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As the plethora of Raptors-related trade rumours – most of which will likely include Andrea Bargnani – roll in leading up to Thursday’s trade deadline, I’ll try to post some quick thoughts and analysis on each one. So far this season when it comes to Bargnani, we’ve already talked about blockbuster deals like trading for Pau Gasol, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol again. Perhaps an indication of just how low Bargs’ trade value is right now though is the latest report.

On Friday, Fox Sports Ohio reported that according to sources, the Raptors have engaged the 76ers in Bargnani trade talks, with Sam Amico writing that “a Western Conference executive suspects it would involve center Spencer Hawes.”

Bargnani and Hawes wouldn’t be able to be traded one for one because their salaries aren’t close enough, but the Sixers could make it work with an addition to the deal as small as point guard Royal Ivey’s $854,389 contract, so it also wouldn’t be that difficult to pull off (Ivey’s name HAS NOT come up in any reports or rumours I’ve seen. I’m simply showing how little amount of salary would be needed to make Bargnani for Hawes work).

Bargnani is obviously the far, far more talented big man, but Hawes has simply been more effective on an NBA court for the last year or so while earning roughly just65 per cent of Bargnani’s salary. Hawes averages more rebounds in 23 minutes per game for his career than Bargnani does in 30 minutes. In addition, Hawes’ per-36-minute statistics have been pretty consistent throughout his six year NBA tenure, with the centre averaging over 13 points, nine rebounds, about 2.5 assists and roughly 1.5 blocks. Last season Hawes posted a PER of 18.1 in just 37 games for Philadelphia, while that number has dropped to 15.1 this season.

And while “spacing the floor” with his three-point stroke would seem to be the obvious advantage for Bargnani in this comparison, I regret to inform you that over the last two seasons, Andrea has shot a well below average 29.6 per cent from behind the arc, just 0.1% better than Hawes’ 29.5 per cent mark over that same period (Again, Bargnani hasn’t shot better than 35% from deep in a season since 2009-10).

All in all, while Hawes may not be capable of the same offensive explosions as Bargnani, he’s an all around more reliable big man who will make $6.6 million in the final year of his contract next season. Andrea will make $10.75 million next season and $11.5 million in 2014-15. In addition, Hawes would be a pretty solid and consistent backup for Jonas Valanciunas and would likely fill the role of third big man nicely behind Valanciunas and Amir Johnson, with all due respect to Aaron Gray, who has a player option worth nearly $2.7 million for next season.

I don’t think a deal built primarily around Bargnani for Hawes would make the Raptors that much better this season or even next year, but if they are as desperate as some believe to rid themselves of Andrea, a deal for Hawes would shore up the depth at the big positions for the next season and a half while providing some financial flexibility in the summer of 2014 (when Kyle Lowry may need re-signing), something dealing for Boozer would never provide.

Trading Andrea Bargnani for a bigger name may be the “sexy” thing to do for a lot of fans, but smaller deals for solid depth guys like Spencer Hawes may be both the more realistic option given Bargnani’s plummeting trade value and the more responsible move given the Raptors’ potential cap flexibility over the next few years. If the Raptors aren’t willing to amnesty Bargnani this summer, then a move like this reported one might be the way to go.

Personally, I’m still holding out hope that either before the trade deadline or during the off-season, the Raptors can find a way to turn Bargnani and another insignificant piece or two into Pau Gasol (I’m aware Gasol is out of the lineup right now). As I’ve said countless times over the course of this season, I think Gasol has plenty more game left in him than what we’ve seen with the Lakers this year and that he could still be a legitimate post presence for at least the next year. The best part, of course, is that Pau’s contract has just one year remaining on it, with the potential Hall Of Famer set to play next season on a massive expiring contract worth over $19 million.

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  1. I like the idea of Boston’s PG Rondo for Bargnani they work out salary wise and Rondo gives them a young balanced point guard.

  2. I really don’t think Boston would even think about a Bargs for Rondo trade. Not even for a second. That is hang up on Colangelo type of phone call IMO.

    Before Gay – I would have actually pulled for a Bargs for Vince Carter trade. I know sacrilegious to some! Now that Gay is here there is no need though. Wing is already too full.

