Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers

In this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio, we discuss Rudy Gay’s first five games as a Raptor, the myth of the NBA “closer,” Jonas Valanciunas returning to form, Tyler Hansbrough being a fake tough guy, a potential Andrea Bargnani trade and Terrence Ross’ chances in this Saturday’s dunk contest.

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Comments (17)

  1. Haslem knew how to respond when Hansbrough went after Wade…

  2. dirty player , getting out boarded by j.v and basically tries to break his hand again . i have no use for Hansbrough

  3. Not sure why you guys keep referring to the NBA closer as a myth in quotations. It’s no myth, and Rudy Gay is the definition of a clutch player. He has his flaws, no doubt, but he’s something this team has been sorely lacking since Vince left town. I could actually see this team becoming a threat in the East with Rudy in the next few years. It’s about time we got a star in his prime (who wants to be here), as opposed to have one leave in his prime.

    • Excatly; Raps haven’t had a really clutch player in awhile. To early for me personally to say Rudy is clutch but that J at the end of the game vs Indiana was pretty clutch.

      • Too early? He’s hit plenty of game-winners in his career, and it only took him 4 games to add one more.

  4. I wish I’ve such rumours like this one

  5. He wasnt clutch when the clippers came back 28 points in the 4 th quarter last year in the playiffs lol im pretty sure gay took the last shot an missed to let the clippers win

    • So? lol What’s your point? You think the definition of a clutch player is one who hits the winning shot every single night?!

      • i didn’t say every night for one ? and 2nd it was playoff time where clutch 100 percent matters . just saying he isnt clutch yet to me anyway . he aint no kobe clutch and far from it . now that he is a raptor hes going to look like a god to most fans anyway , derozen hit a awsome shot against orlando to win and it doesn’t exist anymore basically . i like gay and im sure he will have plenty of opportunitys to prove me wrong . p.s someone tell him to stop shooting 3′s !

  6. Who cares what he did to Wade? Wade is one of the dirties players in the NBA + the Heat are Flop Nation. Good for Tyler Hansbrough to punk Wade. Should happen more often.

    • I care. The Heat throw elbows, complain about calls, and win championships. It doesn’t make them likable, but it sure ain’t stooping to the level of Hacksaw Hansbrough.

      • You do realize that Wade has done much worse over his career? And yes, he does stoop that level.
        Having wrote all that, I do wish no harm on anyone.

    • The Miami Heat are worse than Hitler.

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