A true Raptors fan can never get enough Jonas Valanciunas in their life, so on that note, here’s a couple of great JV-related GIFs from the weekend.

First, Valanciunas provides the most energetic and comical inbounds-defence of all time in Indiana:

Next up, Jonas goes all Dikembe Mutumbo on us and reminds the Hornets that they shall not pass.


I’m pretty sure he was actually waving his finger at the foul that was called on the play, but whatever, Jonas forever.

GIFs courtesy of Scott Lewis and @Raptors

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  1. i love how lowry looks like he’s calling for the pass or coaching jonas on how to waive his arms

    • Amazing. Good eye.

      • It seemed like at first Jonas wasn’t waving his arms, so Lowry jumped around to remind him what to do. Then Jonas took off and you can see Lowry slowly stop jumping as Jonas goes all out.

        • Haha….to me it looks as though Lowry just wanted to remind JV to wave his arms.
          Then he saw what JV was doing and slowly stopped waving his arms thinking…”What is this guy doing…”

    • Lowery is my favorite part of that clip, thanks for pointing that out!

  2. I thought the past two games we have a had a different JV, and these gifs show that. I wonder if his english has improved which causes more of a personality to come thru on the court?

  3. I saw that finger wag as the Jonas version of Sheed’s BALL DON’T LIE and I hope he does it all the time now.

  4. Loool I love it

  5. Go J.V ! And go all Toronto Raptors Team . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JV is quickly becoming my favourite raptor

  7. This is the greatest post in the 10-year history of this blog.

    Just amazing, that inbounds pass defense is epic.

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