Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

I’m settling in and getting ready to watch Terrence Ross take part in the Sprite Slam Dunk contest. As the contest proceeds, and as long as Ross is still in it, I’ll be posting my thoughts on his performance and the event in general here.

Feel free to do the same in the comment section below and enjoy the show…

9:55 PM ET: ROSS SHALL DUNK…SOON. First The Red Mamba will take on Uncle Drew in the three-point shootout final though, so use this time as an opportunity to go getcha popcorn ready.

9:59 PM ET: Relive past Raptors dunk contest memories here and relive Ross’ best dunks of the season here. I just remembered that it was in Houston back in November that Ross first really took flight in the NBA, so perhaps it’s fitting that Houston is where he finds himself tonight.

10:04 PM ET: Wait…what? We have to wait for Fall Out Boy to perform first?

10:14 PM ET: The real question is, is tonight the last night we ever to have to see those Bargnani Primo Pasta commercials? Either way, we’re due for at least five more of them over the course of the dunk contest…

10:17 PM ET: Have I mentioned how much I HATE this year’s format that has to see one player from each conference make the final? You just know we’re going to see the guy with the second best score eliminated because he’s from the same conference as the guy with the highest score.

10:21 PM ET: Wow…pretty good start from Gerald Green. Ross is going to need to BRING IT to compete with Green and James White.

10:23 PM ET: FREE THROW LINE ATTEMPT ON THE FIRST DUNK?! White misfires and then takes off inside the line, but still impressive.

10:25 PM ET: Was that five attempts from Ross? OUCH. Wait still FIFTY?! The NBA is finally admitting DeRozan got screwed, aren’t they?

Here’s the dunk…

10:26 PM ET: By the way, Charles Barkley mentions every other week that Toronto is his favourite city to visit in the NBA.

10:29 PM ET: Oh my God…is Ross going to do what I’ve been asking for on the blog and the podcast?!

10:32 PM ET: Somehow despite all of the failed attempts, Ross is tied with Green after everyone has dunked once. Both have perfect 50′s.

10:36 PM ET: James “Flight” White For The…Choke

10:41 PM ET: Gerald Green epically failing to try to dunk the same ball twice after cutting the mesh off the net. Ross has a real shot at the final as long as he completes a semi-competent dunk.

10:43 PM ET: If Ross really comes out in the old purple and black Vince Carter jersey, I’m just going to assume he reads RaptorBlog. You all should too…

10:46 PM ET: Ross takes the smart approach and goes safe in his second dunk, but it was still pretty solid. As happy as I am that Ross is in the final, I’ve gotta say, that might be the weakest 99 score between two dunks ever. Also, he had a warmup on during that dunk, so you know he’s got the VC jersey on underneath.

10:53 PM ET: Ross vs. Jeremy Evans in the final. Either Evans will be the weakest two-time champion of all time, or Ross will take the dunk title North of the border…

10:57 PM ET: Jeremy Evans with the worst prop ever?

10:59 PM ET: Let’s go hoooommmeee! Let’s go hoooommmmme! #SpriteSlam Ross for the win after that one with the Carter jersey on.

11:03 PM ET: Evans’ second dunk was solid while Ross’ second dunk took two attempts, but through the legs over a helpless child might take the cake when you incorporate the risk factor and the Drake factor.

11:04 PM ET: Now it’s up to the fans. Make sure you vote!

11:05 PM ET: And Terrence Ross wins with Drake going nuts somewhere on the court. Nick Cannon even said something about them “representing Toronto!” We’re back on the map! (Please sense the sarcasm). What was with Ross’ mic being off during his victory speech though? Talk about fail.

11:07 PM ET: Alright to summarize, Ross wins one of the weaker dunk contests I’ve ever seen, but at least there weren’t many props included in the event. If the contest was better and the crowd had gotten into it, revealing the Carter jersey might have received a great reaction.

Oh well. Weak contest or not, Raptors win, and the Rudy Gay Era continues to bear the fruits of victory!

10:30 AM ET: I just rewatched Ross’ four dunks with a little morning after perspective. It was actually a much more impressive array of slams than I realized last night in real time, but watching the performance without the missed attempts also helps. As mentioned yesterday, I think if the contest as a whole was better and if the crowd was more electric, Ross’ performance would have come across as more memorable in the actual moment. Lastly, what was with the lack of coverage on the Carter jersey on the broadcast? It wasn’t even mentioned until Kevin Harlan noted it in the replay of the dunk. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went unnoticed at first because the guys didn’t even realize that purple isn’t in the Raptors colour scheme anymore.

