The Raptors are in Indiana tonight to take on a red hot Pacers team that looks unstoppable at home.

Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: TSN

Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, Aaron Gray (Considering that he’s played Roy Hibbert very well this season and that he hasn’t been getting many minutes lately, I’d love to see Jonas Valanciunas get the start, but I’m not holding my breath)
Indiana: George Hill, Lance Stephenson, Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert

Injury report
Toronto: Landry Fields is out, while Linas Kleiza and Mickael Pietrus are questionable (insert joke here)
Indiana: Danny Granger remains out

Random Thoughts:

  • The Pacers have been seriously impressive lately. In addition to riding a five-game winning streak overall and a ridiculous 15-game winning streak at home, they recently completed a rare back-to-back-to-back sweep (they played a makeup game that had originally been postponed) that saw them beat the Bulls, Hawks and 76ers by an average of 13.3 points. They’ve also overtaken Chicago for the Central Division lead and currently sit third in the East, just three games back of the Heat…who they also beat quite handily during this streak. Add it all up, and it’s no wonder why Indiana is favoured by 7.5 points tonight.
  • The Raptors are one of only three teams to beat the Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse this season, but they also won that game with Jose Calderon recording a triple-double, Linas Kleiza contributing 10 points and Dominic McGuire starting, so…you know.
  • As I mentioned in the podcast on Monday, the Pacers game is the one I was most looking forward to this week, because I’m very interested in seeing how Rudy Gay matches up against a comparable player in the younger Paul George and how the new look Raptors – with Bargnani and Valanciunas healthy – match up on the road against one of the hottest teams in the NBA.

Comments (15)

  1. Awsome …. Glad aron gray is starting we really need to develope him more lol this is a joke that j.v isnt starting and barny better not get so much time . Spend on this money on gay so we have an actual wing man then stick him at the 4 spot . Coaching makes no sense . Letgs run allan anderson too so he takes time away from ross . Anderson can chuck up awfull shots and have gay at the 4 to rebound along side of barny lol makes me crazy tou put barny back at center

  2. Starting shouldn’t be a big deal right now if J.V.’s getting enough minutes.

  3. Damn, that Paul George aka The Beatle is so smooth, it’s like watching a good basketball player who also happens to be a freakish athlete ie the complete opposite of DeRozan, a great athlete who is trying to learn how to play basketball.

  4. Thank you John Lucas for taking a dumbass three with lots of time left, inevitably missing, leading to a David West bucket on the fast break. What a dumbass.

    • This team is definitely not going far with the Lowry-JLIII combo running the point. Both are horrible decision makers and neither are good enough to run the offence. I honestly think we’d be better off having Rudy Gay initiate the offense.

  5. Considering how frustrating this game has been to watch, I was surprised looking at the score at the end of the third and seeing we’re only down by 8.

  6. I think these refs have down syndrome. It’s my only explanation.

  7. Wow, Hansbrough is trying to kill Val and still this gutless Raptors team does nothing.

    Very hard to root for this team after they take stuff like that, completely gutless.

    • if you watch the play again, it was after a missed shot and the other 4 guys were running the other way on transition D, so they probably didn’t even see what happened and were too worried about getting back to even notice the play enough to “confront” hansborough

  8. Great effort to make it to OT. So frustrating to see Derozan and Gay with long twos and plenty of time on the shot clock with a chance to take a lead late in OT.

  9. So, this is why they traded for Rudy Gay.

    • Nice to see a game winning sequence not look like a total clusterfuck.

      Ballsy win even though I’m still steaming from that Hansbrough takedown of Val.

      • Yeah, it’s still a team with huge holes, but nice to see Gay knock the shot down with a little swag to boot.

      • Was Lowry in the game during that time? I would be surprised if he didn’t jump right in and confronted hansbrough

  10. It was a weird looking play. Hansbrough should get fined maybe… but everyone else was looking up at the rim so I bet most guys missed it at the time. Although I agree we need more backbone in those cases, in general.

    Anyways though… cool comeback and nice to see someone finally sent out a memo as to what Alan Anderson’s role on the team should be.

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