After an encouraging weekend that included Rudy Gay’s Raptors debut, Drew, Oliver and I are joined by RaptorBlog founder Scott Carefoot himself to discuss the trade, Gay’s potential in Toronto, his first weekend as a Raptor and his impact on DeMar DeRozan’s game.

As usual, we wrap up by looking ahead to the week that will be for the Raptors.

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  1. I can’t buy into the enthusiasm. I thought the Clipper game was an anomaly and the Heat game closer to what we’ll see in the future. There seems to be a real belief that Rudy is going to change into James or a superstar of some sort. .
    The contract will stop this team from getting better over the next two years so no you can’t forget the deal.
    Gay for the future? I don’t think so. His next contract is going to be lower and he can take a cut in pay from better teams. Lowry for the future? Maybe if he had a more experienced guard to mentor him otherwise he may never get it. This current version of the Raptors is temporary so don’t get too attached.
    Anyway interesting discussion because of so many possibilities.

    • Ummmm the hear are a very good team with strong d. Lets wait till they play worse teams before judging them.

      • @Hope Caper How does this contract stop them from getting better? JV is not going to get better? Ross is not going to get better? Derozan is not going to get better? Lowry is not going to get better? Rudy Gay gives us a guy who can make shots and win games.

      • @ad Did you go to school at all in your lifetime? Please learn how to put a sentence together.

  2. where is the faith? i hate toronto fans were so negative! if you aint got nuttin nice to say then shut the fuck up

    • I don’t think we’re being negative. We’re all in agreement that Rudy Gay is a significant talent upgrade for this team, but fans shouldn’t be expecting a true superstar either or trying to compare Gay to his contract.

      • Are we a better team because of this trade? Yes! Does Rudy make all our young guards better? Yes. So we should concentrate on what we need is a 3rd scoring option for bargs. Get a solid big man who just plays defense and is good for those easy put back twos. Gray is too slow for this.

    • its a podcast, you want them to say nice things the entire time and say everything will be ok? or do you want them to dissect a trade and give their analyst of it….

      some people

  3. gay all day the future looks bright in toronto minus the leafs lol

  4. Don’t know if those comparisons with other players is a fair assessment to Rudy Gay except for probably Butler and Robinson.. Even his perceived trajectory is far higher than anybody on that list arguably except for Robinson.

    Not sure if comparing Rudy Gay to those other players is a fair assessment, advanced metrics aside. Except for probably Glen Robinson, it’s apparent his ceiling is far higher. It’s a small sample size, but let’s see how he fairs in an offensive system far more suitable for him.

  5. Gay and Lowrie are going to push each other to get Toronto back on the NBA map. They know an opportunity like this doesnt come up often (something VC and McGrady learned the hard way).
    The fan base is here. The financial support. And the need to produce a winner. Thats a perfect storm for a player like Gay to blossom into a superstar. And I think he has the mindset to accomplish it. Watch for a trade to get a back up PG and another big.
    I’m back on the bandwagon.

  6. Best case, DD’s work ethic affects Gay positively, and Gay plays more to his potential… giving DD room to grow into his. That’s far from given.

  7. @Mr. Casiaro
    I just wanted to say good job on the radio segment. I also wanted to say thanks for taking over this blog with Oliver M. You guys have done a good job and although Scott will of course always be missed I just want to say thanks.
    As this blog has seemed to increase with the number of commenters I’ve noticed that some of the newer commenters are really rude towards you and sometimes the other readers of the blog. Kudos to you for putting up with all of it and not responding in a nasty way back.
    I don’t always agree with what you say but I think there is a way to state your opinion and engage in an intelligent debate about the sport and team we love. That being said as I posted a few articles back there is still a huge portion of this community that posts really interesting analysis. In any case yeah…. Cheers

  8. I was thinking a roster balance that would work could be Alan Anderson and bargs for Derrick Williams for ridnhour. Balances out our roster. Then the only horrible contract we have is fields. I can live with that.

    Lowry, 32ridnhour,16 lucas
    Derozen, 32 ross16
    Gay, 34 fields 14
    Amir, 28 Derrick Williams, 22 acy
    Val, /28 Gray 12. Remaining 8 minutes to a combination of Ross, fields or Derrick Williams,


    Nice balanced roster

    • Nice trade. Solves Minnesota’s wing depth issue while giving Toronto their backup pg. I’m not sure who says no. Maybe Minny if they don’t want Rubio playing too many minutes. But the addition of Anderson means Shved can play a little point too

      • Yeah, and Minny doesn’t have a 4 so they need Bargs.

        /end sarcasm

        • I don’t think anyone in the league believes Bargs is a starter anymore. He would likely assume the 6th man role that Williams now occupies, when Love returns.

          Not sure if you heard, but Kevin Love is out two months with a broken hand?

          /end sarcasm

    • looks good but do the salaries match?

