Toronto Raptors v New Orleans Hornets

Start time: 6:00 PM ET
Channel: TSN2

Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, Aaron Gray (Hopefully JV), JV!
New Orleans: Greivis Vasquez, Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Anthony Davis, Robin Lopez

Injury report
Toronto: Andrea Bargnani is out with the flu. Landry Fields is playing
New Orleans: No significant injuries

Random thoughts:

-I can’t think of a good reason to leave Aaron Gray in the starting lineup. Jonas Valanciunas is not only the future of the centre position for Toronto, but he is also the best option right now. JV is a superior shooter, defender & rebounder to Gray. JV’s rotations on defence have improved significantly and he doesn’t look as lost on offence as he did to start the season. Bringing JV off the bench hurts this team in the present and future.

-Kyle Lowry has changed his approach on offence. He now goes out of his way to make sure Rudy and DeMar get enough shots. This has made the transition for Rudy much easier. Rudy and DeMar can co-exist because Lowry has played such an unselfish brand of basketball. I would like to see Kyle look for his shot a little more because he is still an explosive scorer.

-Rudy Gay is averaging 24.3 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 2.0 apg, 3.3 spg & 1.0 bpg as a Toronto Raptor. He appears very comfortable in his new surroundings and the game-winner he hit against Indiana will only give him more confidence. Gay should have a very favourable matchup tonight against Al-Farouq Aminu. The 6″9 Aminu doesn’t move his feet very well so Rudy should be able to beat him off the bounce.

-Thanks to PBI for tipping me off about this….apparently Anthony Davis isn’t impressed with the cable package in Toronto…

-There likely won’t be any thoughts on the game tonight, but we will have a podcast Monday afternoon.

Comments (22)

  1. I think the brevity of this pre-game post is indicative of how little interest this matchup generates.

  2. Be patient….pre-game thoughts are trickling in

  3. We need a screen cap of the Anthony Davis tweet from last night!

  4. hahaha, Davis kills me… he’s such a kid still (see the tweet PBI was referencing)

  5. Good start for the Raps. I’m watching the NO feed, terrible broadcasting quality. Both the commentators and the actual sound quality.

  6. Why is Bargs not playing? does this indicate a trade is close?

  7. Hes traded he looked fine friday

  8. Wow both teams are playing extremely sloppy.

  9. So I guess anthony davis isn’t interested in bob mckenzie’s top 100 slovakian prospects or whatever the f*ck they put on TSN?

  10. I don’t dislike this team. What a strange feeling.

  11. Allan anderson needs to stop shooting .. He was 2 shots shy of taking more shots then lowry and derozen combined … Off the bench! He needs to learn his role and let the shots come to him instead of forcing everything . For a guy thats been around the world and such a good vet he needs to realise what his job is . Play good man to man d and let the ball fome to him . I kove how lowry and j.v played tonight on the upside . J.v is a rebound monster

    • If you were watching the game you would see that Alan was not shooting he was driving to the hoop. You would have also seen him steal the ball 3 times as well. His great play was the reason he was on the floor in the 4th quarter at the end of the game and Derozan was on the bench. Just an FYI.

      • He’s shooting 16% in February, 16%!!

        That’s incredible. I’m going to continue to enjoy this myth that he’s an effective player as long as Casey keeps handing him crunch time minutes. He’s not going to stop playing him until the decision is completely out of his hands and Anderson is no longer on the roster.

      • He drives to the hoop after taking the first pass from the PG and without even taking a look at Gay or DD. He has not adjusted to his reduced role well at all.

    • I did watch the game . He shot 4-12 thats terrible he is forcing everything to much . He needs to play defence and swing the ball wait till his shot comes to him . 3 steals isnt worth his poor shooting . He need to stick to his open 3′s . Hes the only one on the roster not adjusting to rudy gay coming in . Yes he was having a good yr but its time to play his role . Spread the d with his range swing the ball and play defence . I like him and hes valuable but he needs to slow down and relax

      • I can handle a game where he shoots 4-12 when he is doing everything else necessary to win the game. Four of his misses resulted in putbacks by Jonas. 2 of his 3 assists were to Lucas drilling the 3 ball 2 of his 5 times. And he had only 1 TO where as Demar had 4 TO’s which is why he wasn’t playing. This is why stats don’t tell you the whole picture unless you were actually paying attention to the game.

        I’m a big advocate that Alan needs to adjust his playing style. I love that since his 3′s have not been falling lately he was attacking the rim. But his game was not terrible like you are commenting…

  12. Just realized that the Raptors have had 14 different players in the starting lineup this season. 14!!! 10 different players have started 10+ games – what a crazy season. Anyone remember the Dominic McGuire era?

  13. DB has to get off Andersons D**k!! his D was good but like Chuck said his shooting was horrible barely any good ball movement couple good passes but 16% shooting in feb!! with a stat like that how can u defend his play?? seriously thats disgusting he shouldnt be forcing anything when hes in a slump like that…

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