Rudy Gay Will Play Tonight

Usually, Raptors fans get their hopes up for something before it all comes crashing down in spectacular fashion.

But in this instance, we went from thinking Rudy Gay was definitely out for tonight’s game against the Clippers, to thinking there was an outside chance he could play, to 50-50 earlier this afternoon, and now this…

Perhaps it’s a sign that with Gay on board, things are finally going to start heading in the opposite direction for tortured Raptors fans.

Throw in the fact that Jonas Valanciunas and even Andrea Bargnani could make surprising returns to the lineup tonight, and the buzz around the city (there were reportedly more people at Gay’s introductory press conference than at the average Grizzlies home game) almost gives off the feeling of opening night.

It’s all very exciting, and in a way, I’m almost tempted to pull a Lakers and say that a new season begins tonight. On second thought, we’re not the Lakers. This is a proud franchise with a rich history of success – let’s not stoop to the Lakers’ level (I’m fully expecting at least one reader to take me seriously and go ape in the comment section).

In all seriousness though, the NBA more than any other league is a star’s league, and no matter how disappointed we all are to part with Ed Davis’ increasing potential, there’s no doubt that Rudy Gay is the closest thing to a star this franchise and fanbase has had since Chris Bosh left for South Beach. I mean, the NBA doesn’t just stream any acquisition’s introductory press conference online and on NBATV.

For what it’s worth, Gay was saying all of the right things in that presser.

Now it’s time to see if the walk matches the talk. Frankly, I can’t wait to find out…