First, here is Rudy Gay’s first field goal as a Raptor:

Rudy and DeMar look like they’ve been playing together for years…

And just for good measure, here’s T-Ross with a nasty one-handed alley-oop cram:

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  1. This is unbelievable. It’s like watching a different team. The defense that the Raps are playing is incredible. :)

  2. So all you you fricking wankers (I include myself in this category) who thought this trade was a bad idea… WE WERE WRONG. The Raps just stoned the Clippers. RG got 20 pts without even practicing with the team. Here’s a heresy: Bargnani catches the energy.

    • Granted only one game without Chris Paul but damn right I told you so.

    • First off, let’s get a bigger sample size before we call ourselves right/wrong.

      Second, I haven’t heard anyone say the move doesn’t improve the team short term. I think most people agreed that the team would instantly get better.

      The issue is still that the team still does not have a high enough ceiling to compete for a championship.

      • Ok for the past what 4 years we haven’t made playoffs and now you’re talking about championships? Well if you think Ed Davis and Calderon were that valuable that we could’ve won championships with then I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Rudy Gay changes everything everything now and if Toronto makes playoffs this or the next then it’s a step to the right direction. Becoming a playoff team attracts attention to other players and just makes the raptors much better.

        • Exactly getting back to .500 should be the first step, and then getting back in the playoffs, with the addition of Gay that should happen next season.

        • I never said Ed and Jose would have brought championships, so I’m not sure why you interpret it like that.

          My point is, of course Rudy Gay instantly makes us better. But long term, it doesn’t change much about the team. The ceiling is still a treadmill playoff team.

  3. get rid of bargnani

  4. I’m with Nick, this felt like a completely different team. It felt weird not seeing Calderon on the floor after so many years, but it was nice to see Lowry get some more PT.

    I haven’t seen Rudy Gay play all that much in the past, but I really hope he’s not going to make a habit of taking contested long twos.

    Derozan and Gay complimented each other very well, hopefully this can continue.

    • The long contested twos were a result of lack of familiarity with the offence. As he gets more comfortable, he’ll get plays run for him which in turn will result in easy buckets. Just give it time..

  5. I think the Raptors will actually benefit from Bargnanis ability to stretch the floor. Isnt that what everyone thought was wrong with this trade in the first place? As long as Casey keeps him on a short leash I don’t see a need to trade hike before the deadline if a deals not there thats worth it

    • I agree. Bargnani could/should/will be awesome as an addition. We”ve been disappointed with him because he hasn’t been the man, but let’s see how he does when he doesn’t have to play this role.

  6. That was a great start to this new look Raptors team; not taking anything away from their performance tonight but the Clippers play was wretched. Not sure if it’ll work but I’d like to see Gay come off the bench next game as well. He may be the number one guy but I’d like to see him be more selective with his shots especially in a tighter game situation, even though he made a few of those jumpers he should definitely have the abilitty to drive to the rim.
    - Sick one handed throw down by Ross, and I’m glad to see JV come back. Also anyone know what’s happening with Aaron Gray; he’s certainly playing above his head.

  7. I personally don’t like bargnani’s game but I wonder how he’ll fit with this team. He has too many issues with his game but if he plays as a #2 or #3 guy idk it might be a positive. For the first time I agree with bc, don’t just trade bargs for the sake of trading him but to actually get value in return. You never know this guy can become and all-star if a change of scenery occurs for him. So I hope they don’t trade him fast for a pile of garbage and kinda regret it later.

  8. YES Toronti is new lob city – totally reasonable TO SAY after one game RAPSZ to the finals baby Totorntp clearly better than LA clipperz. But if Totronto start losing then #FIREBC #TRADEBARGS #TRADETRACKERBARGSFORPAUSTR8UP Homophic joke about players last name is gay. Primo pasta and sowce.

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