Boston Celtics v Charlotte Bobcats

Alright, Raptors/Bargnani related trade rumour no. 5347847 – ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that “Charlotte’s growing determination to move Ben Gordon has presented Toronto w/another Andrea Bargnani suitor.”

Stein followed up that tweet though by saying he senses the Raptors wouldn’t “bite” on a potential offer of Gordon for Bargnani and that the Raptors are “unlikely to just trade ex-No. 1 overall pick for sake of it.”

I don’t blame them in this case. While Gordon is still very capable of erupting for big scoring games off of the bench, he really isn’t as much of an upgrade over Alan Anderson as you would assume and the last thing the Raptors need is another wing player digging into the already thin minutes of Terrence Ross.

Gordon is an upgrade over Anderson offensively, but he’s also a clear downgrade on the defensive end and Dwane Casey seems to have built a trusting relationship with Anderson defensively, so where exactly would Gordon fit in the already jammed rotation of wing players? On top of that, Gordon has a player option worth over $13 million for next season and I doubt he passes that up unless he thinks he can get more money on a brand new contract.

Overall, I doubt this move makes the Raptors better today and it potentially adds a couple million in salary next year. Sure, Gordon’s contract expires after next season while Bargnani’s will expire after the 2014-15 season, but that really wouldn’t be enough for me to pull the trigger on this deal.

Out of all the names mentioned in Bargnani reports/rumours so far this season (Gasol, Boozer, Ilyasova, Hawes and Gordon), I’d say this reported proposal is the least desirable.

Now how long do you think we can go before the next name involved in a potential Bargnani deal emerges…