  9. Woah like Lebron James much? Better than Kobe why, because of his athleticism or his stats or both? I know the NBA is different these days in terms of trying to put super teams together but if Lebron was still on the cavs would he be the best in the league? No matter which super team wins be it the Lakers Heat Brooklyn New York your ego takes a huge blow than it would have had you been the lone superstar on your team. I loved when Pierece iverson McGrady carter Kobe all went head to head 12 years ago. Now superstars are more athletic yet need more help to? Give me a break this league is entertaining but Stern has slowly taken the heart out of the game no matter how much these players claim they “live” for basketball. You guys know its true.

  10. Random aside: is anyone else intrigued by the fact that the Spurs are 38-11? That franchise is unbelievable. They’re the bizarro Raptors.

  11. I would rather watch a bunch of “average” teams compete for a championship rather than a team full of superstars. That being said the NBA has been like this for a looong time! I think being a fan of the Raptors has a downside as players don’t want to come here because of the taxes. As a poor person I’m not suggesting these millionaire ball players get better tax breaks; but in a sport where individual talent reigns supreme, it’s hard to imagine this team improving much with such a hurdle. I don’t mean to defend BC as I’ve been on the fire BC since last year but perhaps that’s why we get the impression that he overpays players; because he has too.

  12. *to. Also JC I’d like to see a like button in the comment section. It may even attract other commentors to your blogs

  13. Steve Nash made Mike D’Antoni for sure. How about Steve Nash made Bryan Colangelo??? Colangelo is awful. This Rudy Gay trade makes the Raptors better but it just shows more that Colangelo has no plan for this team. The team is a 5-8 seed at best with Rudy. It bothers me so much that he always refused to take a long-term perspective to this team and always/continues to look for the next thing he can retool the team with. Steve Nash would have saved his job for the time being and now Rudy Gay could potentially do the same if the Raptors finish the year strong. I’m intrigued to watch this team but they have no real future as an NBA championship team, no matter what Colangelo does. The only way he transforms this team is if he can turn water to wine. He doesn’t have that ability. Brutal.

    • I agree with you that there seems to be a “win now” mentality in this organization, which is why we haven’t seen as many minutes for T-Ross, Ed (when he was here) and JV as most fans would like.

      But with that being said, I really think the Rudy trade is a move for the present and the future. BC is buying low on Rudy with the hope that he elevates his game in Toronto. There are a lot of reasons to believe he will take it to another level. I’m optimistic about a core of Lowry, Ross, DD, Rudy, Amir & JV. If Bargnani can be spun into some help for the bench, this team is going to be headed in a good direction

    • Interesting point, Chris.

      I also thought it was slightly funny that they went so far in their criticism of D’Antoni by attributing most of his success to Steve Nash without putting two and two together with Colangelo who benefited more if not just as much as D’Antoni did from Nash’s presence.

      Heck, the whole reason Colangelo is approaching year 7 here with only two playoff berths to point to is because of Steve Nash. The whole “Colangelo is a top level executive” narrative basically originated from that one move.

  14. I have to completely disagree with the point about Gay’s contract not mattering. It does. It does when there are already 3 bad contracts on the team (Bargnani, Fields and, next year, DeRozan). It limits the ability to improve the team, and that’s going to have to happen unless we want to watch a mediocre team over the next few years, at least. Overpaid players bring back less in return than they are worth (without the contract, Memphis would have gotten a lot more for Gay than they did). They generally require more enticements (draft picks, prospects, like Ed Davis). It might limit how much the team can pay guys down the road (leading to a James Harden-like move). And if the team goes into luxury tax, as might be the case, it puts financial restrictions on the team that will further limit what they can do.

    So saying it doesn’t matter what Rudy Gay is being paid is just plain wrong.

    • I agree. Like the player, hate the contract.

      Maybe I’m pessimistic when it comes to Colangelo’s GM ‘prowess’, but perhaps the best case scenario for the Raptors next year is that they channel the ghost of David Robinson’s injury plagued 1997 season at San Antonio, a season that begat Tim Duncan, and get a high draft pick in 2014. It might happen by default, because the wobbly nature of the Raptors’ salary structure will place heavy minutes onto their starting 5 due to the fact that rest of the bench – does Bargnani have any trade value that can be parlayed into good bench depth? – will be milquetoast.

      For Toronto to be successful next year Colangelo is banking on a healthy dose of unknowns to fall favourably into place, such as:
      -Can Lowry be healthy for a full season?
      -Can Amir’s body continue to take the abuse of starters minutes?
      -Can a serviceable backup point guard be found?
      -Can the roster survive the loss of either Gay or De Rozan to a lengthy injury?
      -Can Valenciunas be a serviceable offensive threat with Lowry, Gay and De Rozan on the floor?

      Can’t say precisely, but Colangelo seems to be building the roster based too much on optimistic projection and not enough on pragmatism and common sense. It’s the same mindset that has lead him to hold on to Bargnani 2 years past his best before date.

      • Colangelo has ALWAYS banked on being able to make “the next” move, but unfortunately that next move never actually materialized. Hence why we are now on year five without a playoff appearance. 5 year is, by the way, the longest this franchise has been without a playoff appearance.

  15. barny for gortat ? maybe BC’s dad can help him out with taking barny if hes still involved with phoenix . i know he sent Hedo there with the terrible signing

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