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  1. That last dunk he had was nice.

    I’m happy for the guy, but he seemed more to be a beneficiary of White and Green attempting completely insane shit or getting nervous under the spotlight than a guy who did anything that eyebrow raising. A few good, but not great dunks just to be safe so he would move on.

    I also wonder what some Toronto fans thought of that Carter tribute, haha.

  2. Ross is the most stylish dunker I’ve ever seen. So fluid. He makes any old dunk look great because the sick style

    • I agree with you. He just has the power in his dunks. Even today in the contest the other guys had more complicated dunks and still they looked more stale than Ross’.

  3. My favourite was the second last one off the side of the backboard.

  4. Terrence Ross kiled it tonight.. i had a feeling he would win it! brought back memories of vince carter days

  5. I was very impressed with TRoss and he deserved the win. The problem was the setup with west versus east. It didn’t allow the top two of the six to advance

  6. I simply enjoyed the fact that Ross didn’t use any obnoxious props and went sort of “old school” with it. The competition should focus on the difficulty level of the dunk, and not all the garbage that players have have going on in the background (i.e. flight attendants). Just nice to see the raps in some sort of spotlight, instead of getting beat down like they normally do.

    • I disagree. He should have jumped a Hummer (not some pussy Kia), or jumped Barkley getting a hummer :) Or Barkely in a hummer getting a hummer.


      I actually love that he did it without props. Props is lame!

      I also liked that he had some swagger after the dunks – unlike DD and his ‘meh whatever’ tude. I’d say that cost DD the win that year, if it wasn’t already rigged for the Kia jump winnah.

  7. Too bad people have put down this dunk contest. Ross outdid anything Vince did and then some. That around the back 360 is a dunk that I cant remember someone else doing and looked very hard because its blind to the rim and the ball is coming around his back. He killed it and I wish he got more recognition for it. Too bad everyone else was a disappointment, then Ross really would have shined.

  8. This was the worst dunk contest I have ever seen. The NBA should be ashamed. Kudos to TRoss for holding it down for toronto but there really wasn’t any real competition. They really need to change the rules and take away the ‘take as many attempts as your want in 1:30′. I would really like it to be you get two attempts and that’s it. When it takes these dunkers 8 tries to threw it down the dunk really loses its magic. Hopefully the NBA will do something about this.

    • Then you’ll get easy safe dunks with no one risking a really difficult amazing one, that’s what you really want?

      • No, keep the multiple attempts, but deduct a point for every miss from every judge.

        Nail the first dunk and have a shot at 50. Miss it and you are going for 45, 40, 35, 30, etc.

      • I think you are very wrong but you are entitled to your own opinion. I think you’ll get players who have honed their dunking skills rather than the catastrophe that was this years dunk competition.

      • The Carter / T-Mac / Francis contest was amazing and they didn’t have a clock.

        What changed it there was that you got three dunks in the first round and got to keep your best two, so a miss didn’t kill you completely. People forget about Vince’s dunk from underneath the backboard when describing that one – they just remember the inverted 360, the between-the-legs, the honey dip and the two-hander.

    • I don’t think it was that bad at all. Gerald Green’s first dunk was nasty…the guy from the Knicks that dunked from just inside the free throw line deserved a better score. That dunk was beautiful, especially in slow motion. I’d much rather have actual dunks than dumb props like birthday cake, capes and an obvious Kia advertisement.

      • White’s dunk got docked because he was obviously going for something more complicated, then changed it.

        It’s what happens when you have judges known more for blocking shots than dunking. I mean, c’mon, Yao AND Hakeem???

  9. Congrats to Ross for winning the dunk contest. Hope it will be a springboard for much bigger things to come from Terrence Ross.

  10. Ross’s dunks were all very good when you look back on the phantom slo mo and forget about the missed attempts:


    I was impressed that he never gave up on the first one, because you could hear how much the crowd wanted to see it completed. Also brilliant that he kept the props fairly minimal. I still think DeMar probably had some better dunks in previous competitions though.

    The thing that really annoys me about the contest is having finalists at all. Give everyone 3 dunk attempts and just announce the highest total score to the be the winner. It’s possible we missed 8 amazing dunks last night – the final 2 dunks each of the eliminated participants were saving for the final and that sucks.

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