Rudy Gay scored 13 points in the first quarter against the Nuggets tonight and looked well on his way to a big game in a Raptors rout. Only Gay ran into foul trouble, his shot went cold and the Raptors sputtered, finding themselves down one in the final seconds. So who do you give the ball to now?

Who the hell do you think…THIS GUY:

How awesome were the “Rudy” chants in the ACC before Gay even got the ball or took the shot?

With Ty Lawson bricking his potential game-winner on the other end, the Raptors have now won three straight and improve to 4-2 with Gay in the lineup, with Rudy winning two of those four games on big shots in the last five seconds.

I know his shooting percentages aren’t good right now, but again, his five-game PER as a Raptor coming into this game was an impressive 19.8 and he’s already hit two game-winners. Could the Rudy Gay Era in Toronto have gotten off to a better start?

UPDATE: An honourable soul named hotsizzle263 on youtube has dubbed the infamous “Not this guy!” audio over video of tonight’s game winner. In all honesty, I’m surprised it didn’t happen after Friday’s game in Indiana.

UPDATE 2: As mentioned in the comment section below by “dave9t5″ and in the Pacers post-game comment section by “SF,” someone actually did dub the “Not this guy!” audio over video of Gay’s game winner in Indiana. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. Bandwagons are bandwagons, but I’m not jumping into one: Rudy Gay is an A+ player and we really needed a superstar in order to gain confidence, momentum, and hopefully win some games.

  2. Now if he could shoot >40% the rest of the time maybe they wouldn’t need to go down to the wire against a team sitting their 3 best wings…

    • Why so negative?? He had a great first half and didn’t play much in the 2nd cause of the fouls, and still managed to hit the game winner when it mattered most. Not to mention contesting Lawson’s shot at the end. We’re 4-2 with wins over the clippers, Pacers and nuggets n fans still need to complain about something. Relax and enjoy the excitement that this team hasn’t had in years.

  3. “Not this guy” overdub on the Indiana game did happen several times. Might’ve even been posted in the comments section of one of the posts.

  4. did matt devlin just quote you by saying “not that guy!” ?


    • We need Stoeten to write about whether Rudy Gay has a “closer’s mentality” or not.

      Make it happen, Drew.

    • Can you guys please do your best to make Rudy Gay aware of this?! Do we know if he is already? Can you please use your contacts with beat guys to bring this to his attention? I think we gotta make this happen. It would be awesome if he knew about this!

  6. It never gets old. Rudy “Not This Guy” Gay does it again!

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