    Hard of me to think of a landing spot for Bargs. What team would be able to fit him in both stylistically and financially?

  3. Where ever Bargs lands, he will end up in Ed Davis Land. 6 mpg riding the pine in a different city.

  4. BADNIANI is destined for Italian league play again. He is terrible. We should just trade him for Ed Davis. Honestly after the season or something. The raps should try and grab him back. He was developing very nicely with the raps. But with all the talent and depth in that position in Memphis they are stunting his growth. If they are barely gonna use him then it wouldn’t be to hard to get him back. TRADE BADNIANI ASAP

  5. Not sure why Philly would do that – though it does say that the Raptors initiated this “proposal” – though no one names Hawes except “a Western Conference executive.” And how much creedence that actually worth?

    And in the bullet point above the Bargnani one, Sam Amico writes that the Raptors want to trade for both Boozer and John Locus III from the Bulls. It’s that kind of slip up that makes me believe any trade rumour article even less than before.

  6. Hawes is a rich mans aaron gray that wont make the team better this year or next. BC needs to aim higher. I know its tough finding a taker for bargs but BC backed himsel into a corner.

    • I don’t think Hawes is even that much of a rich man’s Aaron Gray.

      If this is all BC can get for Bargs, I say just keep him and play him for another year. At least the year after his expiring could hold some value. The same way Jose got us Gay this year.

      Plus, if he actually puts in the effort, he is hands down a better player than Hawes.

      I say let him keep backing up Amir at the 4.

      That said, if getting Hawes saves the team a few million, I won’t be complaining too loudly about it. I just hate giving up such ‘potential’ talent for a dime a dozen hustle player.

  7. I might be in minority, but I`d keep Bargs. These trades suck, bargnani`s value is at an all-time low and ridding ourselves of bargnani for any of the rumored trades doesn`t make our team better. I still think bargnani can thrive as a 6 man when he can go against other teams back-up center.

    • Trading Bargs is about money, not making the team better on the court. Hawes would probably be more useful to the team however, which is just fu**in sad.

    • Fool me once shame on you fool me a million billionth time… Stop trying to believe in Bargnani he can’t do shit for the Raptors. Time and time again Bargnani has been given the franchise guy role but chooses not to work for it. Hawes may not be as flashy or talented but he is RELIABLE and gives us depth.

  8. Why Hawse? I’d rather keep a guy like Gray then. At least you know with Gray you’re not going to get some guy who may start forcing his offence if he doesn’t get enough touches (I seem to recall this happening with Hawse).

    When his value is a little low right now, why isn’t Bargs just amnestied rather than forcing a trade?

    • i’d rather have something for the money personally. Bench depth is better than paying a guy to go away. And before everyone says you want to trade a former #1 for bench depth well amnestying him is worse imo.

  9. I’m not even mad at this proposed trade. Trading for Boozer would be too much of a risk for the development of the team also for BC’s job. To make a trade that would put the Raps over the luxury and they still don’t make the playoffs this season would certainly land BC his walking papers. I will probably garner a lot of haters for this but personally I don’t even think BC’s reign as GM has been that bad considering what he inherited taking the job. The reputation the Raptors organization had was “The Land before Time” like. Players felt that coming up here they would be forgotten about which means, no chance of winning, and less opportunity for financial gain via endorsements etc. Heck if I was in the NBA I probably wouldn’t want to play for the Raps either considering the province, heck, the country is too hockey crazy which boggles my mind considering Hockey is such an expensive sport to either play or attend a pro game. But over the last few years BC has given the team realistic championship hope. Recipe for success in NBA: #1 Owners willing to spend #2 All-Star talent #3 Championship level coaching #4 Basketball culture in your market. BC should be credited for getting its players more exposure albeit in Canada, (refer to the start of NBA TV Canada, Primo Pasta commercials lolol, introduction of PEAK performance as sponsors etc.) it’s still an opportunity for the player to reach his full financial ability as the market grows. BC has done more for the organization then any past GM for the raps has done, maybe Glen Grunwald the only tiny exception. Can GM’s have their numbers retired too? Cause if it was up to me, BC would go in the Hall of Fame in Raptors history. But hell who am I anyways, I’m just a fan. #OutsideLookingIn

