If you’re a regular RaptorBlog reader, then by now, you should be familar with theScore’s awesome creative/social team, which occasionally give us some Raptors-related creative gems.

Well with best friends Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry set to join forces in Toronto, Toby Fowlow’s creative instincts kicked in.

What do you think…

With Gay being Godfather to Lowry’s son, maybe we should get Toby to do something “Godfather” themed next. On second thought, Rudy did joke about having “tiger blood” in his introductory press conference, so I’m thinking something more along the lines of Charlie Sheen…

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  1. I’d rather see a poster for Big (Ha)Daddy with Hamed as Adam Sandler and John Lucas III as the little kid. But I do like that Lowry is holding up money… as we will inevitably pay him twice his worth to stay here and then he’ll spend most of his contract injured in street clothes.

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