Toronto Raptors v Denver Nuggets

A suddenly healthy Raptors squad entertains a shorthanded Nuggets team at the Air Canada Centre.

Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: TSN

Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas
Denver: Ty Lawson, Corey Brewer, Evan Fournier, Kenneth Faried, Kosta Koufos

Injury report
Toronto: Linas Kleiza and Mickael Pietrus are still on this team…I think?
Denver: Andre Iguodala, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler are all out

Random Thoughts:

  • A 33-19 team who currently sits fifth in the Western Conference should not be taken lightly by the Raptors of all teams, but this has to be seen as a winnable contest for Toronto. The Nuggets have been bad on the road (11-16) and without the services of Iguodala, Gallinari and Chandler, the Raptors should have quite the advantage on the wings. Having said that, the Nuggets still have some capable offensive weapons.
  • The Raptors should have the advantage at the wings, and the point guard matchup between Lawson and Lowry should be a battle, but this game might be decided by the big men. I’m interested in seeing Valanciunas match up with JaVale McGee once McGee comes off the bench and if Amir Johnson can match “The Manimal’s” energy. Of course, the Raptors will have a certain seven-foot bench scorer back tonight, which could be a tipping point for either team.
  • Speaking of Andrea Bargnani, I was really hoping we would have got to see him match up with his countryman in Gallinari tonight. Bargnani is the far more talented and physically gifted player, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that Gallo has surpassed him as a player in the NBA. As I’ve mentioned a few times recently, I’m not sure whether that’s a testament to Gallinari’s work ethic or Bargnani’s lack of it.

Comments (15)

  1. “far more talented and physically gifted player”… i hope you were being sarcastic.

  2. Raps are done if they lose 2nite

  3. Is the Nuggets playoff streak (soon to be 10 seasons) the most random streak in sports?

    With three of the top 5 playoff streaks in the league potentially ending this year including the Mavericks’ 12-season playoff streak, the Lakers’ 7-season playoff streak and the Magic’s 6-season playoff streak, the Nuggets could have the second longest playoff streak behind the Spurs. I know it slips our minds because of how little playoff success they’ve had (getting past the first round only once) but that is still pretty damn impressive considering what they’ve gone through especially over the last couple of seasons.

    • I was thinking the same thing today as well. In terms of NBA desirability, they’re about on par with Toronto for players, but they’re a much smaller market. It’s pretty impressive how through intelligent trades and draft picks they’ve managed to stay above .500 for so many years. They’ve done it relying on depth rather than a bonafide superstar.

      Here’s one thing I’ve noticed since the trade. The Raptors actually have a good starting lineup. We’ve been up early in all the games (or almost all of them if memory serves me correct). It’s once the second unit comes in that we start getting Elton’ed. This would bode well for the playoffs once we make it again, since the starters tend to log heavier minutes in the post-season.

      Or maybe it’s just an optimistic theory….

      • Have to agree with you on that. I was thinking this morning (in Europe) after reading the news of this win if the Raps are the team with the smallest point margin in the NBA? We won or lost so many games with 5 points or less it has to be the smallest difference.

  4. Wow DeMar that’s one of the best poster dunks this year

  5. is gay injured? why has he only played 20 mins? (in the states; can only gamecast.)

  6. Who the fuck does Alan Anderson think he is?

    Also, RUDY GAY!!!!!!!111

  7. wow, another reverse Raptor ending

  8. Rudy Gay, the legend grows!

  9. Gotta admit, Gay is an IMPACT player…at least with every one of the 6 games in Raptor’s uniform!!!
    Go Raps Go!

  10. Kenneth Fareed and Ty Lawson are two helluva players. Would definitely not mind having them on our roster.

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