    • Your point is very valid, at least this guy got great value in return for Jose Calderon unlike what others got for Carter tmac stoudemire. His biggest mistake was not trading bosh, I mean we could’ve got some nice young pieces in return instead of getting crappy picks and trade exception . But one other thing I’m not happy about his how he never got am all-star caliber player to play beside bosh which resulted him leaving. His drafting skills are underrated because of drafting bargnani but demar, Jonas, ed, Ross were all great picks considering there was only one top 5 pick from players I just mentioned. So overall, does it make sense to fire the guy? I mean is there anybody better because it seems like the team is finally heading on the right direction (after barg is finally gone).

    • I don’t know if the Raptors were the lepers of the NBA before Colangelo came here. The Raps did actually win a playoff series before Mr. Highcollars came to ‘save’ the franchise from the Babcock induced mysery and despair. How many playoff series have the Raps won while Colangelo has been GM? A big fat stinking zero.

      Not sure I follow or understand the Colangelo…. is it appreciation? For some perspective, Colangelo has put the Raps on the books for almost the same cap hit as the Oklahoma City Thunder and getting probably the reciprocal value for dollar in terms of wins and losses. Is this reason to praise the guy? For what, for building, effectively, an overpriced loser?

      For me, he’s overstayed his welcome by at least two years. Granted I do think he was okay for the first few years, but since the drafting of Bargnani it’s been progressively downhill. But really, like yours, this is just my opinion.

  10. I would do the trade for hawes. I’ve heard it speculated two ways, ivey and hawes for bargs or dorrell wright and hawes for bargs.

    I think I would do either, while hawes isn’t a world beater, he certainly is more consistent than bargnani and a decent passing big. can have him come of the bench, and just play small ball as you second powerfordward.

    One option would be a three way that sends dorrell wright to minnesota and luke ridinour to toronto. this gives the wolves the three point shooting they need.

    That being said, I can’t see philly trading for bargs, just doesn’t make sense.

  11. oh forgot to mention, the reason why wright would be good if you kept him or he was sent as part of a three way trade is he expires at the end of this year.

  12. Lol Bargnani for Rondo!! wonder if that guy watches basketball. I like the deal for Hawes seems fair on both sides honestly Bargnani is not going to have high trade value his defence is non-existant. I would trade him for a case of Pepsi to get rid of that contract.

    How about that for a rumor Bargnani for a case of pepsi ?

  13. Gasol is so much better than either Hawes or Boozer.
    I’d honestly rather Bargnani for Pau Gasol than Bargnani for both Hawes and Boozer combined.

  14. Spencer Hawes is flat out Garbage with the ability to string together some decent games. Terrible trade idea considering Philly is in our division. Why would they do this even if the money works it still doesn’t make sense. Just trade for Derrick Williams straight up!

  15. The fact that this trade has been brought upmakes me sad because you go from a first overall pick to Spencer Hawes? I prefer the boozer deal because at least we get talent back and a player that makes an impact.

  16. Some talk now that the Bobcats may be interested in sending Ben Gordon to the Raps for Bargs, though I don’t know why the Dinos would be interested in acquiring another SG (unless they would plan to add another team to the mix).

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  18. It’s pretty much impossible because Philly would have to be crazy to do it, but damn, wouldn’t it be nice to get Thad Young back as the centerpiece of this deal from the 76ers’ side… The fact that the source naming Spencer Hawes is speculating and is a “Western Conference executive” gives this rumour little credence. I don’t doubt a conversation between the teams has been had but who knows what was actually explored in those conversations? Hawes is the likeliest candidate to swap for Bargs due to skill level and contract but we can dream dreams of Thad, can’t we? Isn’t it our job as Raptor fans to throw out unrealistic trades scenarios, over-evaluating our players while under-valuing others?

    You can also see why Philly would be intrigued in a Hawes-Bargs deal. The potential of Andrea breaking out with a change of scenery is certainly tantalizing, especially when the main piece they’d be giving up to get Andrea carries a similarly bloated contract and isn’t an extremely crucial core player to part with.

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