. This is how it will be with Gay. The classiest part of the Raptors organization is down in Detroit. Maybe BC should join him and some of it will rub off. Doubt it though.

  34. I gave my radio the finger when I heard the news. Boooo

  35. We kind of got off the hook with what we gave away. I remember Memphis wanted Calderon, Ross, And JV so if we did have to get Gay we got him at a better price,

  36. Can anyone else envision the Raptors 10 game losing streak with Lucas 111 as the starting PG during Lowrys next injury abscence ??

  37. Its funny how we all cite Espn and other American journalist. They ignore the raps have no idea about the team but then instantly are experts saying they cant play together

  38. I love the idea of trading Demar. Package him with Bargnani….should get a nice piece in return. Ross is way better than Demar, he should be starting. Demar started every game he’s played here……another example of Toronto trying to make a star out of someone who will never be one. (Bargnani being the other that comes to mind) Ed Davis will not be a star either, he will be exactly what he has been as a starter for the raps this year: a good productive player. So to everyone freaking about losing Davis, he IS pretty close to his ceiling. He’ll never develop that jump shot into anything spectcular…one of the ugliest releases I have ever seen.

  39. would the bulls accept bargs for taj gibson?

  40. No. They’re already a lock for the playoffs — why mess with their chemistry to bring in a guy like Bargs…?

  41. This trade would have looked a lot better should BC not have prematurely signed DD earlier this season.

    Anyone who thinks Lowry DD Gay Bargnani Val is a formidable off line think again. Between the five of them only one is capable of producing off the ball and he is still to raw to produce with any kind of consistency.

    I am sorry Joseph, but there is no way BC will be able to move DD, not with his atrocious contract.

    Overall I am pretty depressed about the state raptors are in. Year after year I am waiting for them bad contracts to run out, only to find BC take on something even more taxing. Jeez, enough is enough! Time to go man, you are not welcome here.

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