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Alright, Raptors/Bargnani related trade rumour no. 5347847 – ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that “Charlotte’s growing determination to move Ben Gordon has presented Toronto w/another Andrea Bargnani suitor.”

Stein followed up that tweet though by saying he senses the Raptors wouldn’t “bite” on a potential offer of Gordon for Bargnani and that the Raptors are “unlikely to just trade ex-No. 1 overall pick for sake of it.”

I don’t blame them in this case. While Gordon is still very capable of erupting for big scoring games off of the bench, he really isn’t as much of an upgrade over Alan Anderson as you would assume and the last thing the Raptors need is another wing player digging into the already thin minutes of Terrence Ross.

Gordon is an upgrade over Anderson offensively, but he’s also a clear downgrade on the defensive end and Dwane Casey seems to have built a trusting relationship with Anderson defensively, so where exactly would Gordon fit in the already jammed rotation of wing players? On top of that, Gordon has a player option worth over $13 million for next season and I doubt he passes that up unless he thinks he can get more money on a brand new contract.

Overall, I doubt this move makes the Raptors better today and it potentially adds a couple million in salary next year. Sure, Gordon’s contract expires after next season while Bargnani’s will expire after the 2014-15 season, but that really wouldn’t be enough for me to pull the trigger on this deal.

Out of all the names mentioned in Bargnani reports/rumours so far this season (Gasol, Boozer, Ilyasova, Hawes and Gordon), I’d say this reported proposal is the least desirable.

Now how long do you think we can go before the next name involved in a potential Bargnani deal emerges…

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  1. Ugh. I think gordon can have more of an impact than hawes but im not crazy about the potential boozer/gordon/hawes trio of offers. I hope something better comes along that a) wont financially handicap the team and/or b) Actually make an impact on the court and/or make this team better. If not, I would keep bargs and wait till the offseason as crazy as that sounds.

  2. please, just please no

    • Withou a doubt .. Thiis deal is bad as in no good….. We need a big … big for big..boozer is fine

  3. Stupid deal for the raps

  4. the only way I even consider this deal is if the bobcats add a first rounder to it.

  5. Heck, an injured gasol is better than this deal. Just do the boozer deal if there’s no better deal.

  6. i like the hawes deal because it’s a nice stopgap while we wait for ed davis to continue his development

  7. Bargs to the bucks?

  8. Bargs isn’t going to command a great return on the trade market, so the Raps might as well wait for the best of a bad bunch of offers if they truly want to dump Bargs, or wait until the off-season to move or amnesty him.

    Of the names already mentioned in some trade rumors, Gasol is maybe the best fit for the Raptors, but there isn’t exactly a great rush to dump Bargs for an injured Gasol at the moment.

  9. lol ed davis dont play for raptors any more haha

  10. These trade ideas are getting worse….

  11. Scott was right, there definitely seems to be some sort of organizational mandate for Colangelo to trade Bargnani over the next few days if he wants to keep his job. The sudden change of heart doesn’t seem like something Colangelo is capable of when it comes to his son.

  12. It’s funny, but Bargnani’s injury didn’t directly hurt his trade value as much as his absence improving the team hurt it. Certainly he’s a talented player, just deeply and horribly flawed.

    I don’t think the Raptors get anything close to fair value for Primo Pasta. The Raptors are currently almost 9 million over the cap, so there is a need to sell because, well, an NBA team that is currently 21-32 and 9 million over the cap makes little sense. It would be a tough sell for Colangelo to tell his employers why what most likely will not be a playoff team should be over the salary cap.

    For some perspective, this season and next Toronto is roughly in the same salary cap ballpark as Memphis. Hell no that the Raptors get the same results for their dollar as Memphis. Sure this salary cap talk somewhat derails the Bargnani talk, but because of the salary cap situation the Raptors can’t/shouldn’t really hold on to him in order for him to increase his trade value. Because if they do wait until next year, they will have to pay for the privilege of finding out what they already know – that Bargnani is an overpaid 7 foot non-centre that is softer than quintuple serviettes.

  13. Andrea is the type of franchise player that I’ve always wanted ever since I purchased this team. Maybe if I offer them a 1st round pick, they might give me Kleiza too.

  14. Aside from Gasol and potentially Boozer, these returns for Bargs are not very good. I think I am one of the few that is OK with keeping Bargs. I mean, any wise GM knows to not trade an asset when he is at his all time low, which he clearly is. There just isn’t a clear cut deal out there that BC should take. As of now, the projected boozer deal is the best, but it still isn’t the greatest. We shouldn’t trade him for the sake of trading him, that will not help any.

  15. i dont even like the boozer or gasol trade, look what happened with marion turk and oneal, will boozer come off the bench? i sure dont want him taking time from jv and amir, everyone seems to forget that amir is still only i think 25 years old. boozer will come here, struggle then leave just like everyone else,

    i really like the hawes idea, until amir or jv reach their ceiling, i dont see why we would get someone arguably “better” (boozer or gasol) when we can get a 3RD hustling big man. Especially when casey loves D, hawes is also cheaper and i feel would understand his role and possibly even resign as hopefully the fans can make him love T.O lol

    all IMO

  16. i heard jj reddick is available. y not try to make a push for him. we can definitely use a great shooter like him

  17. Spencer Hawes would be a perfect fit to any team…especially as a trade for Bargnani. The fellow is underrated, but he can shoot the basket better than most centers which also includes an occasional three if need be. What is more, he can pass the ball and rebound and is, no doubt, a better facilitator for an up-and-coming roster of Gay, Derozan, Ross and most importantly Valunciunas. Hawes’ contract also alleviates some funds for other prospect contracts. I’m aware that his name does not bring a great deal of hope for this season, but I woould say that little does. It would be a sound step forward for a very interesting squad.

  18. I say just keep Bargs until the off-season in hopes that he can at least get his offensive game back while he gets minutes off the bench in hopes he ups his trade value and they can flip him for a first rounder in 2014 that’s not top 3 protected. Its probably a strectch but am I misguided to still hold out hope I can see Mr. Wiggins in a Raps jersey come his draft? Dude can dream can’t he? Oh and if Aron Gray could just get his ass on a treadmill and be a bit more mobile I’d be happy with him off the bench instead of Bargs. Can someone get Richard Simmonds on the phone?

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