UPDATE: Jonas Valanciunas will play tonight, Andrea Bargnani will not. Also, Valanciunas and Rudy Gay will most likely come off the bench.


While we all await word on whether Rudy Gay will make his debut tonight against the Clippers, some surprising news has emerged from Raptors shootaround, where it sounds like Andrea Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas could return to the lineup tonight.

Both players are considered game-time decisions.

I was hoping Valanciunas would be back in time for Sunday’s home game against the Heat, so the fact he’s a game-time decision tonight is certainly encouraging. With respect to Bargnani, whether you want him traded ASAP or are still a believer in him for some God forsaken reason, him returning to full health and returning to the court is good for both parties.

With Gay, the Clippers and Heat in town, this weekend just got a hell of a lot more interesting…

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  1. Please don’t cut Amir’s minutes…Please don’t cut Amir’s minutes…Please don’t cut Amir’s minutes…

  2. For just a moment, I was excited, and then I thought of Primo taking a three, and it was all gone.

  3. Raptors… leading the league in contrived injuries ever since VC…

  4. If only barny could play near the basket more and be more of a 7 foot rebounder instead of a 3 point shooter . If he can grabb 2-3 boards a quarter take less 3′s and attack the basket more cause he is a pretty damn quick 7 footer and most bigs cant move with him . Then and only then will i accept him back . Id say 15 ppg and 8 rpg would be ok numbers and realistic for him if he would play with a chip on his shoulders . We dont need him to take threes . Im pretty sure we were lesding the eastern conference there for awhile with threes made so no need for him to shoot them .

    • I don’t care as much if he shoots three’s if his percentages aren’t bad. If he can return to Bargnani of ’09-’11 and be told that he is not the #1 or #2 scoring option on this team, he might not be half bad.

  5. “this weekend just got a hell of a lot more interesting”….yes sir, I’m jacked! These games have become more then just “games” in the last 48 hrs…so much I’m watching for tonight!


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